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  1. Armageddon Shop will have their copies next month - https://armageddonshop.bigcartel.com/product/elder-innate-passage-2lp-preorder
  2. It builds on what the band was trying to do with Omens but it’s just better. If you’re not wanting a prog heavy record you’ll likely be disappointed. You’ll still find some good grooves and riffs here but there’s a lot going on including elements of post rock and krautrock but the turns sound seamless in every track. The vocals which at times sounded a little off on Omens are also much improved. This might be my favorite record from them.
  3. Record Release Edition leftovers up on Soft Kill’s Big Cartel page.
  4. What would you suggest then? I’ve seen quite a few heavy shows at those venues. Would be nice if they were able to play somewhere over 1000 capacity and make some money. I think they’ve earned it and with how fast the tickets sold the demand suggests it.
  5. Bummed I missed out, would’ve been fun to see them again. Would be cool if they moved the Saturday show to the Paramount or Moore Theater so more people could go.
  6. That’s awesome it shipped so quickly, the last test I ordered from them didn’t ship for 5 weeks.
  7. A couple of variants are now on Bandcamp for those interested.
  8. Used to love these guys 20 years ago. I went and saw them with some friends 4-5 years ago just for nostalgia and was bored out of my mind. Good for Robb for keeping the band going for so long though, they've had a good run.

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