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  1. gracetoo

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Guys there's been a new song "out" since 6/29 wtf
  2. gracetoo

    PO: The Offspring "Americana"

  3. gracetoo

    PO: The Offspring "Americana"

    Best to cash in on an earlier press before the possible 20th Anniversary repress is in the Amazon thread for $11, I get it
  4. Also if you want From the Ground Up's audio, I believe I do have it if you never got your hands on it. Great accompaniment to U22.
  5. Likewise, I was at the Chicago show for "Stay" and its the best U2 show I've seen to date. Great to have a memory preserved from that night. You could do 22 songs from the Vertigo Tour and end up with a stellar compilation:
  6. I'm well aware of all the live stuff they've already recorded, but so much of it is rehashed for future releases. Fan club gifts have been audio rips of the Vertigo Chicago, Elevation Slane, and PopMart Mexico shows instead of a different, previously-unavailable show. I'm just saying even if they were going to release a ZooTV show on vinyl, it would be cool to get the DC show, or even a stellar European show like Wembley or the Milan show. I'm not going to complain about any U2 shows getting pressed to vinyl, but getting the same one in a new format isn't as exciting to me as them finding another gem and remastering it. What they did with U22 and From the Ground Up was perfect and I wish they would release a compilation like that for every tour. It would be perfect and could include all the rotational / rare songs from each leg all on one release.
  7. I hadn't even thought about this but I would do bad bad things for basically anything from JT Paris thru Vertigo Chicago. Achtung Baby celebrates another decade in 2021 - it'd be wild to see a ZooTV vinyl surface (even if it was Sydney). Though I guess those shows took place in 92-93. Whatever.
  8. gracetoo

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Is there any routine time of day for a big Thursday release to be posted?
  9. I ended up pulling the trigger on this last night for the $38.99. Checked it this morning and it's back up to $50!
  10. gracetoo

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Consider me officially paying attention
  11. gracetoo

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Any guesses or are these usually just totally random?
  12. I am also waiting on sub-40 for that; already back up over
  13. I've got Pinkerton from that reissue series and I'm satisfied with it - but definitely want the MoFi of blue, and I do like that it comes on blue.
  14. Thanks for clearing that up, makes perfect sense now. Could have sworn I had seen it dip lower but I guess I am wrong!