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  1. I already have a Fest pass and a flight ticket, but a work issue came up and I can't make the trip. Anyone in need of FEST 3-day pass for 110 bucks?
  2. FML for not being in Canada right now. Justin, put these online. NOW!
  3. I might wanna sell my starburst version. PM'd you.
  4. Received mine in Germany yesterday. Worst packaging ever. The record flew around in there, cut through the tape and literally fell out when it was handed over to me. No damage though, but still.
  5. I have the black/white marble out of 200, which I intend to let go for cost. Would come out to 45 USD ppd to the US. If anyone is interested, hit me up.
  6. The missing spray paint cover just came in. Prompt service by Relapse, props to them.
  7. Man, "The Dead Are Dumb" is soooo beautiful. Great album so far.
  8. Got a similar response from them: " Hi, the warehouse made a mistake but realized this a few days back and sent you out the jacket in a new shipment."
  9. I emailed them earlier today and will keep you guys posted.
  10. Vertigo Flowers edition just came in. No spray paint cover though
  11. Weird. I received my parcel on Thursday before Easter, 3 copies, declared correctly (i.e. 75 USD), and it went through customs without additional fees. Their ways are a mystery to me.
  12. I have a spare blue copy I would be willing to let go at cost. Hit me up if interested.