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  1. I picked up the orange YM and the splatter DANB. Been wanting DANB on vinyl for about a decade now, so today is a good day
  2. The guy who answered the phone said I was the 17th person to call, and they opened 20 minutes ago. He was super nice about it, but yeah, they are out.
  3. Not sure about "more than Skelethon," but I'm really loving The Impossible Kid. Been playing it on repeat for about a week. I've loved pretty much everything Aes has put out (not a huge fan of Bazooka Tooth). I dug Impossible Kid from the first listen, but it still took a while for some of the tracks to grow on me. Probably going to be AOTY for me
  4. Temporary Residence has 3 red left if anyone is still on the fence.
  5. Kind of how I feel about all videos. Loved the song though
  6. One of my all-time favorites, so stoked about the new record. I'll be waiting for reasonable shipping though.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the kind of "mixed trash" vinyl No Idea sells for $12? Not horrible or anything, but nothing special either.
  8. Awesome! Also kind of crazy that this is still available.
  9. This so much. Although I prefer his earlier work, there's no way I'm making the same mistake twice. Ordered!
  10. Kind of glad I don't keep a PO list. It would be unnerving to see how much of my money is just floating around out there.