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  1. One thing I can vouch for is that MOV releases never sound awful. On the contrary. So I wouldn’t worry about that too much.
  2. Cool they’re releasing new music. Curious to see how this single fits into the rest of the album. Also, I wonder how Clouds Hill will go about handling the vinyl release this time. Overpriced regular black version first, decently priced colored versions after?
  3. Was to be expected. Especially considering how they dodged all questions on Instagram whether individual presses would be available later. It is quite lame and I probably wouldn’t have bought the box set had I known. On the other hand, I kinda enjoy not worrying about grabbing individual releases on colored vinyl. Seem quite hard to find in Europe anyway.
  4. Yeah, I did. Would be a good solution if I had the smaller units. But I have a 4x4 with a 4x2 stacked on top, so putting legs underneath is not an option weight-wise.
  5. I see your point, but it’s not quite the same. The temperature of my apartment doesn’t lead to a noticeable difference in warmth of the records. Otherwise they’d all feel warm to the touch.
  6. That’s reassuring, although the IKEA shelf doesn’t insulate as well as I had hoped. So you store records on the bottom shelves as well? I might still place something underneath the records on the bottom shelves, just to be sure.
  7. I placed a thermometer on the floor last night and left it there. Was around 23 Celsius (around 73 Fahrenheit)
  8. Floor heating is set at 40 degrees Celsius (about 104 Fahrenheit). But keep in mind there’s concrete plus a wooden floor on top of the heating system so the floor is nowhere near that temperature. I’d say average temperature inside is 19/20 degrees Celsius (around 68 Fahrenheit).
  9. Hi all. I’ve recently moved into a new apartment, which has floor heating. I store my vinyl in IKEA Kallax shelves/cubes. I’ve noticed the records on the bottom row feel slightly warm to the touch. Definitely not hot, but still. Do you think this could actually damage the records? I’ve tried to do some online research but all I found was a six-year-old discussion on Discogs, which basically came down to: don’t worry about it too much. Any ideas/insights are appreciated, so thanks in advance.
  10. Would have loved to grab one of these. But at $40 for the record, $27 shipping to Europe and import fees it’s an easy pass. Shame though.
  11. Crazy indeed. Wanted to buy a copy but at $40 plus $40+ in shipping it was an easy pass.