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  1. I got confirmation on 6/8, but it’s been pre-shipment since then. I emailed DW to ask, but they replied that they already handed it off, but the Post Office doesn’t always scan every package out.
  2. I sent a handful of 7”s, Unionsuit, Turmoil, Bane, Hourglass, Torn Apart, and another that I can’t recall.
  3. Work schedule had me all tied up this week, but I’m mailing mine out this morning, and will message you the tracking #.
  4. I literally just bought Starspawn on yellow/red and the first record on red from a friend, and received them in the mail the day they announced the repressing. Ugh.
  5. Yeah, I was just thinking this when mine arrived yesterday. Supposed to be blue with white and grey, but I sure didn’t see any.
  6. PM me the details, I have a couple extras that I could send!
  7. I would jump on this if not for the ludicrous pricing. If they distribute to the US, maybe.
  8. Probably will be at the exact same time as the new BI on Dark Descent, just to freak metalheads out.
  9. Preorders up for the new Nile (Vile Nilotic Rites 2xLP) and Despised Icon (Purgatory LP) up on the Nuclear Blast site. https://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/shop/item/groups/192526.pre-orders.html
  10. I ordered through MerchBucket, haven’t heard anything yet, but I saw someone post theirs in a FB forum that I frequent. Hoping to hear something soon.
  11. Slick. Missed the preorder entirely, but was lucky enough to grab one today. Any idea what the numbers are for the vinyl variants?
  12. Made a deal for this one, so I’ll post a new search in the next comment.
  13. Looking to buy a color vinyl copy of the Zozobra “Savage Masters” 12 on Brutal Panda Records.