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  1. Yeah, exactly. Works for me. One of my favorite songs of the last decade, pop, metal, or otherwise. My eyes get all sweaty when I hear it. Favorites: 10k yrs, Fireface, Thraft, Hessian, Silverback, Fury Whip (but it taste so fresh), Mad=Architect, THE FLAGONIST
  2. conedust

    Oh Sees- Smote Reverser- Aug 17

    Aargh. Haven't even received a shipping notice. Which is weird, cuz they usually send one almost immediately, sometimes weeks before they actually get anything in the mail.
  3. Yeah, Loops is good. I'm just a sucker for the overdriven fuzz, which was moving to the back burner even by ETK.
  4. Hmm. I've already got nice originals of 1 & 2. And 3 is more of a mixed bag, relative to my 'lab likes. Need decent (non-1972) reissues of MAQ, TRNB and ETK. Colored wax doesn't matter. Well sourced & pressed vinyl would be fine.
  5. I want one. There were copies floating around here & there until recently, but it's now quite hard to find. Can't pay a huge amount, but fair price is fair (whatever that means).
  6. conedust

    PO: Death - Leprosy reissue

    Yeah, fucking ridiculous. 5 copies were available a minute ago (now gone), but I balked at the total.
  7. conedust


    Well fuck me ragged and call me Dan.
  8. conedust


    More or less, yeah, though I'd say Red & Blue are too close to call, and the first couple EPs are right up there with them. Purple and Yellow/Green aren't by any means bad, but the drop is significant.
  9. yeah, if only for a moment
  10. Yellow & blue Blood Music LP arrived today. Version to beat, IMO. Clever, strong, thematically integrated design with (almost*) every detail carefully thought-out and beautifully executed. Smurfy af. * inner sleeve text - not the lyrics, but the decagonal credits - a little sloppy
  11. conedust

    Hot Snakes Reissues vis Sub Pop!

    Welp, John Golden apparently cut the lacquers for Suicide Invoice and Audit in Progress ("GOLDEN" stamp in the runouts of both). It looks like Dave Gardner cut Automatic Midnight, though (based on the "DG" in the runouts and the different etching hand overall). RTI's characteristic matrix scheme is present on all 3, but I can't say for certain that they were pressed there. Automatic Midnight A: SP-1217-A DG 28831.1(3)... B: SP-1217-B DG 28831.2(3)... Suicide Invoice A: SP- 1218 - A GOLDEN 2̶8̶2̶8̶5̶.1(3)... 28385.1 B: SP- 1218 - B GOLDEN 28385.2(3)... Audit In Progress A: SP - 1219 A GOLDEN 28284.1(3)... B: SP - 1219 B GOLDEN 28284.2(3)...
  12. conedust

    Hot Snakes Reissues vis Sub Pop!

    The Sub Pop reissues do too. At least I seem to remember seeing "GOLDEN" stamped in the runout text. Will double-check when I get home from work...
  13. Same. Guess they decided to bail on fulfilling the early orders in favor of more recent ones (perhaps hoping a good chunk of the older orders would eventually drop off PayPal's 180-day cliff). Never been so deliberately & transparently ripped off by a label.
  14. Still haven't got mine, though I ordered right when it went up. Boo >=[