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  1. The bottom two are the x/250 pressings from the first go around. The one in the top middle is the splatter from the second round, but was still x/500, not "unlimited" over the 72 hour window like the other two were.
  2. Yeah agreed, quite pleased with that one! I also did nab the round2 splatter, which I have seen pics of and it came out great as well. (see image from a friend) Oh and as suggested above, I checked my 'order status' via merch now and these are indeed already in the mail, though I was never notified lol.
  3. Agreed those are the best two, maybe followed up by the generically nice look splatter. Though the red they said is x/100 and mail order only from EMP which is a European distro... so I am not getting my hopes up on snagging one.
  4. Updated my post above w/ alll the latest variant teasers. For whatever good they are worth.
  5. It is undeniably vague, but after mulling it over, and seeing their previous wording on this.. I think that this weekend, they will be announcing the PO date, but that could easily be following shortly after the announcement
  6. Can we somehow hijack the first post by merging this into a new thread or something? Op hasn't logged in since 2014, would be nice to keep the top of the thread updated with relevant info. But regardless.... Ill try to contribute w/ Currently teased Pressings (Also... Instagram has made it annoying AF to hotlink images these days, not a fan)
  7. Yeah sitting around on thanksgiving refreshing like a pyschopath, got stopped at the checkout process so many times. haha. I can't really complain as I did get both of the merge variants (Green/White & Yellow/Pink)
  8. I am so salty I didn't get the splatter :') Especially seeing how great it came out. Still though, IMMENSLY happy to own this on vinyl!
  9. Also, just scrolled down and clicked the first one I could, knowing now that there were so many.. I wish I had taken a few extra seconds to pick a slightly cooler color combo. But not really complaining. Still think this should be mighty rad if it ever makes its way to my doorstep. https://d1h6olfj08dopz.cloudfront.net/images/42677/c_r_o_1080.jpg
  10. So. I got an order confirmation.... Why do I still feel like I'll end up with nothing? *Cry*
  11. " This website is under heavy load (queue full) We're sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We're working on this problem. Please try again later. " This bodes well
  12. MF'ers. Planned my day around this, now ill be in an appointment when it drops. (*$#(*&#$%
  13. Cant wait to be disappointed. Maybe we should just do a group buy?? Whos in? I will just email Daryl I am sure he will understand.
  14. FML, well, we can all cry about not getting a copy together again. It will be a nice throwback / nostalgia trip
  15. I will try and not be too pessimistic about this. Good bands, many of which are only allegedly active... Will be curious to see if the deals are mostly just around re-issues or new stuff as well.
  16. Hey yall, I would assume there are a few people here looking for a copy of this classic album. Two new pressings, and I would expect them to go fast! x/500 https://thecontortionistband.bandcamp.com/album/intrinsic Update: 18 Splatters Left!
  17. Brown Split & Splat is up now, and I believe this will be the final variant offered. about 200/250 remaining.
  18. bEcAuSe It mAtChEs tHe Cd, DUH! But for real, that is not a winning combo right there 😕 Edit... mostly because I assume side B implies it is going to be picture disc style? If not, I dont mind a plain white Side A with good sounding music on it.
  19. Here is the same link without facebook tracking URL. https://thesoundofvinyl.us/products/fall-out-boy-from-under-the-cork-tree-limited-edition
  20. Speaking of 68, keep your eyes out for a Chariot repress coming soon (long live)
  21. Another day, another Rings variant. Electric Yellow w/ Black Splatter The Purple Slime is now gone, but this may be the best looking one yet has gone up. https://ringsofsaturn.indiemerch.com/item/96434
  22. Looks like a printed inner sleeve to me. But I would much rather it be a printed insert.
  23. Can anyone comment on which versions of this release are affected? All of them? The original box set? The revolver stuff? etc. I guess I have just lost track of what was happening where.

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