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  1. Ok that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the info. Im currently in SoCal and i tried all of San Diego and a little of LA. Think ill just have to buy it off of discogs. Hopefully i dont miss out on any exclusives from now on.
  2. wow that's genius. didn't even cross my mind to do that. you're the man ! thanks !
  3. Thanks ! I believe discog doesn't have the store sku # listed but definitely a great site for other information. Thanks again to everyone helping me out !
  4. Thank you I appreciate it ! I tried calling around to see if they had it in store but they asked for the sku # which I could not find for the limited edition. i believe this was the link when it used to be available online https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/solange---a-seat-at-the-table-lp
  5. Hey guys, new to the forum. A buddy of mine was able to find a copy of UO limited edition A seat at the table by Solange at his UO store in VA about 3 weeks ago. I was wondering what are the chances of finding this on the shelves ? Also i know it varies with artists but how long do exclusive records usually sit on the shelves ? Thanks in advance !