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  1. Long story short. I bought a Pioneer PL-990 full automatic stereo turntable it came with a Sherwood RX-4109 receiver and it came with little Yamaha NS-B210 speakers. The lady said she barely used all this that's why she was selling it. She said it all worked fine when she posted it on Craigslist. Then she said she thinks the stylus is messed up cause it started sounded distorted, I said no worries I'll get a new one. So I did, it still sounds like shit. So I noticed when the volume is all the way down I can hear the music coming from the record player so I don't know maybe it's got a tiny speaker or something I don't know (P.S I'm a newbie with all this). So the music coming from the record player sound clear and good just SUPER quiet so I assumed its the receiver or speakers, I don't know how to narrow it down so today I bought a new receiver and speakers. I also read online about "ohms" and I'm not sure if they have to match or what I don't know, but the receiver I bought today says on the back 8ohms and so I bout 8 ohms speakers and set it all up and it STILL SOUNDS LIKE SHIT. So please anyone let me know what im doing wrong. let me know if you need anymore information