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  1. The arena show i went to on the reunion tour was so undersold that they blocked off the upper levels and upgraded everyone lower bowl. And even that seemed half empty. Will his ego not allow him to just do packed 5k venues?
  2. Red limited to 3k: https://shop.paulmccartney.com/
  3. Standard Black vinyl available now. Doesn't seem limited: https://thehyv.shop/collections/salem/products/fires-in-heaven-vinyl-black
  4. Wonder if there is any chance these will be at the storefronts on the release day.
  5. Popsike shows around 120 sold copies on eBay for "rsd 2020 tron". I'm sure there are more without that exact wording in the title. So the percentages are higher for the hotter titles. With the less sought after ones closing the % gap overall.
  6. You'd think they would do a standard pressing. But knowing how limited the rest of their stuff is who knows. I had been monitoring their page waiting for this and grabbed one but I don't love the singles yet. Not sure what's missing. Maybe Heather's influence?
  7. It is available at the UK shop. But keep en eye out on the US site as sometimes sold out preorders go back in stock.
  8. I'll grab whatever is available tonight. But will also be constantly monitoring the discogs page for the members version like I was for that Hinterkaifeck release.
  9. I'm still mad that I ordered one of those sets and there were a handful that they printed shipping labels for and never attached them. So after waiting a couple weeks to ask why tracking hadn't updated they told me they messed up and didn't have any left. Considering they sell for like a grand now I'd be happy if they repressed that too.
  10. I didn't get any emails from them but it did show on my USPS informed delivery when they shipped it. Got mine in Michigan last Friday.
  11. Bullmoose seems to still have the gold as well for anyone looking: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34687502/deftones-ohms-indie-exclusive-gold-vinyl
  12. 2 Brandi Carliles available for $12, Act fast: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087QXRJTZ edit: Sold out
  13. I'm somehow forgot about this on Saturday morning so I'm still searching for A Rooster Says by Brandi Carlile if anyone sees one. Didn't really think it would be this hard to track down something that has 12k copies. edit: got lucky and found a normal priced discogs copy
  14. I really hope they don't decide to do a bunch of box sets in order of release and make us wait even longer for a Tripod repress.
  15. It shows 1k in the description now. Wonder how many more he'll do.