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  1. So my dinked version finally arrived today, and the cover is totally busted. Does anyone know if there are any copies still circulating?
  2. Agreed. Hands down the best thing they’ve ever done. It’s my favorite out of all the albums Ripley ever put out with wooden shjips or moon duo. It’s that good. Don’t snooze.
  3. I buy from acoustic sounds all the time and use PayPal regularly. Are you using their site on mobile? Their desktop/laptop layout is way better. A lot of the site is lost on mobile. They always do a ten percent off promotional on in stock music. The code is normally 10percent. Sometimes the code for 15percent works too. Also, inside tip: their pricing on rice paper inners is unbeatable. I just bought 1,000 with a buddy at a cost of about $0.27 including tax. Mobile fidelity sleeves are essentially the same thing and they sell for $0.40 a piece basically everywhere. Here’s a page of their record accessories: https://store.acousticsounds.com/index.cfm?get=results&categoryid=114&ResultsPerPage=40
  4. I know. I was really hoping for Jesus Christ Superstar on blood red vinyl.
  5. The single "Murdered Out" is the best thing she's done in twenty years or more in my opinion. Don't snooze. This one might be a heater.
  6. If I was trying to flip I would’ve just used a second card and had it shipped to my office. I was legitimately ordering this for a friend. Boomkat fulfilled the order so no big deal.
  7. When I placed my order earlier today there was no limit listed, so I got a second copy for a friend. Now the page for this says one per customer. Do you guys think they're just going to cancel on me? Definitely wouldn't have ordered this way if there had been a limit listed when I placed my order.
  8. Did anyone else get a really scratched copy on RSD? About thirty percent of my side D is covered in very deep scratches and really is unplayable. 3 of the 4 sides on my copy had at least a little damage. It’s really unfortunate too since this record sounds amazing. On a side note, does anyone have experience returning an item to Southern Lord? Their customer service seems fairly solid but I was wondering if anyone had personal experience with them when it comes to returning a defective pressing.
  9. Unfortunately this was one per customer so your chances of getting a spare copy are slim. I wanted 2 copies for myself but was unable to get an extra. I think your best bet would be to get on the Acoustic Sounds email list and hope that they release another batch closer to the shipping date. I can’t help but think that they will have at least some cancelled orders.
  10. Agreed. Easily the most underwhelming package for any release I own. I honestly can't believe they charged $30 for this. If anyone missed out on this but wants it, don't be disappointed. This packaging is horrid. You're not missing anything special. This will without question be the last limited release I pay extra for from Matador. This is a complete rip off.
  11. Well, we need more people to make any movement in the courts a reality. I bet if we could show that he defrauded dozens of us systematically and repeatedly, even if the dollar amounts were small, we could make some progress. As of right now, it looks like it’s just me and you interested in taking any action in court. Are you by chance a resident of New York?
  12. I’ll give you $10 if you DON’T sign up
  13. My bad. Shouldn't have used the term "reserved seating". It's not really assigned seats per se. They block off the first 15 rows for people who buy a hotel/ticket combo through the venue. They also provide a bus to and from the venue for people who buy packages with hotel stays included. From what I've heard from friends who have gone to this venue before, this is the way to do it if you can swing it. I have to get a hotel room anyway, so it's actually not much more than I was already going to have to spend on this trip. I haven't been able to get a code anywhere. Hope I don't miss out. I think these packages will sell quickly
  14. Anybody know how to get a presale code for the tour they are doing in the spring? I really want to catch them at the caverns in TN, and I'm worried I'm going to miss out on a reserved seat if I don't snag tickets during the presale.
  15. https://bethgibbons.dominomart.com/beth-gibbons-symfony-3-signed-deluxe-lp-ntsc signed copies still available as of this posting
  16. Can we just lock this thread? It has become a huge waste of time.
  17. I always thought it was spelled poseur. Can anyone provide me some clarity on this? Oh wait, google. That’s right. Brb
  18. Yeah, Reddit is the worst for this. I can’t imagine what they would do if they had an experience like the DiH reissue where the preorder date got pushed back over a half dozen times.
  19. My print is sold. If if anyone has a print they don’t want, now seems like a good tome to get rid of it.