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  1. = My thoughts on KW in a nutshell. Love that First Yussef Kamaal LP, but mostly for the drumwork. Tunes & vibe are v. nice, but wouldn’t be anything special w/out Dayes. He elevates everything he touches. Ex: that fucking ridiculous Abbey Rd live jam on ‘Love Is the Message’ w/ Alfa Mist & Mansur em-effing Brown. You know from the first couple bars of unaccompanied drums exactly whose sticks you’re hearing and that you’re in for something great. Sad that the vinyl’s now so stupid spendy (a 1-sided 12”!), but there’s always youtube.
  2. Hell yes! While typically a sucker for fancified junk bait, I prefer my Songs on classic black. Squares w/ nostalgia, and the (excellent) package design seems built around it. Opaque red would look great, too, but isn’t, so far as I know, a reissue option. Yet...
  3. Yeah, I picked up Cobra & Phases clear at BM in Lewiston, Maine. They only had that one copy in the whole dang chain, wouldn’t ship or even transfer it to another location (“in-store pickup only”), and the item description was deliberately vague. When I called, the duty bot told me they could only hold it for an hour, max. So I drove down at like 90 mph after work; probably added $10 in gas to the $30 sticker price. Unregretted. Still kicking myself, though, for not snagging an obi copy when I had the chance. Had it in my dang bleep basket & everything! Then decided against, cuz I wasn’t so into it way back when [=idjit]. I’ve since listened to C&P more than any other Stereolab album, and it gets better every time. Starting too be true of Sound-Dust, too...
  4. Yeah, mostly, though Switched On 2 is my enduring favorite. For a while I think I overrated the early stuff & underrated everything post-ETK. At the moment... Rectoplasm Mars Audiac Vtet Group Voltage Milk Emperor Tom Catsup Datsun Lubes Switched On Sound-Dust Marge Lips Alumichoon Transient Randy Peng! (and I used to love it so)
  5. Awesome! Glad to hear it, OKS. Sounds like things are working out for most everyone here.
  6. Received! Box looks a little worse for wear, but the albums are perfect (solid packaging). Not sure how best to protect the obi strips for the long term. For now I have them around the sleeve, but inside the front panel. Only downside is that I’ve now scratched 5 Cliff tickets w/o a winner. Wonder what the odds are...
  7. Got a shipping notice for the magenta this morning, spontaneously soiled a stuffed animal
  8. I’m not sure. I haven’t tried contacting them yet, as I managed to resolve things stateside through FedEx and Amarex. Took several hours of telephone calls & internet sleuthing spread out over several days, though. If I were you, I’d google for a US DPD office and/or see what help resources are available on their website. Has to be someone who can provide you with a more precise package location & status, or at least point you in the right direction.
  9. Follow-up: They (Aramex) don’t know. They handle a lot of DPD traffic, but the rep I spoke to didn’t know whether they were DPD’s sole partner for US-bound DPD shipments. Suspect you’d have to ask Ochre and/or DPD. In other news, I’m on tracking number #5, but it does look like I’m finally gonna receive my package. FedEx delivery scheduled for tomorrow. Fingers crossed...
  10. No, I don’t know about US orders in general, just mine. I’ll ask when I call Aramex on Monday morning to follow up. Also, fwiw, I sent Bleep a message about my order on Tuesday. Still haven’t heard back, but I’m getting the impression that their help queue is pretty lengthy...
  11. Had my Bleep order come through US customs via Aramex, who then handed the package off to FedEx . But because my mailing address is a PO box, FedEx couldn't deliver. They kept leaving me messages, but when I called them back, they'd claim to have no record of any package for me (probably because it was a 2nd-party hand-off, which I didn't know at the time). This happened 3 times, and then my package was returned to Aramex for shipment back to the UK 😕 Finally figured all this out last night, and called Aramex in New York this morning, not with high hopes. The third rep I spoke with said it was a good thing I called, because my package hadn't shipped out yet, and that they'd try to redeliver! I'm not holding my breath, but it seems that there's at least a slim chance it'll actually arrive one of these days... Whole thing is kind of ridiculous, though. Bleep sends the packages via DPD, who give them to Aramex, who give them to FedEx, and every company involved has their own tracking number. Meanwhile, I only have the original DPD number, which means nothing to either of the companies in my country.
  12. Again, I regret nothing. But rabbat = rabbit with bat wings.
  13. I caught them in Portland, Maine last night. Sound was shit and the energy low, far from the best Boris I've seen. I did snap up all that swank-ass Jack White money vinyl, though. I'm listening to Love (which I gather we're supposed to call LφVE) for the first time now. So come with me, won't you, as we embark on a journey of the mind... The first track, "Away from You" sounds like Attention Please as understood by the vacuum cleaner noise version of Vein. Hoovers along nicely for some seven minutes, then stops. "Coma", up next, soundtracks young Timmy Martin, lying broken at the bottom of a distant well with his grandfather's Radio Shack cassette recorder, the old machine's dying batteries warbling out a 7th-generation bootleg dupe of Flood. Brains don't knit, Timmy. Bones knit, but brains are forever. And that's it for side 1! "EVOL" eats the flip. We begin at the intersection of Marnie Stern and decades of ruinous opiate abuse. Of troubled mind, we then seek bucolic solace, stagger the tone farm by moonlight, and suddenly bloom into the bulbous, bruise-purple, mutant Tetsuo shoegaze of our Pink-tinged dreams. Googaze, as the kids say, and it's pretty glorious for about 5 minutes. Having loosed that steamy Kraken, however, we must now subside into a nutrient-rich wave chowder and there lap sluggish toward the outgroove. Such is LφVE, and it's pretty damn god. Delivers enough flavor crystal power to satisfy the pre-interested, though I doubt many will wind up shelving it with top-tier Fangs. You get thirty minutes of amoebic drugtone graced by one quite fetching cover rabbat, but not much by way of songs or structure. Across the visible spectrum, LφVE's cyanotic companion may treat us to a relatively generous two full tracks per side (four in total! do the math!), but EVφL definitely cooks in a similar kitchen. Shopping list: a case of red wine, some candles, two cats, and a bathtub full of warm Dilaudid. So inspired, opener "uzume" lathers some impressively unhurried guitar tunings over a coy duet of belt sander and rusty sheetmetal. It is followed by "LOVE" which I don't have to explain, because you've seen it on TV. Mama I'm comin' home! "In the Pain(t)" opens side four on a mystic tip. It may or may not be a Waka Flocka cover and consists largely of some twinkles. Last but not least cometh thee "Shadow of Skull". It is bigass and sounds like Boris playing a regular Boris song much, much slower than usual. Luckily, this will allow devotees ample opportunity to savor the curious imprecision of Takeshi's vocal pitch. And then it ends, which means the record has ended! We're done! We listened it! Verdict: LφVE & EVφL is an interesting but somewhat underdeveloped Boris outing elevated by knockout gorgeous art and design. I bought a pack of stickers and two iron-on rabbat patches to go with mine. I am the scar that stands where life has cut, and I regret nothing.
  14. If it’s a double, the track sequencing works out to ~20 min per side, which isn’t bad. Better than 8-12, imo. And you all are either high or not high enough. This is the best thing they’ve released in ages. Rough, ripping & catchy as hell (which they haven’t been in a while). “Scutum & Scorpius” is long but mesmerizing, and I love the way the midsection guitar tone echoes the squeaky-duck “solo” that opens the 1st track. Great album. Way too expensive though, yeah 😕
  15. Ordered ETK & D&L (still sleeping on the brown album). Shipping was steep, yah, but fuck-deficient, I did not hesitate. Such an expensive month...