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  1. I'd be leery of the vip thing with the drink tickets. Riot Fest will be looking to fleece you any way possible, I'd expect those to work for 10 pbr's or something silly like that. I'd pay the minimal amount of money and keep your hopes low. I've gone to Riot Fest every year since... 2003? Every year there's more and more sketchiness. Be careful folks. Grabbed a 3 day wristband because the show is going to be 2 blocks from my front door.... plan on heading back to my apartment to slug beers in between the shitty bands. Oh, and that being said... I woulda payed $200 to see just the descendents again. So I figure if I only catch them and Iggy, I got my money's worth.
  2. i've got hallraker on green. feel free to shoot me an offer. i'm sure i'd take less than the record store.
  3. ha, me too. everything they're putting out is solid gold. did you see those dope smoker reissues??? on. fuckin. point.
  4. i've got the descendents - hallraker on green if anyone's looking for it... i'm not a loser, that's right
  5. Amazon always takes a week+ to ship. Seems like whenever anyone sends me stuff on here it arrives in 2-3 days, max. Maybe I've just gotten lucky on here and unlucky with Amazon. Also, I checked and it's a few bones cheaper on half.com, but still... I'd rather give my money directly to a person rather than paying a vig to onea those sites.
  6. I know, I know... this is not vinyl-related. But seriously, I'm havin a bitch of a time finding this book and I want to read it. Got an extra copy??? $10??? Lemme know, ideally I'd like to find someone who could get it in the mail today. Scope my trade list in my sig... I'd be more than willing to part with a record for this book. Get at me, thanks! Again... sorry this isn't vinyl related. I'm also interested in finding some various comic book stuff. Batman - The Black Mirror, various issues of The Boys, etc...
  7. Got these but they're fairly prized possessions of mine. Shoot me an offer.
  8. i know i'm pretty, but i'm not as pretty as a pair of titties Mr. Majestic and shit over here
  9. Looking for Thee Headcoatees - Punk Girls. Willing to trade or throw down some money for it. If you have an extra copy of this record, hit me up. My trade list is in my sig. I'm tryin to get ahold of this record to give to this chick I like. Help me look like a stellar dude and stuff. HELP!
  10. last time i ate taco bell i got food poisoning and couldn't stop shitting and vomiting. last time i listened to fake problems i wanted to shit and vomit all over them. so... i guess the combination of fake problems and taco bell is one for the ages.
  11. i don't suppose you need a copy of hallraker on green do you? holla if you're interested.
  12. Does anyone here know aprox. how many fire sauce packets fit per cube in an ikea expedit? I'm wondering if I'm going to need to make another run to ikea to get more shelf space. Does anyone have pictures of their expedits loaded with fire sauce packets??? Would love to see some examples... ddoherty, can you do 1.75ppd? shipping is to Chicago, IL. Also... do you ship to ITALY!? I would love to get my fire sauce packets shipped to my vault in Italy instead if you ship internationally.
  13. these are a huuuge pain in the ass to get ahold of. did you see that copy of waterloo go a couple weeks back for $51? Brutal. I'm missing like 3 or 4 as well.
  14. deadformat is sooooo fucking boring and slow moving. i maybe check it once a month.
  15. I bought the two 7" at recycled records in springfield for like 3 bones a piece.
  16. Someone in my office got onea these for recently: http://www.amazon.com/RSVP-Just-Ducky-Floating-Infuser/dp/B003XK9ER4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1327344283&sr=8-1 pretty funny
  17. the bronx suck. hives are alright. yeah, i said it... what?
  18. YES. YES. YES. YES. How the fuck could I forget!?! The mighty Ben Cook is a fucking genius.
  19. yeah dude... don't ever say grunge. ever. thee oh sees, nobunny, ty segall, and tenement. get those now. q. why is kurt cobain my hero? a. because he shot kurt cobain.
  20. I spent like 2 full days at work getting absolutely nothing done because i had to read every one of these. That guy is a fucking genius.