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  1. Yeah they were in-hand and the order had processed. Shipped the day after I emailed them/ordered. Still though, considering they switch-a-roo'd the product on me they obviously should have accommodated a zero-cost order return process. But oh well, more important things in life to spend my brainpower and time on. So yeah, that is sitting on the shelf sealed for now 😛
  2. Actually now that I think about it.... This just happened recently with the Contortionist Exoplanet repress. I bought the album when the store page said it was a splatter, and showed an image of a splatter... 20m later they changed it to a different image and changed the text. I emailed them to cancel it (had not yet shipped) and they were like... no lol. I could have shipped it back for a refund at my expense. So yeah IDK. It can be harder with smaller shops. Merchnow, BM, Zia, and shops of that caliber are pretty smooth.
  3. Nope, nothing to do with ethics, and yeah it isn't the financially savvy move either. Just usually either forget or its like a bundled order with stuff and I just except it will be a pain so I don't bother out of laziness. Though if your having such good experiences maybe I should try that more often.
  4. Wait.... you guys are listening to your vinyl? I am very confused. I thought the whole point was to never open them /s Jokes aside, like a few people mentioned above I spin everything when it comes in, with few exceptions. I have a 'now playing pile' on my bookshelf, where things sit until I can listen to them, then they hit the KALLAX. The only ones that don't get opened are duplicates of albums I already own that are purely for collectability, or stuff ordered for friends and foamily. The other very small exception is if I P/O an album, and end up deciding I don't like it by the time the vinyl ships a year and a half later. Sometimes those just stay sealed and I sell them ASAP.
  5. I know we don't like them anymore, but also seeing listings on BM. Free shipping if you grab both, now down to 32$ per album. Less than 1/2 the shipped cost of the webstore variants. Unclear what color if any your getting though, hopefully not a run on standard black.... https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35334724/vildhjarta-måsstaden-forte https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35334726/vildhjarta-thousands-of-evils-forte
  6. Nice! Still comes out to ~$40 per LP after shipping for me, but yeah. Saves $20 if your buying both albums. Colors sound.... interesting...
  7. I was keen to snag these until I saw the price. Steep AF for a single LP... Excited about the remaster but may skip it on vinyl.
  8. I ordered mine from RockBottom. their 'notify me when back in stock' actually worked. Got the email and just yolo'd it. Never sent me an order confirmation, but money moved on Paypal so I assume its in the works. Ill let yall know how it shakes out.
  9. Finally pulled the trig on one of these. It will be the first and only boot I own... really just wish I could get the genuine article. Anyways, I will be plenty happy enough if its a white or red set. Not so hot on the purple combos. So wish me luck on my $60 dice roll. 🤤
  10. Yeah my local shop had a copy for $200 a few years ago which also is still insane but now I wish I had snagged it
  11. Honestly probably never going to cop any vinyl from them, but if they went back on tour id be at that show in a heartbeat
  12. I actually really think this album is a cool time capsule, and totally rips. But also I am flabbergasted every time it gets another and another and another repress. Continually surprised at the demand for these.
  13. Oh lordy, my replacement deloused from 'batch 2' also showed up, but I haven't spun it yet. Was low-key dreading this exact outcome.
  14. in the words of Code Orange.. "movingggggg backwardsssssssssssss" 🙃
  15. Hard link to track down! Below for anyone who wants it. https://www.ziarecords.com/pid/13434533/mars-volta-bedlam-in-goliath-3x-white-gold-glow-in-the-dark-color-viny I don't actually have an affinity for the album, but the colorway sounds awesome.
  16. Unoriginal Vinyl said on their IG they **THINK** more copies will go back up for sale. But they said they dont know when so dont ask them lol. Anyways I would just keep an eye here and on the merch page over the next week
  17. Completely agree, the crazy thing is that they never pressed it sooner. And, how crazy good the album is that just some word of mouth can move 2300 copies in a matter of hours in 2021.
  18. They are up!! Site is also fast and functional, go figure. Good luck to all
  19. Yeah single gave me pause, decided not to PO. Really loved empty black, so still hype on this, but might wait to hear it out before buying.
  20. Yeah those are always hit or miss, but usually miss. It was kinda a bold (but appreciated) move of them to show the actual product photos considering how it turned out. DGD did a similar variant for their last release that went a bit better. (BLACK / YELLOW / RED) Also though, I think the 'green' component of the tri-color was a bit of a miss too. Just being nitpicky of course but would have fit nicer if it was a bit softer and more pastel.
  21. Ended up missing all of these as my checkout process was interupted while they cascaded out of stock. Boss called me before they went live and I hit the site about 1m late. What a hobby
  22. Make fun of me all you want, I think that Watch Out variant looks hellah nice ⛄
  23. My VG order didn't ship, but I didn't want to miss out on the fun so I'm posting anyways.

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