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  1. If anyone comes across The Charlatans - Some Friendly LP for a reasonable price (inc UK shipping) please let me know. Struggling to find anywhere under £40 ($55) inc shipping.
  2. Debut album from Amyl & the Sniffers is up for pre-order, released on 24th May. UK Indies only is on green vinyl: https://store.roughtraderecords.com/products/amyl-and-the-sniffers-amyl-and-the-sniffers US Indies only is on "Egg" vinyl and limited to 1000 (as per US Rough Trade site): https://atorecords.shop.musictoday.com/product/ATLP289/amyl-and-the-sniffers-limitededition-colored-vinyl?cp=null Flightless pink vinyl, limited to 1000: https://flightlessrecords.com/products/amyl-and-the-sniffers-s-t-starfire-limited-edition-pre-order
  3. The label have a variant which they say is exclusive but it looks the same as what is described as the indies only variant: https://marathon.kontrabandstor.es/ma/pre-orders/and-now-for-the-whatchamacallit-exclusive-tricolour-splatter-12-vinyl
  4. Electric Blue Rough Trade exclusive now sold out, around 120 left of the Galaxy variant from DDW.
  5. New pressing on "galaxy' vinyl, limited to 400 up on double double whammy site after glow in the dark pressing sold out.
  6. New Rough Trade exclusive pressing of this on orange vinyl limited to 500 copies: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/rolling-blackouts-coastal-fever-hope-downs Also, Rough Trade exclusive Live @ KEXP 12" EP limited to 700 copies: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/rolling-blackouts-coastal-fever-live-kexp
  7. Another Rough Trade exclusive now available, limited to 500 copies on opaque beige vinyl: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/songs-of-praise-cb10c3af-db35-4831-a32b-461695d4353b Also, a Rough Trade exclusive 4 track covers EP, limited to 1000 copies on red vinyl: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/shame-all-the-hits
  8. This is complete, mostly vinyl although around 50 tapes in there too: https://www.discogs.com/user/AldoTVAOF/collection
  9. Picture disc reissue now available to pre-order, out 30 November: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/songs-of-praise-cb10c3af-db35-4831-a32b-461695d4353b
  10. Red with blue splatter pressing coming to UK & EU indie stores on 23rd Nov according to Matador's twitter.
  11. Listing on Amazon Canada now has release date as 23rd November, looks like it's been delayed.
  12. There are a lot on Discogs, cheapest is $49 shipped to the US, retail price in UK (that I paid)was £28 which would be around $39.
  13. It looks like indies exclusive is on purple vinyl: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/johnny-marr-call-the-comet Assume this means silver variant is exclusive to official store.
  14. 3rd single from this has been released with another picture disc release: https://store.noelgallagher.com/cart/product.php?id=37031 There is also an indies only limited blue vinyl: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/noel-gallagher-s-high-flying-birds-she-taught-me-how-to-fly
  15. Johnny Marr's 3rd solo album is now available for pre-order. Silver vinyl with signed art print is available on his official store, it mentions that it's a store exclusive but not sure if that means the silver variant itself is exclusive or just the bundle with the signed art print is exclusive. Also a new signed 7" is available. https://johnnymarr.tmstor.es/