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Hey all, thanks for popping in to check out my profile.


I was born and raised in Southeastern MASS, but moved recently to Central FL.  Been a musician most of my life, and always been a big metal and hardcore fan.  Collecting started when my old man gifted me his Sabbath, Rush, King Crimson and Yes records, but was never into the vinyl hunt, just picked up records at swap meets and flea markets, but for some reason I got obsessed with hardcore records in the early 90's Revelation, Victory, etc. for a while until Hydrahead records got on my radar.  I had nearly every release they put out until around 05/06-ish, and got to the point where I was even trading Aaron Turner old SWANS records for HH test presses and rare colored and limited run releases, even driving up to his house in Mission Hill a few times.  At that point I slowed down a bit, since I was playing with three full-time bands, and my wife and I had three kids, so the vinyl took a backseat.  Literally, most of it sailed away in the back of a mail truck to parts unknown, and I figured it was fun while it lasted.


Cut to my buddy opening a shop in my hometown, I went home to visit over the summer, and ended up throwing tons of money his way, and digging out the remaining handful of records that I had left over from collection 1.0.  So I'm back to hunting for copies of some of my favorites from back in the day, as well as some newer stuff.  I'm sure I'll post up a want/trade list (not a lot to trade, but buying as well.), but for now I just wanted to say hello, and hopefully meet some folks.  Sorry for the long winded reply, I'm just super excited to be back into collecting, it's been a while!