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  1. I took photos of all of my NOFX awhile back. Here is everything I have besides the 7 inch of the month club and several doubles.
  2. I have decided that with my winnings, if I win, I'll put the money towards a replica title belt. I've always wanted one but never want to spend the money. Having $150 of "free money" makes it much easier! And I'll be stylin and profilin at wrestlemania with it!
  3. Mine shipped as well, it'll be here today. I'm excited to find out what songs the 7 inch will have on it.
  4. Paid. But I didn't see a gift option with the Paypal.me link. Let me know if I need to send another dollar or so to cover fees
  5. Man, I just tried to open this thread but clicked the EDM thread instead on accident. I didn't know what the hell happened to you guys for a good 30 seconds or so.
  6. I have two of them stacked and they're sturdy as ever. They've been that way for 2+ years
  7. I was weirdly into it until they all gave shitty promos after the match.
  8. I just grabbed this, pretty happy about it http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/141866280839
  9. Thanks guys! Don't worry, I'm doing the same thing. Especially now that I'm not buying a house in a few weeks!
  10. So, I ended up backing out from the house myself. Something just doesn't seem right and I feel like I'm being lied to by the sellers agent and inspectors that they hired to come out there. So I totally bailed because I don't want to have it in the back of my head for the next 30 years that I got screwed. Something else will come around, I'm fortunate enough that I'll get back most of my money that I've been out so far.
  11. Pressing plants are backed way up this time of year
  12. We got it extended until Wednesday at 5:00 since the seller still has to get some bids. Hopefully he can get what he needs and decide what he's going to fix
  13. We're still waiting to hear if he's willing to fix the issues, but our contract/option period is over tomorrow... So I guess today is they make it or break it day. At this point I've just convinced myself that we aren't getting it, so I won't be too bummed. There is always something else!
  14. We got our inspection done yesterday, they found what could be a cracked pipe under the foundation and since the dude already agreed to fix the roof were not hopeful that he's going to be willing to fix this issue. So if he doesn't, were backing out and I'll be out around $1000 too. I know how you feel
  15. Our offer (which included them putting on a whole new roof!) got accepted on the house. We're waiting to get it inspected, but unless something terrible comes up in the inspection it's all ours!
  16. If we get that house, you're all welcome to come enjoy the secret room
  17. We're going to look at two different houses in about 45 minutes, I'm pretty excited. I'm lucky that real estate is cheap in Texas, at least where I'm at. I've looked at a few other states, and holy shit! I can't imagine having a mortgage on those prices
  18. We're currently looking at a spot that has a HUGE backyard and a nice patio/deck. Also, a "secret room" that's only accessible from a pull down stairway in the garage. The perfect smoke room! I know this is off topic, maybe we should take it to the stoner/real estate thread.
  19. These are the things I'm looking forward to most. And being able to blast my music as loud as I want.

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