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  1. Do Me, Baby (Demo) 7" https://store.prince.com/product/5QLPPR067/do-me-baby-demo-exclusive-limited-edition-7-purple-vinyl?cp=103229_110468
  2. Yeah the Zwan LP is a great one, any SP fan should give it a listen
  3. reissue of 90's eps on colour vinyl as triple vinyl set https://shop.chemikal.co.uk/browse/chemikal-mogwai/products/mogwai-ep-x-3-triple-vinyl-set-2021 Disc one – transparent curacao vinyl 4 Satin (1997) A1 Superheroes of BMX A2 Now You’re Taken B1 Stereodee Disc two – clear vinyl No Education = No Future (Fuck the Curfew) (1998) A1 Xmas Steps B1 Rollerball B2 Small Children in the Background Disc three – transparent sun yellow vinyl E.P. (1999) A1 Stanley Kubrick A2 Christmas Song B1 Burn Girl Prom Queen B2 Rage: Man
  4. Received the reissue this morning. Rare occasion at the moment where instead of a delay they have bought the release date forward & I still got it early! Just Velocifero needed to complete the Ladytron set now
  5. Better Can't Make Your Life Better reissue, yellow vinyl Rough Trade exclusive https://www.roughtrade.com/us/lilys/better-can-t-make-your-life-better
  6. Toy 6x10" box https://www.musicglue.com/david-bowie/products/toy-box-3lp-box
  7. Damn that price though £383 LP Box Set: 84 Page hardback book Black Tie White Noise (remastered) (2LP) The Buddha Of Suburbia (remastered) (2LP) 1.Outside (remastered) (2LP) Earthling (remastered) (3 sided - 2LP) ‘hours...' (remastered) (1LP) BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000 (remastered and expanded 20 track version, previously unreleased on vinyl) (3LP)* Toy (previously unreleased) (3 sided - 2LP) Re:Call 5 (non-album singles, edits, single versions, b-sides and soundtrack music) (remastered) (4LP)* * Exclusive to BRILLIANT ADVENTURE LP box black tie white noise 2xlp side 1 the wedding you've been around i feel free side 2 black tie white noise (featuring al b. sure!) jump they say nite flights side 3 pallas athena miracle goodnight don't let me down & down side 4 looking for lester i know it's gonna happen someday the wedding song the buddha of suburbia 2xlp side 1 buddha of suburbia sex and the church south horizon side 2 the mysteries bleed like a craze, dad side 3 strangers when we meet dead against it untitled no. 1 side 4 ian fish, u.k. heir buddha of suburbia (featuring lenny kravitz on guitar) outside 2xlp side 1 leon takes us outside outside the hearts filthy lesson a small plot of land side 2 baby grace (a horrid cassette)" (segue) hallo spaceboy the motel i have not been to oxford town side 3 no control algeria touchshriek (segue) the voyeur of utter destruction (as beauty) ramona a. stone/i am with name (segue) wishful beginnings side 4 we prick you nathan adler (segue) i'm deranged thru' these architects eyes nathan adler (segue) strangers when we meet earthling 2xlp side 1 little wonder looking for satellites battle for britain (the letter) side 2 seven years in tibet dead man walking telling lies side 3 the last thing you should do i'm afraid of americans law (earthlings on fire) side 4 - etching ‘hours…' 1lp side 1 thursday's child something in the air survive if i'm dreaming my life side 2 seven what's really happening? the pretty things are going to hell new angels of promise brilliant adventure the dreamers bbc radio theatre, london, june 27 2000 3xlp side 1 wild is the wind ashes to ashes seven side 2 this is not america absolute beginners always crashing in the same car side 3 survive the london boys i dig everything little wonder side 4 the man who sold the world fame stay side 5 hallo spaceboy cracked actor i'm afraid of americans all the young dudes side 6 starman "heroes" let's dance toy 2 x lp side 1 i dig everything you've got a habit of leaving the london boys karma man side 2 conversation piece shadow man let me sleep beside you hole in the ground side 3 baby loves that way can't help thinking about me silly boy blue toy (your turn to drive) side 4 - etching re:call 5 4xlp side 1 real cool world (sounds from the cool world soundtrack version) jump they say (7” version) lucy can’t dance black tie white noise (radio edit) (featuring al b. sure!) side 2 don’t let me down & down (indonesian vocal version) buddha of suburbia (single version) (featuring lenny kravitz on guitar) the hearts filthy lesson (radio edit) nothing to be desired strangers when we meet (edit) get real side 3 the man who sold the world (live eno mix) i’m afraid of americans (showgirls soundtrack version) hallo spaceboy (remix) i am with name (alternative