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  1. Crazy indeed. Wanted to buy a copy but at $40 plus $40+ in shipping it was an easy pass.
  2. That new single is horrible. Preordered the album anyway since I really like everything they did before this. But hope the single is not representative of the sound of the rest of the album.
  3. Own a copy of both on black wax but happy to finally add a colored variant of each to the collection.
  4. Vinyl prices are skyrocketing but this is pushing it. Same goes for new Iron Maiden. It’s a shame.
  5. Not really feeling this. Resembles Heaven’s Club more than it does Deafheaven.
  6. Damn, would have loved to grab one. Might be my favorite Mogwai album.
  7. Pff, ended up having to pay import duties as well, €21. Add that to the $45 for the record and $25 for shipping to Europe and this is by far the dumbest purchase I’ve made in about 18 years of collecting. Records show some nasty scratches too.
  8. Hah, same here. Glad I grabbed ‘m though since the EU store has already sold out.
  9. Box set retains its value. If you buy all six albums + Tremulant and Landscape Tantrums from the EU shop it comes down to about €370 without shipping. Box was €400 without. Plus it’s all regular black vinyl, not even 180 gram. Sigh of relief.
  10. True. And I totally understand the marketing behind it. Just think it’s fairly sneaky and don’t really appreciate it.
  11. Would have been nice if they’d simply announced the box set and the individual releases at the same time. People who wanted to splurge could have gone for the box and the rest of us could have just picked what we wanted. And indeed, interesting to see what happens if the individual releases outshine the copies in the box set.
  12. Got my copy today and just spun Deloused. Both discs are a bit warped (especially the first one) but the sound is fantastic.

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