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  1. I definitely need the first three records too. I picked up Kingdom of Rust when it came out and I happened across The Sea EP 10" years ago too. f
  2. Thrill Jockey sent this in their weekly email. 5 different releases, each only $5. https://www.thrilljockey.com/products/545 1 LP, 2 12", and 2 CDs to choose in the deal. Nobukazu Takemura - Mimic Robot - 12" Andrew Coleman - Blame It On Adam - 12" Microstoria - Model 3, Step 2 - LP Oval - 94diskont- CD Microstoria - Init Ding - CD
  3. I wonder if they opted to go the One Little Indian route since they took great care with the re-issue of The Butcher and The Butterfly.
  4. I love Katie Jane, and Ruby Throat is so unique compared to her work with Queenadreena and Daisy Chainsaw, so I can't resist this.
  5. Absolutely no hesitation on picking this up. One of my favorites of all time.
  6. Received my copy today, and it's fantastic! Very pleased with every aspect of the release and I can only hope to see more releases in the future!
  7. According to the tracklist on Bullmoose, it looks like they added the End Sessions to this release, and those are some incredible live versions of several Frog Queen songs.
  8. This is super cool! I was just lamenting to myself the other day that the first Psychotica album and Espina would likely never see vinyl releases, so this 7" is both unexpected and very welcome.
  9. I am so glad this is getting repressed, and I jumped on it immediately. This record is incredible and I've loved Katie Jane since her days in Daisy Chainsaw.
  10. I picked up a bootleg of "Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea" by PJ Harvey a couple of years ago.
  11. I already posted this in the Italians Do It Better thread, but just in case: New pressing of the Trouble "Snake Eyes" 7" on purple available on the IDIB site now.
  12. Add a new pressing of the Trouble 7" for "Snake Eyes" on purple to the new editions!
  13. A couple of new archival releases popped up in the store this morning: Glass Candy - I Always Say Yes [Lavender Marble LP] Chromatics - Nite [Transparent Green Mist LP] Also, the Autumn Bundle [w/ 12" releases by Andrew Douglas Rothbard, Twisted Wires, and Invisible Conga People] looks pretty interesting for $20.