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  1. Just saying "yo" from a fellow Pittsburgh --> Cali transplant. (But Im Norcal) Not going to be able to add to much *helpful* info here, other than to say I have used "PODS" for long distance transport and had an acceptable experience. Its basically a small shipping container you can load yourself, or pay to have loaded, then they freight it around and deliver it to your new address at a time of your choosing (or they can keep it stored for a low monthly rate). The ability to delay delivery can be really helpful if you need some time to sort out your living arrangements, or get the stuff your bringing in your own car moved and settled first rather than doing it all at once. Good luck!
  2. Update, looks like a big release after all. Three? Variants so far Killer album long OOP. [x/250] "Matriarch" (Neon Violet in Electric Blue w/ Black + Blue Splatter) https://www.sumerianmerch.com/collections/vinyl-records/products/veil-of-maya-matriarch-neon-violet-in-electric-blue-w-black-blue-splatter-gatefold-vinyl?variant=39762237980734 [x/750] "Matriarch" (Clear w/ Yellow + Black + Neon Magenta Splatter) https://www.sumerianmerch.com/collections/vinyl-records/products/veil-of-maya-matriarch-clear-w-yellow-black-neon-magenta-splatter-gatefold-vinyl?variant=39762241749054 [No Mockup for this one yet] [x/???] "Matriarch (Purple + Baby Blue Side A/B w/ Black Splatter)" https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13564169/veil-of-maya-matriarch-purple-baby-blue-side-a-b-w-black-splatter https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35419870/veil-of-maya-matriarch-purple-baby-blue-side-a-b-w-black-splatter https://www.amazon.com/Matriarch-Purple-Baby-Black-Splatter/dp/B09ZJB18SL
  3. S/T delivered, Iowa Shipped, No delivery date yet for vol.3
  4. I'm going to hold out hope for a US retailer. Love this album, its a gem, but I don't "OVERSEAS SHIPPING" need it.
  5. I was just thinking about this while re-listening to the album (which slams, so good!) I know its a different label, but I wonder if @IanRees could give us some perspective, as a industry guy. Do bands usually dictate what gets promoted as singles? Do labels? I imagine its probably a 'depends' type of thing based on however they sign their contract. Certainly seems like odd choices in this case anyways.
  6. Yeah, the fact that all three are ostensibly the same color, and that nobody else anywhere on the internet has anything other than violet...... I am also guessing its one release. But time will tell, I still pre ordered all three, lamo.
  7. Vomit would be a great color way. I'd take that over purple Im a heartbeat 🤣
  8. Generally finding the variants and the album art on this one to be.... ugly. Oh well, cant win em all. Generally very anti-picture disc, but I grabbed the 250 for the novelty factor.
  9. hmmm grape maybe the best sounding of the bunch? Could look really nice on a medium/dark translucent purple. But here I go getting my hopes up ha! Anyways huge thanks to @webdoggy for the links. PO'd all three colorways... at least for now. ALSO, looked back at some of the IOWA listings.... Now many are stating its "2xLP on Coke Clear". Maybe it was implied, but very happy to have that clarified, should look A+++
  10. 2022-04-18 Update... Formatting on this was pretty bad. I am going to re-hash, re-evaluate pricing and update in the coming week. Yo, Vinyl Collective, I am trying to move some stuff as I am soon to be moving myself physically to a new address. As such, anything for sale on my Discogg's is already marked down, but willing to sell it BELOW those prices to VC members. https://www.discogs.com/seller/V3XED/profile?sort=artist%2Casc&limit=25 (Check that link for the full list of for-sale items, until I update the thread) Almost EVERYTHING is (Mint or NM-) but if your worried, feel free to reach out about the item(s) in question. I can provide photos and all that jazz for any item. Compared to "list" price on Discoggs (which is already marked down) - Take $5 off orders under $50 - Take $10 off orders under $100 - Take $20 off orders over $100 - Take $50 off orders over $200 Willing to do additional discounts for big orders (multi-item). All shipping will be a $5 flat fee via media mail. Feel free to reply here or DM for more info. Payments will be accepted "friends and family's" via paypal or venmo.
  11. Look...... I don't want to be that guy... I would be soooooo happy to own this. But the fuck were they thinking with that purple? 🤮🤮🤮
  12. Amazon listing now shows the following mockup, wish I had a local/indie to snag this from but dont want to miss out. So, easy order on amazon for the time being anyways.
  13. Not shipping related, but I will say I have been coming back to this album on more than a few occasions. Really quite good I think and such a return to form after Palms which was half trash imo.
  14. Got a 'restock' notification from them by email for the RED version and just turned my brain off and instantly bought it. Was trying to protect myself from self judgment for what's obviously a terrible value proposition. Anyways, finally showed up and I didn't even realize this version was a "1x-LP", consider the restock notification I signed up for was for the old 2xlp version. And, havent spun it yet but compared to the 2xlp bootlegs, the jacket and innersleeve print quality are another step down, pretty abysmal. Wouldn't recommend buying this one over the 2xlp version especially at the going rate.
  15. yeah following for a US link. Hopefully after the S/T made its way over
  16. Was just thinkin this was an actually fun clever one for an april fools joke. But it turns out the pressing is real, and the joke was the shipping price 😕
  17. Dang missed it, hope this means more in the pipleine
  18. Is this officially out now? I need to go listen. For whatever reason my hype levels have been very low compared to the last album cycle. Low expectations for reasons I cant really express.
  19. Yeah vol.3 is the goat for me. Though I would happily snag Iowa or All Hope
  20. Didn't realize I was being so controversial, but appreciate the other way of looking at it @mcpherson123 . I can see the angle here that its also outside the label/distro's hands (assuming things are reasonably packaged). Which I guess is the point @holyvacantsholyhell is trying to make while also being a child about it. I still don't think its fair to have this be the consumers burden, but perhaps that's a good argument for the existence of 'Route' style shipping insurance. Which, when utilized, costs the label nothing, and contributes in no way to the cost of LP's. And just for the record, I have never once requested a refund or even a replacement for a corner ding *outside* of route insurance. I did, as others probably do, just sigh and hope for better on the next one. But, if i'm paying for that service It makes no sense to not use it.
  21. Preface here... I really dislike the practice of shoving the blame/liability for damaged goods on the consumer. But, the 'reality check' here is that unfortunately that is the state of things at the moment, so I am willing to cave and use "route" shipping protection offered by merchnow and others, and would go as far as recommending it as long as you can stomach basically bending over and giving up on fair treatment. from labels. I have had multiple orders now where that extra $1.50 meant my corner ding turned into a free record. Doesn't actually fix the problem but has probably saved me 2x as much as I have spent on the feature. Food for thought anyways.
  22. Really dig silverstein, but glad I don't actually collect for them. Especially since they started re-recording old stuff and smashing out this many variants. Stoked to hear the new album though! I think their last two have been really good.
  23. Do we actually know who is on vocals for this album? Touring members have included Kurt Travis, Donovan, Cove, and the new single has Lil Lotus on it? [EDIT] Im an idiot, says it right on the tracklist. Just a bunch of colllabos, interesting! Velocity has been getting a ton of my money lately
  24. Can confirm alchemy index came as perhaps the best packaged record I have ever received. In a record mailer with bubble wrap, inside another big box stuffed to the brim with packing paper. And yet, I still managed to get a pretty warped "fire" disc :'c going to reach out to their support and see if they can replace that for me. The other discs have a little cupping as well but nothing worth worrying about.

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