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  1. Coles Corner will be a definite pickup if the local shops will import it.
  2. Someone else on Reddit sharing an email... "We're sorry to inform you that the label has decided to cancel this release after multiple date changes. We have cancelled your pre-order."
  3. I personally think the best Black Mirror entry episode is White Bear. Captivating, a little scary, and sets the tone for what to thematically expect from the others.
  4. If you'd like a high end collectible Tiki mug with some value, both Mondo and Three Dots will do ya right, and I'll gladly be your enabler. If all you want is a tiki mug please reconsider
  5. I'm not one to throw any shade at Three Dots, but "legit tiki mugs" can be found way cheaper than $60-$75. You're talking about the most popular tiki bar in Chicago's merchandise.
  6. How does that even happen with Mondo's packaging? I've still got my mailer sitting right here and I'm not sure I could cause that damage to the record if I tried.
  7. "Coming soon from Mondo / Death Waltz: Freddy Vs. Jason" ANOES arrived today. Looks great.
  8. Annoying, but it did actually get on its way this morning. ETA Monday.
  9. Can't decide if I want to try for the Frightmare one or just grab the online exclusive. I really love the red/green stripe but curious how limited it is.
  10. Damn. Pics of a hard copy showed up on Discogs and I thought maybe this was shipping.
  11. Anyone have this yet? Ordered from DeepDiscount and haven't received any shipping notification yet