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  1. Jim Steele

    PO NOW: Slugdge - Gastronomicon 2xLP

    Nice! Thanks for the tip. I ordered it straight from Willowtip, haven’t received a confirmation mail though..
  2. Mine is, but what I've seen from other pictures so far it might be an anomaly
  3. Picked up the clear/yellow today at my local store. Looks & sounds good
  4. Grabbed the /250 since that pinwheel went insanely fast How much was it btw? 29,99?
  5. Same here. In a way it's a good thing I guess, saves me from paying $40 for shipping
  6. I ended up not ordering it because shipping to the Netherlands was indeed ridiculous. Cool you got a copy though
  7. Jim Steele

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    So these are finally showing up in EU stores. Got my copy at my local record yesterday, worth the wait!
  8. Jim Steele

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Concerto I wouldn't worry too much. Can't imagine they won't turn up anywhere else. 10,000 (+ the extra 1,000 limited) is a lot
  9. Jim Steele

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    I've reserved a green copy at my local store (in Amsterdam). According to their website, it will be available from May 18th
  10. Nice. Ordered three of the European variants. US variant of Ritual on clear/smoky vinyl looks nicer than any of the EU variants, but the other two look pretty great
  11. Jim Steele

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    EU source would be much appreciated yes! No clue how to get my hands on this thing
  12. Jim Steele

    PO: Khemmis - Desolation LP

    Yep.. Bummed I missed out on those 20BS exclusives..
  13. In for the clear. Took like 15 minutes to make up my mind, choosing between that one and the European KRM
  14. Damn, was hoping the blue/gold merge would last until ASG went up, but no such luck. At least I've got the most limited ASG now