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  1. These are up: https://psychedelic-porn-crumpets.shopfirebrand.com/
  2. Repress going live tomorrow (Friday 11/8/19) according to their FB... Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Yesterday at 6:00 AM · High Visceral {Part One & Two} UK/EU Double LP Gatefold Repress. Limited to 500 copies available from our website Friday, 8th November @ 2pm (UK) - 8pm (Perth- AWST) - 6am (LA- PST)
  3. I'm sure to get my chestnuts roasted for posting this but fuck it, I dig old Chicago and new Christmas records. Chicago Christmas is up for preorder. The vinyl is apparently a Rhino exclusive. https://store.rhino.com/music/christmas-red-white-vinyl.html
  4. Received my replacement copy of Vol. III. It's in worst shape than the one I had.
  5. After a second email I finally got a response from AK. They say they're shipping my replacement copy today. We'll see.
  6. Amoeba just went live with their leftovers. I was able to get everything I needed: Emmet Otter Alice Cooper Judas Priest
  7. I thought the exact same thing after Welcome To The Church... was released. They must have been terribly mismanaged. That, and the Gonzo album sucked.
  8. Is anyone else here having a hard time getting a full set of mint discs? I've been through 3 sets now from Amazon and all 3 have bad disc threes. Scuffs, scratches, etc.