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  1. @stl_ben Oh my bad, after browsing vinyl a little more I realized really what it is, my apologies for interrupting you guys, you're right that this does not belong anywhere near here ! You can delete the thread if possible, not gonna need it, me or anyone else, but as for the site, I'll stick around a bit. Found few funny stuff and cool music around here and funny people, keep up good work!
  2. New season is really gonna be online not before 2019?
  3. Hahahahah killed me with this one hahaha Is Irving-Thomas trade official and done or they still discussing the outcome?
  4. Maybe first post was written too much bloglike. I have a job as a guitar teacher + I study academy, I am 26 years old and I am not dreaming of becoming Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix or anything close to that, I am not dreaming about anything, simply started recording because never did anything similar, want to learn how to get better at it (I get it I suck at recording, you don't have to tell it to me, I'm aware of it haha). The headline is purely because of a "story" not something I expect, I didn't know what to write in title so if 2 people like any of recorded videos it's ok, if 100 like em it's ok again, I do this purely in my free time during weekends so I force myself not to lie in bed or play games but to keep doing something when I'm not on my studies or work and if someone thought it's ok videos, that's even better ! To get our heads out of all this "dreaming" situations, does any of you have experience recording acoustic/classical guitar via condensed mics? You can post your work here I'm very interested in what other people all over the world are working on with their instruments and their recording software? What videos you watched or do you have any articles that helped you learn mixing and recording guitars in a non-studio setup?
  5. hahaha @stl_ben I must admit I don't really know what you mean by that since I just discovered vinyl and am browsing through it as we speak. If you mean putting and using my videos feel free to do so, that is the point of my videos so someone could like them! If you meant something else, please advise me
  6. Hello good people ! I would like to introduce myself to you guys(and girls) and say a little about what do I do and what I am trying to do. If you like guitars, amateur recording stories and similar, stick around a minute. You can check the channel and listen to music while you read this ---> https://www.youtube.com/markomarkusguitar I come from a small country Croatia and currently I am a music Academy student in Italy for classical guitar. Although I am studying classical guitar, I play a lot of famous songs arranged for solo fingerstyle guitar for which actually classical guitar helps a lot since , well, you play classical with fingers too There is not much work for someone who is just labeling himself as fingerstyle guitarist (especially in Croatia) but there is one thing I found and decided I really want to do and it includes playing exactly what I like. It's YouTube. I want to become a full-time YouTuber making youtube videos. I decided that few months ago, I immediately went on youtube and google and started researching what equipment I need. Research led me to website where I ordered Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, 2 MXL condense mics, 2 microphone cables and 2 microphone stands. I already had Nikon D3200 for video. Whole audio equipment cost me around 500€ with shipping. I opened a YouTube account and uploaded my first video, boy.... Once I started that thing I realized what a monster of a service it is, you actually have to go full-time in the beginning when actually you make 0€ out of it... Before I started recording I didn't realize what a time consuming game that is. First you have to make an arrangement for a song you want, then you need to record audio/video and of course you have to mix all of that (imagine how long it takes if you are beginner even in that). Making thumbnails, uploading to social networks, creating social network accounts, Edit them and make cover photos, profile photos, research tags... etc etc etc... I can go on forever here. Not to mention the struggle with getting even a few views because in the beginning the youtube algorithm doesn't favorite you and you don't actually pop out to other random people. If you're interested, I will gladly talk about that or any other more specific topic involving this in future posts. To keep the first post short, I'll stop here. Feel free to comment, critique or write any kind of advice you might have on how I can improve the channel, recordings, videos and if you like the content feel free to support me on my social networks, here on forum or on my youtube channel. Also write me what genres you like to hear on guitar and what Artists you like the most in this area of expertise ! (my favorite is of course Tommy Emmanuel) Stay in tune folks!