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  1. OP here, hahahahahahahahaha omg you guys are amazing, literally laughing out loud over here, some of them are comedy gold!! Also, that's some serious artwork right here... FYI I didnt, it came like that, mabye bc I signed up via Twitter: On a serious note, I didn't come up with that by myself, my local vinyl store recommended it, seen them do it as well, and I've been cleaning my vinyl (old and new) with Windex for 2 years now, never had any complaints, they actually always sound(ed) great afterwards. Soo idk what happened on this one, must've used a different brand than all the other times. Either way, can I get any honest ideas on what to do with this one, I suppose there's residue on it, any careful way to remove that?
  2. Hi guys, just cleaned my brand new vinyl (bought from Amazon) with windex (the German equivalent to windex) and now it crackles quiet a lot. It had basically no crackling before (like a new vinyl should sound), now it sounds like one of my old ones that has visible scratches etc. When I put another new vinyl on my turntable --> no problems. I've been cleaning records like this for a while (new and old), so far no problems. Any ideas why, and more specifically, any ideas how I can fix it? Thanks for help!