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  1. http://www.lifelinerecords.net LifeLine Records is proud to announce SONIC POISON to the LifeLine family!! Fast, hard, and un-compromising hardcore punk from New York featuring Ron of Deathcycle on vox, Anthony Corallo of Sheer Terror, Concrete Cross and Disnihil on drums, Tom Clavin of Concrete Cross and Disnihil on bass, and Rick "Dick" Lopez bassist of The Casualities playing guitar. No gimmicks, no bullshit! 7" featuring art by Chad Lawson. First song off they 7" can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/chronicdeathrecording/will-it-ever-end-1 This record will be released in April. More information will be available soon on the official release date, as well as when pre-orders will begin. Sonic Poison's facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonic-Poison/1538019219799076 Thank you for the support and check back soon for more updates on Sonic Poison! http://www.lifelinerecords.net
  2. Here is what the 7 Seconds tour pressings look like. They will still include the cover and inserts:
  3. www.lifelinerecords.net 07-23-14 7 Seconds U.S. tour starts today!! It has been 9 years since 7 Seconds released their previous album and toured! If you haven't already bought a copy of their new album "Leave A Light On", we highly recommend you buy it as soon as possible! On this tour, 7 Seconds will be selling a limited 'Summer Tour' pressing of first 3 E.P.'s that LifeLine put back into print this past September. "Skins, Brains & Guts," "Committed For Life," and "Blasts From the Past" have all been pressed on blood red vinyl limited to a 100 copies each with a hand stamped dust sleeve. The tour editions will ONLY be sold by 7 Seconds! Modern Life Is War is playing two more shows out East this August on Labor Day Weekend!! Friday, August 29th in Philadelphia, PA with Self Defense Family, Give, and The Land of Blood and Sunshine at the First Unitarian Church. Tickets for the Philly show are available here. Saturday, August 30th in New York City with Nothing, Give, and The Land of Blood and Sunshine at the Bowery Ballroom. Tickets for the NY show are available here. As always, thank you for your support! www.lifelinerecords.net
  4. www.lifelinerecords.net We are excited to announce we have to 2 new pre-orders starting now! First off is a brand new release: a split 7" featuring Sweet Cobra and Get Rad! This record has been in the works for a long time, paying tribute to Mat Arluck (the late guitarist of Sweet Cobra). Features 3 songs from Sweet Cobra and 2 songs from Get Rad, and artwork created by Chicago gore artist Matt Putrid, with layout by Ryan Patterson/Auxiliary Design. This split 7" was set up by Mat Arluck before he passed, and was meant to be a collaboration of friends working together on one great release. That being said this record is being released by LifeLine Records, Underground Communique, and Hawthorne Street Records. The pressing info is 440 on CLEAR, 265 on RED and 165 on BLUE! LifeLine Webstore: http://lifelinerecords.storenvy.com/ Second record going up for pre-order tomorrow is the long awaited repress of Modern Life Is War's 'Midnight in America' LP. This time we pressed 1,000 copies; the record is now a single jacket, lyric insert and includes a poster insert as well! 300 of the records are on GOLD vinyl that is an exclusive color that will only be sold by Equal Vision Records. 500 copies on transparent Blue vinyl and 225 copies on SEAFOAM GREEN that will only be sold by LifeLine and Modern Life is War. LifeLine Webstore: http://lifelinerecords.storenvy.com/ Again, both records go up for pre-order tomorrow March 25th at Noon CST! Both records will start to ship the week April 7th. As always, thank you for your continued support!! Forever Matthew Allen Arluck www.lifelinerecords.net
  5. http://www.lifelinerecords.net 10-18-13 Thank you to everyone that made it out the LifeLine Records Showcases on October 5th!! It was great to host these shows and bring all of these bands to Chicago! Thank you everyone for your support. We mentioned that there would be be some exclusive records, specially made for these shows. We do have some of the limited records available now in our webstore: - Modern Life Is War/Kill Your Idols 'Live on WLUW' split 7" on red vinyl with silkscreened cover, limited to 150 copies - Holy Fever 'Both E.P.'s' Collection, both E.P.'s with limited silkscreenedcover, limited to 40 copies - Boiling Over 'Barriers' 7" now on gold vinyl with red ink silkscreened cover, limited to 69 copies http://lifelinerecords.storenvy.com/ Thank you to everyone has ordered the 7 Seconds 'First 3 E.P.'s' Box Set! They ended up taking a lot longer to assemble than we had originally thought, but they are now finally shipping!! Most of them have shipped out as of last week and the remaining orders are shipping right now. Thank you for your patience, we think the boxes turned out great so we hope you feel it is worth the wait. The 7 Seconds box set is limited to 150 copies! They are still available in our webstore, but there are not many left. Thanks for checking in. We should have some more updates towards the end of the month. http://www.lifelinerecords.net
  6. The non-box set colors are the standard colors for now...not sure if when I do a 2nd pressing if I will change the colors or have the retrospectives... Gotta talk to Kevin about that once we cross that bridge.
  7. www.lifelinerecords.net TAKING PRE-ORDERS NOW!! Each record is available individually as well as LIMITED MAIL ORDER BOX SET!! http://lifelinerecords.storenvy.com/ On September 10th LifeLine Records will be releasing the first three 7 Seconds EP's: 'Skins, Brains & Guts', 'Committed For Life' and 'Blasts From the Past'. Each record will be released its original 7" format. All three of these 7"s have been out of print for many years and has been bootlegged over the years as well. Now the records are being properly re-issued. Each release will pay tribute to the original first pressing of each record, using the original art and include the original insert that later pressings had lost. As a bonus, each record will include a retrospective of each release written by Kevin Seconds. Re-issuing these records has been a dream come true. Thank you for your support! www.lifelinerecords.net
  8. Thanks guys! This has been in the works for many years... Took a while to get things to moving, but honestly once Kevin and got to know each other more the smoother things went and the more it progressed. I know I'm very fortunate to be able to re-issue the very first hardcore record I EVER OWNED 'Skins, Brains & Guts.' I wanted to make sure these were done right. I'm beyond psyched to have these records completed!