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  1. For the shoegaze lovers out there, Curve are repressing 3 of their EPs. Available for preorder at the usual stores (I'm from Europe, they are available at JPC and Resident, but should be available elsewhere). https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/curve-frozen/hnum/11126345 https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/curve-blindfold-ep/hnum/11126344 https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/curve-cherry/hnum/11126337 Release date: 10 February 2023.
  2. Sorry to resurrect a (very) old thread but Curve has just repressed 3 of their EPs (Blindfold, Frozen and Cherry). Great news. Wanted to share since we, Curve fans, are not too many and they rarely repress anything. Get them while you can.
  3. Wildly different albums and tones. Very hard to compare both.
  4. Source? Haven't seen the quantities mentioned anywhere. At least not on SH's socials or Evilgreed/Hello Merch.
  5. Emma said the album is very raw, instrumentally speaking. Just piano, guitar and voice. Her structures are getting more and more complex, On Dark Horses is a very good example of that. It's an amazing album but not the easiest, at all. Very rewarding once you get used to it.
  6. Any hints of having this in Europe? So far not showing in any of the usual suspects... Ah this feeling of "should I rush and order from US or wait and risk to lose it..."
  7. The TT on the same surface as the loudspeakers... Do you have anything to isolate the vibrations on the TT?
  8. Hey there, Trying to change my display name but getting this when clicking on the setting: [[Template core/front/global/error is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Seems like I don't have permission to do that, although there is an option to change the display name. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  9. Wow, my impressions are very different. It sounds muddy as f***, on some songs it gets a bit better but Discotheque for example sounds terrible. Being honest, it never sounded great even in the CD. Looking forward to reading more opinions on this...
  10. Initially I ordered in the APC store, then saw it in Amazon.de for 11 euro (shipping included). The APC store guys were kind enough to cancel my order and refund, and ordered in Amazon. Not a bad trade.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/manucv_/ Some live pics and some other stuff but mainly my (still small but growing) vinyl collection.
  12. Hi Archiced, I saw your copy in DiscoGS but the price is a bit higher than my expected budget. Sending you a PM anyway as I saw something else on your Instagram (that you may not be selling, but let's give it a try). Thanks.
  13. Hi there, Looking for the very scarce transparent purple with black variant from this album (Bossk - Audio Noir). Thanks.
  14. Hi, I would like to find this edition - the limited 2x colored 45RPMs from 20 Buck Spin. Anyone selling this? Thanks. Ps. Also interested in the wooden box edition, but I guess these are rarely offered.
  15. As per title, looking for this in vinyl. There were 2 editions, I don't care if it's the first press or the repress. If anybody is interested in selling please let me know. Thanks.
  16. As per title, looking for this in vinyl. There were 2 editions, I don't care if it's the first press or the repress. If anybody is interested in selling please let me know. Thanks.
  17. Thanks @yanquiuxo, I will check these cartridges. For the time being this seems the most sensible option. I will make sure the cartridge is properly aligned. Alignment of my current cart wasn't an issue using one of the protractors from VinilEngine. Thanks again!
  18. Thanks for your reply Yanquiuxo (another fellow GYBE! fan here). As I wasn't very sure about this turntable because of little feedback about it I didn't want to heavily invest on the cartridge. After all this turntable costed 60 euro, same as the cartridge. I read that Ortofon OM10 is quite similar to the 2M Red, but the latter seems to be quite bright and that may not pair well with the sound of the AS500, right? I am happy with the sound I get from other sources (cd and chromecast audio), not so happy with the sound from the turntable. Given the peculiarities of the Yamaha AS500 what cartridge would you recommend? Or would it make sense to invest in a turntable instead of a cartridge? Thanks again for the comments.
  19. Hi there, As I can see the Yamaha AS-500 is a rather popular amp here. I got one in pristine condition and paired it with an old Sony PS-LX4 turntable (with Ortofon OM10 cart) and two big floor standing speakers (Teufel Ultima 40 Mk II, they are quite popular here in Germany). I am not 100% happy with the sound. The cart cannot be blamed as it is new. The speakers were bought to a guy who used them for 6 months only and they are quite ok. For those of you who own the AS-500, could you recommend some floor standing speakers and turntable? The latter is easier to recommend as a good Pro-ject Debut will do the job (not willing to spend more than 300 euro), but I would invest up to 700 euro approx on the speakers. The room is 25 sqm. Would appreciate your input guys. Many thanks.
  20. Hi there, Looking for this variant - King Woman - Created In The Image Of Suffering (gold/bone variant). Really hard to find one but willing to negotiate a price. PM if anyone is interested. Thanks.

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