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    Carnage - May The Farce Be With You! [NM/NM] $65 Fail-Safe ‎– Fail-Safe [VG+/VG+] $10 Section 5 ‎– Street Rock 'N' Roll [VG+/VG+] $15 Section 5 ‎– For The Love Of Oi! [NM/VG+] $20 The Business ‎– Welcome To The Real World {VG+/VG+] $30 The Cramps ‎– Stay Sick! [VG+/VG+] $18 The Creeps ‎– Enjoy The Creeps [VG+/VG+] $20 The Damned ‎– The Light At The End Of The Tunnel [ 2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation][VG+/VG+] $15 SOLD The Last Resort ‎– A Way Of Life - Skinhead Anthems [RARE Red Translucent - Warped at edge. Tracks 1 and 2 won’t play on both sides. Other tracks play well with minimal noise][G/G+] $25 The Last Resort ‎– Kings Of The Jungle [Re-release with different title and different artwork][VG/VG] $15 The Last Resort /Combat 84 ‎– Death Or Glory [Black Labels][VG+/VG+] $30 The Oppressed! ‎– Oi! Oi! Music! [NM/VG+] $37 SOLD The 4 Skins ‎– The Wonderful World Of The 4 Skins (The Best Of The 4 Skins) [NM/VG+] $15 Various ‎– The Sound Of Oi! [VG+/VG+] $15
  2. beatzbydru

    WTB : Fugazi Collection

    Point taken. Someone that's looking to get rid of their tapes for one? Make sense now?
  3. SOLD: BOARDS OF CANADA : "Geodaddi" (3 way gatefold sleeve. 140g pressing. Recut by Noel Summerville from original DAT master. Includes original etching on side F. ) [NM/VG+] CFCF : "Continent" (Limited Edition, Reissue, Double LP, Coke Bottle Clear & Olive Green) [SEALED-M] RUSSIAN CIRCLES : "Enter" (Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Grey / Black Splatter) [NM/VG+] RUSSIAN CIRCLES : "Station" (Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Gold) [NM/VG+]
  4. Hoping someone has a Fugazi full collection they're willing to part with? Or even a partial collection? Let me know!