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  1. KnifeStreet

    PO: Converge - Beautiful Ruin EP

    Haven’t even gotten shipping info from them. Got my DW Inc. 7”s within a couple days, and The DW Europe exclusive a couple days later, but no word from KRM. On the vinyl note, is anyone going to seem them Im this tour that would be willing to grab a copy of the band exclusive variant for me?
  2. KnifeStreet

    PO: Converge - Beautiful Ruin EP

    That would be cool, but I’ll still put it out there that I’ll gladly pay cost & shipping if anyone catches them on tour and grabs a copy for me!
  3. KnifeStreet

    PO: Converge - Beautiful Ruin EP

    Nabbed all but the band variant, and since central FL isn’t exactly the biggest market, I’ll likely be bludgeoned on eBay for that one.
  4. KnifeStreet

    PO: Converge - Beautiful Ruin EP

    Fellow Massholes.
  5. KnifeStreet

    PO: Converge - Beautiful Ruin EP

    In for every one I can get my hands on, again damn it. Only missed one variant from TDIU.
  6. PM me, if the prices include shipping, I’ll take the BTBAM Anatomy 2xLP on yellow.
  7. KnifeStreet

    FS: My Entire Collection

    Payment sent for the three we discussed, would you mind emailing me those pics? Cheers!
  8. KnifeStreet

    PO NOW : SUMAC - Love In Shadow

    Nice, just ordered as well, cheers!
  9. KnifeStreet

    FS: My Entire Collection

    I sent a PM as well.
  10. Thread title pretty much says it all, looking for a copy of Pig Destroyer’s Explosions in Ward 6 LP on green vinyl. It’s the last record I need to complete their vinyl discography other than some splits.
  11. Glad to finally grab a copy of this without dropping $80. Totally agree on ATE & IC, they need reissues as well.
  12. KnifeStreet

    What's your White Whale record?

    Since this post, I managed to land a copy of both the KWD LP, and Cave In’s Beyond Hypothermia on grey, so my white whale has changed! Toughest find for me right now is a copy of Slip It In by Black Flag on transparent red vinyl. Bought two copies thus far on Discogs, but they were both on black, just mislabeled on the site. Second one was an especially rough transaction because I even emailed and inquired in advance to be sure t was red (it wasn’t.) Returned them immediately, and the hunt continues! Runner up has to be the friends & family variant of Converge’s The Dusk In Us LP on clear vinyl with rainbow splatter. Haven’t seen a single copy for sale anywhere.