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  1. After a second email I finally got a response from AK. They say they're shipping my replacement copy today. We'll see.
  2. Still nothing here. No email no record.
  3. jmpatrick

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Amoeba just went live with their leftovers. I was able to get everything I needed: Emmet Otter Alice Cooper Judas Priest
  4. I thought the exact same thing after Welcome To The Church... was released. They must have been terribly mismanaged. That, and the Gonzo album sucked.
  5. All but Volume III were mint. Mine wasn't scuffed, it was scratched.
  6. Any word on when the replacement discs are going to be sent out?
  7. Is anyone else here having a hard time getting a full set of mint discs? I've been through 3 sets now from Amazon and all 3 have bad disc threes. Scuffs, scratches, etc.
  8. jmpatrick

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    https://www.amazon.com/Down-3-Band-Name/dp/B07FT3G8P8/ref=ntt_mus_dp_dpp_1 https://www.amazon.com/Down-1-Band-Name/dp/B07FSRB4L4/ref=ntt_mus_dp_dpp_2
  9. btw: $26.16 is an incredible price for the new box. Less than $7.00 per record. If all new records were $7 they could mass-market them again.
  10. Mine is supposed to be delivered today. I've had terrible luck with Marillion box sets the past year. Mainly, scratched vinyl. The thick cardboard innersleeves are terrible. Hopefully this set arrives in good condition.
  11. jmpatrick

    Record shopping at thrift stores?

    I've been checking the local Salvation Army every couple months for the past five years. In that time I've probably purchased a total of 5-6 records. The only thing worthy of mention was a sealed Steve Earle Guitar Town album that I got for 50 cents. My buddy still collects CDs and he's hauled a shitload of decent stuff out of there.
  12. https://www.stickman-records.com/motorpsycho-roadwork-vol-1-5-on-presale-now/
  13. jmpatrick

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    That Foxy splatter is one of the noisiest records I own.
  14. jmpatrick

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Finally got a chance to spin the recent reissue of The Exorcist. Really sounds superb. Truly some disturbing music on it. Overpaid at $30 but got a smart looking silk screened Waxwork Records record tote for free.
  15. Did you sell the Pink Lemonade?