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  1. blackheartsoul

    Account Management

    Is it possible to delete your profile or delete feedback you left? How is it possible to alter these?
  2. Anyone willing to part with any Ladytron or Marnie or both? 

  3. blackheartsoul

    Ramones Re-Issues Release?

    I dunno when I Googled those didn't come up was only the 40th Anniversary Editions with no mention of just the albums themselves, don't care about the CDs and booklet that much. Or just mentions on Discogs. I got this in an email first: https://www.soundstagedirect.com/ramones.shtml?utm_source=bronto&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Ramones&utm_content=Upcoming+Vinyl+(Ramones,Miley,Ministry,Ghost,Belafonte,+%26+More!!)&utm_campaign=Pre-Order+Sat+Dec+16&_bta_tid=32990281005476430899528649076979989769399634989155100148989146916686241249404297157270208921656597736471&_bta_c=66xo94vqvjvz27th5ed2kcbp51m7n Thanks though.
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows when they are releasing the Ramones albums: Rocket to Russia, Leave Home, and Ramones? Not the 40th Anniversary Editions since duh they are out. I saw on sound stage direct they were available for preorder. Cant seem to find info anywhere about it.
  5. Help. I keep finding bands I need records of....I have a problem.

  6. Ready to set them all on fire.

  7. blackheartsoul

    Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down

    I don't think he can get any better than Antichrist Superstar for me. Granted Mechanical Animals, Holy Wood, and Golden Age had some great tracks but not every single song was good like Superstar. Portrait is up there as well. The others after Golden Age seemed ok but not great. I did like most of this new album too. I got the Red. He seems more mature this time around. If that makes sense.
  8. It will never come at this point...they are going to milk Skyrim for all it is worth to be honest.
  9. I am shocked I did not know about this. Thanks for posting. Now I shall prepare to be a broke ass bitch.
  10. blackheartsoul

    Any Ides On Vinyl Storage Options?

    I just bought Kallax and it was super easy to put together and sturdy. For sure would recommend it. I have a smaller collection at the moment but I can see easily being able to buy more and combine while looking aesthetically pleasing. 100%
  11. blackheartsoul

    PO: Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun

    I was disappointed my vinyl was delayed until Monday. Was looking forward to a weekend listen. Will have to just listen to it digitally for now.
  12. I'm curious on opinions on this. Is there any collector value to any movie or video game soundtracks on vinyl? I picked up an original, but not near mint though it was close, Star Wars A New Hope soundtrack at a local record store for like $15. I was surprised it was so low but is this normal? And is there any value to collecting these besides just for fun?
  13. blackheartsoul

    Movie and Video Game Soundtracks

    I mean I get majority of these kinds of soundtracks suck but John Williams, Danny Elfman, Alan Silverstri, and others are great composers for the most part. But even ochestral gaming soundtracks have merit. Not the kind that mashes a bunch of songs together. Even the Baby Driver record was recommended by my local record shop owner. So I wondered.
  14. blackheartsoul

    Movie and Video Game Soundtracks

    I am very much into the music and not just for collector value that is more of an afterthought, a curiosity. Thank you though.
  15. blackheartsoul

    Movie and Video Game Soundtracks

    I have been collecting a lot of 80s and 70s metal and sythn. I come from collecting a lot of Star Wars paraphernalia so just got me wondering. Please point me in a good direction then.
  16. blackheartsoul

    Movie and Video Game Soundtracks

    I am just curious. I am not looking to make money, records is just a hobby right now. Getting a feel for the community.
  17. Hey, So I got this record player about 10 years ago from a thrift store for about $10. Recently I grabbed it out of storage and started to put it to use. There are two issues I need to address with it; one there is a slight amount of static even after making sure the cartridge was clean along with the record and two the wire to the left analog speaker is faulty, meaning I sometimes need to jiggle it to get it to play. I have a preamp, just a cheap converter one from Amazon, and Edifier Bookshelf Speakers. So my question is, when do I know when I need to replace a cartridge? Also, should I replace the wire myself from the turntable to the premap to fix the fault in the wire and is it worth the hassle? I like the vintage style set up but I also don't want to waste my time if I should save up for something better. Thanks!
  18. New here. Got about 30 records so far. Gonna need to look into storage options that aren't overly priced.

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    2. blackheartsoul


      Thanks. I was looking at Ikea but gotta drive a ways to one that is close. Target would be a good alternative. 

    3. Multiverse


      I would make the drive for an Ikea Kallax, it has been consistently worth it for me. 

    4. dnl


      If you can't make it Ikea, these are exclusively sold at Walmart and are just as good. They also deliver to your house for free. I don't advise going above the 8-cube.