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  1. That must just be exclusive for europe. Same version on DMs shop says limited to 300: https://www.drabmajestymaterial.com/products/drab-majesty-an-object-in-motion-12-vinyl-ep This is the only band on Dais's roster that I'll pay that shipping for. They have some 3rd party company ship everything for them which I assume is part of why it. Stupid though to charge this much. I've already not bought a few releases of theirs due to this.
  2. That NIN is just disappointing. One of my favorite albums of all time and limited to 500 but that artwork is rough. But I did grab a few others specifically for the art/artists that the wife and I like.
  3. Don't forget that if you raise the cost of your records right now then they get to take 8% of that increase for the next 10 days since they haven't raised the rates and started taking a cut of shipping too. So another small win for them.
  4. I thought that they just officially delayed it until next year and people along with companies like ebay/paypal/venmo are just hoping that they can get congress to raise that limit before then.
  5. No, I can't seem to find them anywhere. There are at least 3 or 4 albums I am considering getting. But i really wish i had a balllpark idea of how many they are pressing of each. I'm also confused about how many LPs some of them are as the 2Pac should be a 4LP. But I can't imagine it would be the same price as the rest if it was.
  6. They are brilliant. Now they are sending emails out advertising a new tool that will let you adjust the price of your inventory easily by a flat percentage. So they raise their fees, and then actually push sellers to raise their prices so they can make even more money on top of their % bump.
  7. I hear people say this so I am sure it does happens, but I buy a lot of records on discogs and rarely ever see examples of this, at least domestically. I used to see it a ton on Ebay 15+ years ago before they changed their policies. So to me it is greed more than anything else as it does not seem to be a widespread issue that should be used for the justification of this. They can say things like this is the "first time in 10 years we have had a rate increase", but what is the average sale price now vs just 3 years ago pre covid? The market for rarer LPs has skyrocketed. I see plenty of used records selling for 3x what they were then. That price difference may be 10x what it was 10 years ago. And we all know paying $50 for a double LP is starting to become more and more normal, so they are raking in more $$ than ever from record stores selling new stock too. Point being that their 8% cut is way more now than it was then. I don't sell much anymore since the new tax laws took effect, but when I do I just use Ebay since I really like their Global Shipping Program. It sucks for the buyers, but makes it so much less stressful for me knowing that I don't have to worry about lost or damaged overseas packages once my item makes it to their Kentucky location.
  8. Seems like buying a sealed copy of discogs for $300 less would have been a smarter decision.
  9. I got lucky and got a pair of row 2 for the Detroit area show. Prices were $140+fees which i thought was more than fair nowadays. I paid the same for much crappier Depeche Mode tickets later in the year. Cure lawn seats were only $20 which is crazy in this age. Robert really went above and beyond to try and make this a better experience for those who got lucky with the verified fan sale. Anyone who missed out should keep an eye out for more good seats to get released when the show gets near. In 2008 I got front row center tickets in Cleveland 2 days before the show direct from TM, and in 2016 I got floor for Chicago the same way. So it happens.
  10. About time: https://younggodrecords.com/products/public-castration-is-a-good-idea
  11. Grabbed a couple lps with poster and CDs mostly to get the autographs. He's a hometown hero. Also this just goes to show that you can still produce lps and 7"s for great prices if you want to. Having Pettibon do the artwork was a bonus.
  12. I snagged one of the limited to 500 glow in the dark sets. It was $150 but it is easily one of my all time favorite albums and I can't imagine the resale on it will ever drop much. I'll spin my regular LP as always and just have this as a collector piece.
  13. If you order from bandcamp you get the digital on 10/14 too: https://johncarpentermusic.bandcamp.com/album/halloween-ends-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-2
  14. Looks like it is substantially cheaper from other retailers like fnac. Reminds me of how everyone overpaid for the nick cave box when it first went up on his site. $125 shipped to the states after taxes are deducted: https://www.fnac.com/a17350720/PJ-Harvey-B-Sides-et-Rarities-Edition-Deluxe-Limitee-Coffret-Vinyle-album
  15. My bad, they just threw up it in the front of their Featured page and I was thinking that it was another new release. Then I just checked and see that I ordered it 4 months ago lol. These long wait times for pressings are killing me. They must have pressed a ton as the last couple vaults they did limited to 1 per person sold out fairly fast.

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