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  1. They sure did. When I bought my copy about six hours ago the splatter was already gone and the other variant was down to ten.
  2. Ordered the Indies exclusive. Not as fancy a variant, but the EU CF price is insane, especially after shipping.
  3. Nightfell - A Sanity Deranged is up at 20BS https://www.20buckspin.com/collections/front/products/nightfell-a-sanity-deranged-lp
  4. Same here. Really dig the first three albums, and saw them play live quite a few times way back when. Haven’t really dug anything after that though
  5. Also went with option 2, that merge should come out looking pretty sick
  6. Their shipping is the worst. Might pick up that indie version, which is still pretty damn expensive at £32.99 (without shipping)
  7. If anyone sees these pop up in EU stores/distros, I’d love to hear it
  8. Probably not their own variant though, as they normally sell the 20bs variants
  9. Picked up that Ossuarium a while back, good stuff. As far as Immortal Bird’s concerned, I’m really digging that second track they dropped today (“Vestigial Warnings”)
  10. Came here to post this. Picked up that tricolor merge.
  11. I’ve had a number of Relapse records come in warped lately, unfortunately
  12. New song does not sound good at all. Doesn't even come close to anything off the previous album. Thought this would be an instant preorder for me. Now, not so much.
  13. Same here. Went fast! Gotta say that all the variants look nice though.