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  1. I've got the Dinked version, looks & sounds great. Banquet are a good way to go.
  2. Not sure if there would be any fans here or not but thought I may as well post. Kickstarter for an expanded reissue of Maroon LP from 2000 plus a new album compiled from various unreleased sessions Maroon+ Collectors Edition from The Webb Brothers by Christiaan Webb — Kickstarter
  3. Seems like a new album set to be announced very soon? These have been sent out to record stores "Hello, my name is Paul"
  4. Nu-Clear Sounds coming 24th Feb https://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=96130
  5. I think Liam Gallagher was a higher pressing number (10k), but this is a faster seller
  6. Sounds absolutely nothing like ES, if there is any influence at all its barely detectable
  7. Has been posted as up on a few stores on reddit in the past week
  8. Repress of Adore is also showing up in stores apparently
  9. Coming in March 2023 - blue or black vinyl https://store.cakemusic.com/products/prolonging-the-magic-baby-blue-vinyl-pre-order
  10. Received mine here in the UK a couple of weeks ago, the signed card was with the stencils etc and is in a paper envelope

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