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  1. Too early for me to say. Luciferian Towers and Asunder... are fantastic as well. But I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard last night.
  2. I’ve checked a number of times as well. Didn’t see anything. So if it sold out it must have been fast.
  3. I’d love to pick up those Punk Note versions but shipping to Europe is outrageous.
  4. Wouldn’t a lot of people cancel their preorders if individual releases are announced? Especially if they’re colored variants. Only reason I ordered the box is that I want these records on vinyl. Could definitely do without the etchings, book, pins etc. though.
  5. What surprises me is that two of the three half/half variants still sold out after the quantity was doubled.
  6. I never got a confirmation mail except from PayPal. Do others have the same problem?
  7. Not including the Frances song would be so incredibly lame given a) the price of this box and b) the fact that it contains like three etched sides. Edit: not to mention the fact that it’s false advertising as it’s supposed to include the entire studio recordings.
  8. I completely missed the fact that there was a European shop. Ordered after telling myself I wouldn’t.
  9. Sold out. Crazy. Didn’t grab one in the end as it was over $600 shipped to Europe. Don’t really need the book or demos either. Plus I’m counting on the fact they’ll release individual copies later on. Let’s hope I’m not wrong about that because otherwise I’ll sure regret it.
  10. Same here. Had the Robo one in my cart. Then shipping to Europe turned out to be like $25. So I figured I’d grab a copy from District. No luck. Ah well. Missed out on the colored s/t last time as well, so at least I’m consistent.
  11. Came across this on Bandcamp. Wasn’t familiar with this band at all but ordered a copy. Good stuff!
  12. New EU store won’t let you pick a variant but sends them out randomly instead, which is kinda lame.

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