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  1. Thanks guys! I'm super excited for it all to happen. Feels weird to be an adult, haha.
  2. I couldn't have read this at a better time. We're closing in the next 2 weeks and things are getting real about realizing how much things cost. I'm usually pretty chilled, but this has got me stressing a bit.
  3. Yep^ I built them exactly to the plans on audiokarma. No way someone is fitting 500-600 LPs in there. MAYBE if they're all DJ sleeves and single LPs. But even then, it would be absolutely stuffed. 380-400 will be the magic number for me at least.
  4. My dad and I built a shelf yesterday using the audio karma plans. It came out great, now we just have to build 3 more to hold everything! Looks like each section will hold ~80 non gatefold albums, so around 320 per shelf. No way this thing holds 500-600 like the plans say, you would be lucky to fit 400 comfortably with room to flip.
  5. https://twitter.com/nickjacksonyb/status/701022148790341633
  6. Man, I just can't get enough of the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, they're my favorite three guys in wrestling right now. Sorry New Day
  7. I remember watching him land the double backflip for the first time and being blown away. Such a damn bummer
  8. I feel like this show has become an extreme parody of itself. I want to like it so bad but it's just not good. However, I am a sucker and I'll watch each and every episode
  9. Does only the mouse have the warranty or is the MacBook covered as well?
  10. I thought the match was great. It had a few parts that were a little sloppy, but I don't feel like it took away from how good it was.
  11. Just so you know, lots of people have complained that non-FAT 7 inches do not fit in the box.
  12. Haha damn! The one guy who didn't want #1 got it! Haha Now I'm hoping for a Roman rumble!
  13. I'm only missing a few of the big buys, I won't be spending the money on those. Haha
  14. It would be great to have Bray go over Lesnar at Wrestlmania. i wish it was believable.
  15. Thanks guys! I've put a lot of years of searching into that collection! I just can't add anything else to it, because no way I'm taking it all out for another photo, haha.
  16. I think they're being too obvious about it. So obvious that we think we have it figured out that reigns is going to win and then they'll curve ball us. Maybe not though. I legitimately have no idea who I think may win other than him, though. I can't see Owens winning after the last man standing match, and I can't really see Brock winning only because I can't see Brock and Roman at WM again. I'm holding out for a surprise HHH entry/victory and then HHH and reigns at mania.
  17. You guys can take #1. No way Roman is walking out champ!
  18. Oh shit you had me all confused! Haha I've got a toy of the US title and it looks ok. The toy WHC definitely doesn't look great haha
  19. "Big Gold" is the easiest thing to call it and people know exactly what it is. So I'll stick to that. You say it looks like shit, but I've heard the complete opposite from any review or anything. Why do you think that it looks bad?
  20. Sweet! I'm going to hold off for rumble weekend and see what the sales are like and I might jump on it then!
  21. A friend of mine has the commemorative current title and he says it looks amazing in person. I just wish they made a commemorative attitude era title, I'm not sure I can drop $400 on the replica. The $160 for the commemorative big gold seems like nothing. Especially if there is a 20-40% off sale
  22. I think I'll be going for Big Gold or the Attitude era title. I can't make up my mind!! I love big gold, it's iconic. But the attitude title is the title of my childhood!

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