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  1. Thanks bud! Just met with a realtor yesterday and got pre approved by our lender today. Let the stress begin! Thankfully the lady is okay with me having an entire room dedicated to records. It's like living the dream!
  2. I have SO MUCH sealed KISS memorabilia from when I was younger. I wish I had sold it all a few years ago when prices were still good. I'm looking at buying a house now, and moving all of that is going to be a nightmare.
  3. I got 8 of them. I haven't logged in or ordered from src in well over a year or more
  4. Speaking of the network, are any of you watching Breaking Ground? I'm really enjoying it.
  5. I got tickets, were in 217. Kind of far away but it'll be fine. It's fucking wrestlemania! We're going to do axxess, hall of fame and raw the next night too. Should be a good weekend
  6. I'm dying to buy it and play. Waiting on a Black Friday sale hopefully!
  7. Rollins is out for 6-9 months. Mega bummer, he's one of my favorites right now. He's had such a killer heel title run. New champ to be crowned at survivor series http://www.wwe.com/inside/seth-rollins-injury-title-tournament-survivor-series-28164051
  8. That Wyatt promo sold me 100% on him. Can't wait to see where they're going with it.
  9. Well, unfortunately, those responses are enough to make me think twice about buying anything from him again. I feel like all of us who backed the project have been more than patient and I feel we all deserve being replied to a little nicer. His excuse of not having time is out the window for me, considering how long of a pre order this was.
  10. I think his debut was perfect, I'm so excited to see where they go with it. He's my favorite in NXT, I hope he translates well for the Main Roster. My girlfriend doesn't read/use the Internet at all so she had no idea he signed a main roster contract, it was so hard to keep it a secret but it was all worth it whenever she almost cried when his music hit. So stoked on Breeze and Ziggler. Even Summer Rae (Summer Breeze?) at this point!
  11. Is it just me, or is the dude who runs Magnetic Eye Records kind of a dick? Am I in the wrong here? I feel like I was much more polite than I could have been.
  12. I'd love to grab a copy of this on colored vinyl, they don't come up often but I'm willing to make a good deal or trade with you.
  13. I'm not sure either, I'll text you if we will be!
  14. I'm going to be in California in a week and a half too! What days will you be there? I'll be visiting another buddy out there and I plan on going to amoeba for the first time too!

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