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  1. A lot of Dutch sellers on Discogs charge €29. I think that's typically for packages to 2kg. Prohibitively expensive if for a single LP, but approaching reasonable spread across 4 or 5.
  2. Yeah, GBV/Pollard & fam buried three+ decades in non-stop boogie content. But the golden age was fairly brief. I'd start w/ the string of albums released between 1992 & '96: Propeller (my favorite), Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes, Tonics & Twisted Chasers, and Under the Bushes Under the Stars. Skip Vampire on Titus, except for highlights like "Wished I Was a Giant" & "Gleemer". If you like what you hear, you'd be better advised to track down some contemporaneous singles & EPs than most earlier or later albums. Search: The Grand Hour, Get Out of My Stat
  3. australia = dead zone for internat'l packages. understand its cuz their long-distance mail moves w/in the country via extra space on commercial flights - which are all grounded. sucks cuz i have a couple discogs orders stuck in dang ol tasmania. no idea when/if they'll get to the you ess. but yeah, kind of trivial relative to scale of pandemic. why post to internet when you could sit alone in your room feeling bad about about 1st responders?
  4. went w/ the secretly store version, but the vmp variant looked great too. this after forswearing the 'bin over shitty con todo pressings. ^^^ is there a name for this type of color/clear mix? secretly calls it "wave", which makes sense cuz wavy. but i've seen other similar pressings recently and haven't known what to call them. (ex: "brown ice" variant for new sunwatchers, "hazy sky" for the jeremy cunningham solo lp on northern spy)
  5. got my copy today. standard cruciform mailer, not particularly flimsy (or sturdy). no damage, vinyl looks & sounds good.
  6. One of my favorite moments on first-pass. Funny & weird enough to trip me up. While I didn't make it all the way through the album, I liked what I heard well enough. Interesting sonics, lots of personality & bite. Arrangements & production reminded me in an indirect way of 80s Tom Waits. But my tolerance for poison pen catharsis is limited, so the tight lyrical focus on personal blood-letting wore me down after a while. Speaking strictly as a white, indie incel from the mid-aughts...
  7. Me too, but yeah, was surprised how fast they went. I'd sort of assumed the KG wave had crested, plus live albums are always iffy. (Packaging & track selection look great tho...)
  8. I never post because I am a sourpuss & busy fucking stuffed animals, but I would like to thank hexrecords. Though new to Gaytheist and really quite tender, I listened to "Hornswoggled" & (especially) "The Deep Dark" on repeat a bunch of yesterday. Bought a copy, want more. Wish I still lived in Seattle so I could go see them at the Comet a/o High Dive. If such things still exist... [[[human feelings]]] No, wait: Uncle Rocky's w/ Bloodhag & I get an A.E. van Vogt novel out of the deal.
  9. I understand why you wouldn't want to discard or cut up the PVC sleeves your picture discs came in, or risk trying to remove and transfer the stickers. Lots of collectors prefer to keep records in their original, "like new" condition. But the evidence that storage in PVC sleeves can damage vinyl records, while anecdotal, seems too strong to ignore. I've had it happen myself. Best solution I can think of would be to separate the sleeves & records for storage purposes. You'd have to come up with a good way to safely house the sleeveless vinyl afterward, so depending
  10. = My thoughts on KW in a nutshell. Love that First Yussef Kamaal LP, but mostly for the drumwork. Tunes & vibe are v. nice, but wouldn’t be anything special w/out Dayes. He elevates everything he touches. Ex: that fucking ridiculous Abbey Rd live jam on ‘Love Is the Message’ w/ Alfa Mist & Mansur em-effing Brown. You know from the first couple bars of unaccompanied drums exactly whose sticks you’re hearing and that you’re in for something great. Sad that the vinyl’s now so stupid spendy (a 1-sided 12”!), but there’s always youtube.

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