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  1. $80 including shipping for US customers. Anyone know of a go to State-side spot for Kompakt preorders?
  2. GrapplesInStereo


    I am in North Carolina and I did receive multiple shipping notifications. I found my most recent one in my inbox. It is from August 8th, but I seem to remember also getting one in February or March although I can’t find it so it’s possible I’m wrong about that.
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    So my copy of this just arrived. I am a bit surprised after months of unanswered emails. The record was shipped in a resealable poly outer that was duct taped to a piece of cardboard and inserted into a bubble wrap mailer. I’m shocked it arrived in one piece. Definitely the worst shipping I’ve ever seen from a label. I’ll never be ordering from this label again, and I’m so glad I dodged having to do a return. I predict a lot of you will receive damaged LPs.
  4. GrapplesInStereo

    Flightless Records - New Releases and Reissues

    Thanks for the advice. No pop up for me. The hunt continues. I’d love to get this stuff when they start releasing it, but I’ve got a feeling I’m totally going to miss out. Anyone with a link to a signup page for their email list, please feel free to share.
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    Flightless Records - New Releases and Reissues

    Where do you sign up for their email list?
  6. Here’s a review of the NOS LPs on Discogs: The brand new sealed copy of this I bought at the last reunion show in 2017 is not good. Lots of pops, surface noise, and low volume. Stamps were stuck to the what looked like an inner sleeves that had been in contact with moisture. I’d say buyer beware. Source: https://www.discogs.com/Tripping-Daisy-I-Am-An-Elastic-Firecracker/release/3044910
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    Agreed. Fuck this label. Will never order from them again.
  8. GrapplesInStereo

    Flightless Records - New Releases and Reissues

    Where can someone in the States buy these reissues? I'm wondering if there's a recommended site for ordering Stateside. Edit: I’m specifically looking for something less than the $40 per title Flightless typically charges for purchases in USD.
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    This is the best plan for getting anything from Neon City at this point. I went through something similar with the label Ormolycka a couple of years back, and once that dude was threatened with suspended accounts, etc., he started shipping orders immediately. I mean think about it, is it worth it to this guy to have his Bandcamp account disabled just to rip off a few people? Probably not.
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    I’m going to email them in the morning. I recommend everyone else do the same. I’ll report back if I get any response.
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    Should we contact Bandcamp? I've emailed Neon City three times, but I have only ever gotten one response back in February or March. I'm also doubtful this is legit.
  12. George Clanton started taking orders for his new album on Bandcamp. This is a preorder and only two songs are available for streaming so far. This is limited to 1,000 copies on blue vinyl. Don't snooze. I'm sure this will sell out quickly. Order here: http://music.georgeclanton.com/album/slide
  13. The Breeders will be reissuing their back catalogue on 4AD on May 18, 2018. They're up for preorder on the 4AD site. You can find them here: http://4ad.com/offers/thebreeders Hopefully this will be better done than the Last Splash and Pod reissues that came out on Plain a few years ago. I haven't found any information about mastering, sourcing, etc. for this release, so I'm holding off ordering until we learn more. Has anyone heard anything else about this? The 4AD site is pretty minimal in its description of these reissues.
  14. I think your best bet will be to email Acoustic Sounds directly and ask if they are doing any traditional distribution for this release. My understanding is that these are 100% sold out, but I am basing that on what I've read online. Reach out to AS for confirmation.
  15. All Day has it for $40: https://www.alldayrecords.com/collections/all/products/macintosh-plus-floral-shoppe-lp-olde-english-spelling-bee-oesb-92
  16. GrapplesInStereo

    [For Sale] Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe

    All Day has it for $40: https://www.alldayrecords.com/collections/all/products/macintosh-plus-floral-shoppe-lp-olde-english-spelling-bee-oesb-92
  17. Thanks for letting me know they added these. The streams were not up there until some time this week
  18. GrapplesInStereo

    Mac Demarco - Salad Days

    Captured Tracks on reddit said this should be showing up on the US RT store. Some people were asking in a thread on r/VinylReleases
  19. Unfortunately that’s just a link to buy a download of the album. I’d love to cop this but heard that the sound quality on this might be dicey.
  20. Does anyone know where I can hear a sample of this? I'm on the fence about ordering it. I don't know much about the sound quality of this release.
  21. I’ll trade you a black if you’re down
  22. Just came across this preorder for a standard black version for $30 in case anyone else missed out. https://heavy-vinyl.com/collections/frontpage/products/pre-order-earth-the-bees-made-honey-in-the-lions-skull-2-x-lp-black-vinyl-in-stoughton-printing-old-style-gatefold-sleeve
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    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Thanks so much. Just got two copies for me and a friend. So glad I didn't pay flipper prices.
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    Not sure what you're talking about. I ordered from bandcamp.
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    Anyone receive their Macross 82-99 yet? I emailed the label earlier in the year and expected a shipping update by now. I reached out yesterday but haven't heard anything back yet, I've seen a few on discogs, so I thought maybe they were already shipping.