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  1. KnifeStreet

    WTB: Black Flag on colored vinyl.

    Landed Loose Nut yesterday, still got a long way to go!
  2. KnifeStreet

    WTB: Black Flag on colored vinyl.

    Thanks. I know I’m facing an uphill battle, but it’ll be worth it.
  3. Title says it all, looking for any Black Flag releases (all but “What The...” because it’s hot garbage) on colored vinyl. Already got these, so I’m looking for everything else... Damaged LP (purple) Loose Nut LP (purple marble) Louie Louie 7” (red) My War LP (blue) Nervous Breakdown 7” (yellow) TV Party 7” (yellow) SST official releases only, no boots. Only looking for one copy of each release, not one of ever color made, so if it’s listed above, I don’t need another copy. If you have anything available, get in touch! Cheers!
  4. From the band’s Facebook page... Last December we flew to Virginia to spend 48 hours in a basement recording our first full-length, 'Let Pain Be Your Guide'. Out 11/16 on Gilead Media & Holy Roar Records. We'd like to thank Matt Michel, Chris Taylor, Maha Shami, Dylan Walker, Brad Boatright and everyone who has taken a chance on us and endless appreciation to those of you that have been supporting our band since the beginning. You can stream "A Burden" now on Metal Hammer: http://bit.ly/MHABURDEN Pressing and pre-order info below... HOLY ROAR 250 x Glass w/ Orange Splatter (Holy Roar Subscriber Exclusive) 250 x Blue/Cream Half & Half 500 x Clear w/ Purple Colour in Colour 500 x CD http://www.holyroarrecords.com http://portrayalofguilt.com THROUGH LOVE 100 x Clear w/ Pink/Green Splatter (Through Love Records Exclusive) https://bit.ly/2Crjo5p GILEAD MEDIA 200 x Black 150 x Red/Blue Merge 150 x White/Red Colour in Colour 500 x CD https://bit.ly/2MRHkUD A limited cassette version of the album is available through Portrayal of Guilt Records, limited to 250. http://portrayalofguilt.com
  5. KnifeStreet

    PO NOW : SUMAC - Love In Shadow

    Agreed, great sounding record, and a great looking release. The vinyl description doesn't do it justice.
  6. Yeah, anyone with a spare drop me a PM, I’m still hunting, but not ready to go in on a copy for way too much $$$.
  7. I grabbed one on black in the exponentially likely event that I won’t be able to find a reasonably priced “aquamarine” copy.
  8. Might be cheaper to join the vault for a quarter and buy a copy than to try and get one on eBay or Discogs, haha.
  9. I just posted the same thing on IG. I would love to land a copy, but not if I have to sell a kidney to do it.
  10. Spoken to at least four stores that ordered the single and didn’t receive any variants. Discogs has them for over $100, and eBay for $150 though, so there’s still a chance! *eyeroll*
  11. Bummed out, my local shop isn’t even getting this on black, much less the variant. If anyone can grab me one, I buyin’.
  12. Pulled the trigger on the London Fog as well, it’s really cool looking. Still remember the As the Sun Sets era, saw these guys a bunch and played with them a couple times back home in MA a hundred years ago.
  13. Right?!?!?! There have been a few releases I wanted to get that were like that lately. Passing until they have an option for LP alone.
  14. Man, that variant is sweet looking. Hopefullly my “local” shop gets a few. They got a bunch of the green copies of The Sciences.
  15. I figured that was the reason, but also hoped they might pick up the rights for a reissue like they did with all the Death records.