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  1. they should writing for a LP at the moment. really?? well now i feel bad, but can't wait!
  2. these singles are awesome and everything but goddamn do i want more from Give. oh well, picked up this and Omegas - NY Terminator 7".
  3. pink is /300 and yellow is /500, other than that, you're correct. source: http://6131records.com/records/
  4. I'm getting rid of a couple 7"s before I move, I may be putting up a couple LPs sometime this week as well. gotta try to shed some weight and make the move easier plus get a little extra money to help out. thanks for looking! Bane - Boston 6:58PM, United Blood press (81/100) Crime In Stereo - The Contract, red /250 Glassjaw - Jesus Glue Tigers Jaw - Acoustic Series #1 Tigers Jaw - Acoustic Series #2 Touche Amore/La Dispute - Searching For a Pulse/Worth of the World, black/gold marble, 1st press /500 Touche Amore/Make Do And Mend split, Sound and Fury press (116/150) http://shop.ebay.com/spiritdesire22/m.html http://shop.ebay.com/spiritdesire22/m.html http://shop.ebay.com/spiritdesire22/m.html
  5. i'm pretty sure that District Lines' site said /100 for creamsicle when it was up there and I could have sworn i saw something about it on P+P's site too.
  6. http://www.bagsunlimited.com/p-3990-7-picture-sleeve.aspx try this, maybe? it's the biggest 7 inch bag they offer. you could always order a certain size from Uline, too, they have a ridiculous amount of different sizes. downside to that is you have to order by the carton.
  7. The Return Of... is one of the best Crime In Stereo songs ever.
  8. blink is a huge band, they're bound to have quite a few fans with big money.
  9. hahahahaha, really? they've been around for not even four years and they're relatively tiny. stupid statement.
  10. I don't think they've actually released any numbers yet. yep and I'm pretty sure they aren't going to until it's released.
  11. damn! definitely gonna try to make that Fargo/Moorhead(event says it's in Fargo) date. loving the EP, would love to see you guys live.
  12. gods reflex - scenes from a motel seduction gods reflex - a brief lesson in affection can't really find any solid numbers on either or really even a trace of either for sale. hopefully I can find them for a reasonable price.
  13. The mixed purple never got pressed. I ordered that version from P+P and finally got my copy a few days ago with a note explaining that the plant messed up (or something, I threw the note away) and orders for mixed purple were replaced with sun surface, which is the rarest color. But I think that just adds to the whole pressing info confusion... Are you sure about this? I know creamsicle was /100...
  14. I'm not even a Jets fan, but damn, good for them.
  15. damn, that was a great drive. there's the Tom Brady we saw all year.
  16. This game is fucking hilarious so far. Brady is looking downright terrible so far.

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