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  1. Hello friends, after a weeks-long money saving I finally got my first turntable, Audio Technica LP60 BT (I'm a student so you know $150 is still a lot of money for me). This is the first time I'm buying an audio equipment like this, I don't even know that I need an amp and a speaker to start off after my turntable came, that's right, I'm totally a newbie. So here are some of my questions below: 1. Just double checking, I need an amp and a pair of speakers to start, a pre amp and a receiver for optional, have I miss anything? 2. There are amps like SMSL SA50 and Topping 201 that around $100, should I buy one of those? Please do tell if you have anything else you like to recommend to me. 3. Should I go with a receiver or an amp, or an amp + pre amp set? I know there is a built-in pre amp that is switchable, however, I found that many people said it will make a huge difference if I get a pre amp rather than stay with the built-in one. If so, please recommend me some pre amps as well. 4. Now I only have a Fender Champion 20 electric guitar speaker which around $100, will that be enough for me after I get my amp or receiver? If not, any recommendations? I have already looked forward to buying these vinyl equipments for a while now, indeed as a student, I'm on a budget, but I'm still open to some products that are higher than the starter level, even though they may cost me some extra money. I'm willing to save money from elsewhere to set up a system that I can at least enjoy for couple years, rather than still paying the money but getting a "halfway" setup that I can't feel I'm spending my money in the right place. So again, I'm open to any kinds of suggestion, thanks!