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  1. Agreed, especially to have "Wake Up" on vinyl. That also brings me to question the "previously unreleased" songs, though. "You're Too Much" and "Pennies" were on the same Golden release that had "Wake Up" on it, and "Count My Eyes" and "Comfort" were released on 7", not to mention their own Essentials release...I have to believe these are the same versions from these releases, just remixed.
  2. Dead mail generally means that there are no addresses on the package that are valid, usually due to a damaged label for a parcel. It goes to the Dead Letter Office and they try to figure out if there is a way to deliver it properly. I wonder if the label was terribly mutilated with the address and the return address completely destroyed. Only way I could see that being semi-logical...
  3. When I pre-ordered it, it was being fulfilled by Amazon. It might be that Amazon isn't going to get any further copies of the colored vinyl, since I see that they have a new listing for the collection on black vinyl, still with the same release date.
  4. I definitely came here to see Lynx brought up. One of my best friends' bands opened for Lynx in late 1999 at a tiny place in Kalamazoo, MI (Harvey's on the Mall, if anyone knows the area), and there were about three people at the show in addition to the opening bands. He struck up a conversation with the drummer about Slint, bought their 3 song EP, and discussed that they (Lynx) finally found the studio they were going to record their album at (which was Soma, owned by John McEntire of Tortoise/Bastro/The Sea & Cake/etc) and that Bob Weston was going to record it.
  5. I definitely need the first three records too. I picked up Kingdom of Rust when it came out and I happened across The Sea EP 10" years ago too. f
  6. Thrill Jockey sent this in their weekly email. 5 different releases, each only $5. https://www.thrilljockey.com/products/545 1 LP, 2 12", and 2 CDs to choose in the deal. Nobukazu Takemura - Mimic Robot - 12" Andrew Coleman - Blame It On Adam - 12" Microstoria - Model 3, Step 2 - LP Oval - 94diskont- CD Microstoria - Init Ding - CD
  7. I wonder if they opted to go the One Little Indian route since they took great care with the re-issue of The Butcher and The Butterfly.
  8. I love Katie Jane, and Ruby Throat is so unique compared to her work with Queenadreena and Daisy Chainsaw, so I can't resist this.
  9. Absolutely no hesitation on picking this up. One of my favorites of all time.
  10. Received my copy today, and it's fantastic! Very pleased with every aspect of the release and I can only hope to see more releases in the future!

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