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  1. My local just got copies of MC in, but of course they priced them at $150. Or $175 on discogs. Retail store flipping is one of my biggest pet peeves.
  2. Considering that it is an anniversary reissue with new art and better packaging etc that there will be a good amount pressed overall. But I could see some 500-1k variants happening. Always happy when I can give Sacred Bones some money so hoping their variant is nice.
  3. It was posted on reddit a couple hours ago so they just have sold a ton of these. But looks like some people called them and supposedly they can cover the orders so far. So hopefully you guys are good.
  4. Deep discount just canceled my WalMart order which is disappointing as I got it in pretty early
  5. https://www.deepdiscount.com/smashing-pumpkins-siamese-dream/5099967928910 Code: FLOWERS supposedly gets you 15% off. Can probably try it with MC too.
  6. If anyone still wants MC it is in stock here for $80 with free shipping. Guessing it just got repressed? Also available on DeepDiscount's site but for a bit more: https://www.walmart.com/ip/MELLON-COLLIE-THE-INFINITE-SADNESS-Vinyl/34453573
  7. Contact ebay. I had a similar thing happen but it was a week after I sold the item and the buyer already had it. The sale was good, I had already been paid and they didn't try and take it back. It was really ebay just covering their ass so that it was removed from their site. But someone must have reported it to them for this to happen which is extra annoying unless it was the label or artist themselves.
  8. Weren't those expensive RATM tickets going to charity? I know in Detroit they were. Billy would surely just pocket it all.
  9. At the Detroit show they actually decided to close off the upper deck completely and upgrade all of those ticket holders to better seats when they got to the venue. The place was half full. They are playing the same place this tour.
  10. I'm 100% with you. I am buying way less new records and represses than ever. I have been focusing on older higher priced records that I just never got around to buying. But i do still appreciate the labels that keep their prices between $20-$30 and will keep buying what I can from them. But back on topic, albums like SD and MC just never should have went OOP. There was always a market for them and nobody should have to pay $200+ for them (especially for a repress).
  11. I believe that the clear was advertised to some pj Spotify fans and that linked directly to PJs shop. Santos never advertised the clear to 10 club members that I saw. I couldn't double dip for a $55 single lp since I already have the alternate cover one.
  12. Sun's Signature, Elizabeth Fraser's new ep is all I care about. And 8k of them is plenty thankfully.
  13. Not sure I'd say that the label itself is garbage, but the quality of their vinyl releases certainly is. They introduced me to a ton of bands in the 90s so I thank them for that. But they really should have just stuck to cds and online streaming.
  14. My brother was at the show and said they told him they had 100 of the framed version for sale. He said there was a good stack of the regular ones available still when he left. Pretty cool poster but maybe $50 was a bit much for your average non collector.
  15. In my experience PayPal sides with the buyer like 99.9% of the time if you filed a "item not as described" case. But if you filed a "item not received" case I could see them going with the seller since there is tracking. Either way call them and see what is up. PayPal will do whatever your credit card decides if you end up having to go that route. It may take a while, but you'll get your money back.
  16. I'm confused on the "cost of goods" part of this. I've seen numerous places act like you only pay tax on profits. But is that really only true if you file as a business? It seems crazy that if you bought something for $100 and then sold it for $200 that you'd pay the 28% tax on the entire $200 and on the tax/shipping costs. Ebay's 1099-K FAQ page still says this: "No need to worry— you only pay taxes on profits. You won’t owe any taxes on something you sell for less than what you paid for it. For example, if you bought a bike for $1,000 last year and then sold it on eBay today for $700, that $700 you made would generally not be subject to income tax." I'm also finding different tax advice online for what is considered a "hobby" sale vs just selling random things at garage sales or on Ebay. Those are somehow different? This all appears to be way more confusing that initially advertised, and seems like there will be a giant mess next year at tax time. Which is why I mostly stopped selling.
  17. Sadly this whole thing has actually made me stop buying a lot of records that I would have previously bought. So I am no longer supporting my local record stores or favorite labels webshops anywhere near as much as I used to, which sucks. But ever since I had kids and actual bills to worry about I've pretty much had to sell records to buy records. As I really don't sell much anymore due to this so I'm now getting 1 record a month vs 5-10.
  18. Agree with everything you are saying. That was just the first advertised "limited" item from a big band i could think of off the top of my head that just never sold out. I recall they sold like 20k of those in a couple days and then it just stayed around. The must have pressed an insane amount. When this gets released can we tell how many were sold from billboard or anywhere still?
  19. They are selling it as a "Limited Edition" but I feel like that will be similar to NIN 's Fragile Deviations. They said that would be a limited 1x pressing and it is still available 5+ years later.
  20. Not sure if the $80 for a 2LP or the $15 for media mail shipping makes me feel like more of a sucker for buying one.
  21. About 850 regular and 500 autographed copies left right now. This one stings but had to get a non auto copy. Coincidentally just got tracking for my signed Japan LP finally.
  22. Ha, was thinking the same thing, There are a few copies of this on ebay and discogs now but no sign of the autographed ones yet, so guessing we'll be waiting a bit longer.

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