version) a small plot of land (long basquiat soundtrack version) side 4 little wonder (edit) a fleeting moment (aka severn years in tibet - mandarin version) dead man walking (edit) seven years in tibet (edit) planet of dreams - david bowie and gail ann dorsey side 5 i’m afraid of americans (v1 - edit) i can’t read (the ice storm long version) a foggy day in london town - david bowie and angelo badalamenti fun (bowienet mix) the pretty things are going to hell (stigmata soundtrack version) side 6 thursday’s child (radio edit) we all go through no one calls we shall go to town 1917 side 7 the pretty things are going to hell (edit) thursday’s child (omikron: the nomad soul version) new angels of promise (omikron: the nomad soul version) the dreamers (omikron: the nomad soul version) seven (demo) side 8 survive (marius de vries mix) something in the air (american psycho remix) seven (marius de vries mix) pictures of lily
  8. Yep there is a track listing for the 3cd/6lp version of it Disc: 1 1 I Dig Everything 2 You've Got A Habit of Leaving 3 The London Boys 4 Karma Man 5 Conversation Piece 6 Shadow Man 7 Let Me Sleep Beside You 8 Hole In The Ground 9 Baby Loves That Way 10 Can't Help Thinking About Me 11 Silly Boy Blue 12 Toy (Your Turn To Drive) Disc: 2 1 Liza Jane (Alternative Mix) 2 You've Got A Habit of Leaving (Alternative Mix) [2021 Remaster] 3 Baby Loves That Way (Alternative Mix) [2021 Remaster] 4 Can't Help Thinking About Me (Alternative Mix) 5 I Dig Everything (Alternative Mix) 6 The London Boys (Alternative Version) 7 Silly Boy Blue (Tibet Version) 8 Let Me Sleep Beside You (Alternative Mix) [2021 Remaster] 9 In The Heat Of The Morning (Alternative Mix) 10 Conversation Piece (Alternative Mix) [2021 Remaster] 11 Hole In The Ground (Alternative Mix) 12 Shadow Man (Alternative Mix) [2021 Remaster] 13 Toy (Your Turn To Drive) [Alternative Mix] [2021 Remix] Disc: 3 1 In The Heat Of The Morning (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 2 I Dig Everything (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 3 You've Got A Habit of Leaving (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 4 The London Boys (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 5 Karma Man (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 6 Conversation Piece (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 7 Shadow Man (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 8 Let Me Sleep Beside You (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 9 Hole In The Ground (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 10 Baby Loves That Way (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 11 Can't Help Thinking About Me (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 12 Silly Boy Blue (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 13 Toy (Your Turn To Drive) [Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix]
  9. New LP Crawler coming 12th November https://store.partisanrecords.com/release/247811-idles-crawler ultimate bundle https://www.idlesband.com/product/crawler-ultimate-bundle/ vinyl bundle https://www.idlesband.com/product/crawler-vinyl-bundle/ 45rpm double black https://www.idlesband.com/product/crawler-lp-deluxe/ eco mix vinyl https://www.idlesband.com/product/crawler-lp-limited-edition-eco-mix/ collectors edition amber vinyl with clear sleeve https://www.idlesband.com/product/crawler-lp-limited-edition-collectors/ VMP https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/idles-crawler?variant=39317844459610
  10. Going to be a hard decision for me on the box given I've already got the MOV colour vinly pressings of Earthling & Hours and the Friday Music White pressing of Outside. Will come down to the bonus albums so Toy needs to be in it for me and given that the inclusion of a live album would seem pointless with them having 6 of them in the "Brilliant LIVE adventures" set it seems likely it will be.
  11. Got to be very soon for sure, it was almost mentioned as a bit of an after thought in the UMG announcement so think thats why a lot of people missed it
  12. Yeah its the same one that's been floating around on Amazon.de for ages and is 100% a boot
  13. Since I'm in the UK the box tipped the scales for me and decided to get this 4th reissue
  14. Will have to give it another try, maybe my past judgement was based on it following the 1st 3 and then feeling underwhelmed
  15. Must have another site that will pop up with it for the US, can't think they wouldn't have it there at all

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