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  1. There are a lot on Discogs, cheapest is $49 shipped to the US, retail price in UK (that I paid)was £28 which would be around $39.
  2. It looks like indies exclusive is on purple vinyl: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/johnny-marr-call-the-comet Assume this means silver variant is exclusive to official store.
  3. 3rd single from this has been released with another picture disc release: https://store.noelgallagher.com/cart/product.php?id=37031 There is also an indies only limited blue vinyl: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/noel-gallagher-s-high-flying-birds-she-taught-me-how-to-fly
  4. Johnny Marr's 3rd solo album is now available for pre-order. Silver vinyl with signed art print is available on his official store, it mentions that it's a store exclusive but not sure if that means the silver variant itself is exclusive or just the bundle with the signed art print is exclusive. Also a new signed 7" is available. https://johnnymarr.tmstor.es/
  5. In for the silver and transparent variants! First time (apart from recent VMP reissue of debut) AM have ventured into the multiple variant market and indie/official store exclusives, usually just standard black across the board.
  6. Debut EP from Hatchie is now available for pre-order on 12". Brilliant shoegazey/indie pop from Australia. Blue with pink splatter limited to 200 copies available here: US: http://www.dbldblwhmmy.com/products/615632-hatchie-sugar-spice AUS: https://artistfirst.com.au/collections/hatchie/products/sugar-spice-ep-lp-electric-blue-w-baby-pink-splatter-tee-zine-sticker (only available as bundle) Also available on standard black. UK pre-orders coming soon through Heavenly, I am presuming this will be a different variant or standard black only as the mockup sleeves for blue/pink splatter only have the US/AUS labels printed.
  7. Debut LP from Snail Mail now available to pre-order from Matador, doesn't look like there is going to be any limited variants, just standard black. US: https://store.matadorrecords.com/ UK/EU: https://shopuk.matadorrecords.com/ Will buy this when it's up on Rough Trade, her debut EP was brilliant.
  8. Some US indies (inc Rough Trade US) have a repress 2xLP of Howl for anyone interested (same specs as 2015 reissue.) I'm going to hold off and see if it makes its way to the UK stores, or if the BRMC official store gets an exclusive limited coloured version like the Take Me On reissue.
  9. AldoTVAOF

    PO Now - Shame - Songs of Praise

    Here's a copy of the sky blue variant from a UK indie, around 35 dollars inc postage if that isn't too steep: http://www.relevantrecordcafe.co.uk/product/shame-songs-of-praise-ltd-edition/ Also a few on Discogs at a reasonable price, although all EU based so the shipping cost may take it into unreasonable territory. EDIT: Sorry I misread that may be standard black, this is definitely blue: http://reflexrecordshop.com/product/17170/Songs+of+Praise+[Sky+Blue+Vinyl]
  10. AldoTVAOF

    PO: Soccer Mommy - Clean

    I'm not sure I believe Bullmoose saying it's /300. Rough Trade UK still have around 30 copies online and considering how fast the 2 /300 variants on her bandcamp sold I'm sceptical about the indie clear quantity being specified. Possibly 300 copies in the US as opposed to worldwide?
  11. The Urban Outfitters pressing is actually on clear vinyl with blue splatter. Vinyl Me Please will also have an exclusive version of this LP on blue vinyl with black splatter. Indies only pressing is on solid light blue vinyl and I think differs from the Pledge music pressing which is solid dark blue (at least in the US.)
  12. Not seen a thread for this yet so thought I'd start one, please merge if there is one already. Hinds new album I Don't Run is out on 6th April, currently 3 limited variants in addition to standard black. Indies only pressing is on transparent vinyl (not sure on quantity being pressed.) Rough Trade exclusive on half Transparent Red and half Cream Coloured Vinyl (limited to 1000 copies.) - https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/hinds-i-don-t-run Urban Outfitters exclusive on blue vinyl (limited to 500 copies.) - https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/hinds-i-dont-run-limited-lp I've opted for indies only and RT exclusive so far but sorely tempted to pull the trigger and order the UO exclusive alongside the new Sunflower Bean UO exclusive to make the UK shipping more justifiable.
  13. Urban Outfitters have an exclusive version of this on, presumably, a different shade of blue. Limited to 1000 copies. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/sunflower-bean-twentytwo-in-blue-limited-lp?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=040
  14. Ordered the signed LP and picture disc single, hoping for a more limited/indies exclusive variant of the album to show up soon!
  15. The 7" is now available from Rough Trade.