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  1. Meant to reply to this sooner, but not on here as much lately. Anyways big thank you, was able to snag the retail release. Still looking for the other webstore P1 variant from early December if anyone is selling it, or has a link.
  2. Indeed, full sicko mode. Appreciate anyone who has leads, but I am accepting that I will probably eat it on this one.
  3. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I am so mad I missed this! This is the one thing I do a full VC for. If anyone has leads on picking this stupp up (P1 and Iccurus) please LMK. Happy to pay a premium for my lateness.
  4. https://www.thecallousdaoboys.com/store band exclusives also live, 5$ more than AU The most limited, and hideous 'indie' variant: https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/collections/featured/products/the-callous-daoboys-die-on-mars-lp-limited-edition-only-150-made-deimos-red-yellow-purple-twister-vinyl (Also at all the sister sites like revolver, etc)
  5. Side note from the main topic of this thread (which is drama, of course).... but this album holds up really well IMO. Just gave it a full spin for the first time in probably 10 years and really enjoyed it.
  6. I caved and bought this, I recognize I am the problem. But damn just gotta appreciate feeling stoked on some good new tunes. Also snagged through bandcamp so hopefully the band sees a decent cut. Espec. considering those poor bastards must be splitting all the profit 7 ways?
  7. Same, sucks but realistically Im done buyin in the current financial sitch
  8. Not saying you shouldn't have banned him, but aww man that was fun while it lasted.
  9. Agreed, I think its a fun novelty for superfans, and they could have easily asked for $200-$250 and still sold out instantly.
  10. Love the single, hope to hear some clean signing on future tracks too. My favorite ETID stuff is the groovy / melody driven tracks, and while I always loved Greg's vocals, I never felt cool enough to get into the majority of DEP.
  11. RIP my boot's. Should have (and did) know better though, so not like I deserve any sympathy. But really did think the chances of this repress were basically zero. Just glad to finally own a legit copy!! My number one white whale for AGES!
  12. Also, ill use that as a shameless excuse to post my P1 collection. (Still need to do new photos with the 2021 repress) BLUE/WHITE for the win!
  13. Yeah I feel that, hope some of the ice splatters are heavier. But..... I sort of saw this coming? Or just went with my gut lets say, and did the retail copy. I just feel like BLUE/WHITE is the most iconic and classic periphery color combo. And I must say, pleased! All of that said, maybe the least excited about a Periphery album I have ever been based on the singles.... I think they are at their best when they are getting melodic and groovy, never been as big a fan of their mega heavy stuff. So hope the album skews a bit more melodic than the singles have.
  14. I guess ill be 'that guy' and say this hobby has gotten too damn expensive! $55 shipped yikesssssssssssssss Still hype on the album, latest single finally got me in on a PO. Loving the heavier edge on some of these tracks.
  15. Still super happy with my OG pressing. Love the new recordings but don't think I like them better than the original. They are great in their own way, but not how I know/connect with the songs. Will say having guest features on there is a really neat and cool take.
  16. For anyone hunting around, starting to see the Blue/White Splat pre orders going live at Amazon, and indies. Money to tight to be doing lots of European imports these days... but I think the solid purple may be my favorite TBH
  17. Going to wait until I can hear the album, love the band but the last full length was kind of forgettable.
  18. Suprised how fast these sold through, but maybe I shouldn't be. Within 12 hours the S/T was already gonzo
  19. Feeling burn't out on standard, often grainy/weak splats myself. But, blob in clear is goated' for sure At the moment I think my favorite variant style is the blob/color in clear w/ splat!
  20. I really wanted to nab a nebula, I think they have done a great job on all of the represses over the last two years.... BUT..... yeah at ~$50 im just going to stick with my first pressing. RIP. Still love those guys glad they are making a $$$, its just not for me.

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