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  1. It turns out the spindle head of the motor is loose fitting. Patched with blue rack and an email sent to the supplier. It's not a biggies as I am looking to swap the head for a 33 and 75 speed head.
  2. Hi folks, I am very new to all of this and just splashed out on a Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon. After much careful fettering in line with the instructions I gave it a spin. For the first track all seemed OK (although in hindsight may have been a little slow), however pretty quickly it became apparent it was running slow and slowing down. I have cleaned the belt, platter and motor spindle which had no effect. I have noticed that the supplied belt feels a little slacker than I would have expected (although as I have never had a belt driven one before I have no reference for this). I also tried alternate power outlets to ensure it was not a dodgy power supply, again no effect. I briefly experimented by taking the stand alone motor out of the recommended slot and increasing the belt tension and this seems to resolve the problem. It does not seem likely that they would have supplied an incorrect belt, could it be an issue with the platter bearing lubrication? Am I doing something stupid? All help gratefully received. Simon