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  1. Didn't set an alarm BUT I too wasn't expecting a Kickstarter campaign.
  2. You I too was quite surprised when I got my copy from Amazon this evening. I look forward to spinning it!
  3. Found this variant on their official store: https://shop.kt8merch.com/products/pre-order-our-lady-peace-happiness-is-not-a-fish-you-can-catch-translucent-green-vinyl-lp
  4. Mine got delivered this afternoon. I'm looking forward to spinning it!
  5. Also, Beat Goes On is selling its RSD leftovers online. https://beat-goes-on.myshopify.com/collections/rsd-exclusive?fbclid=IwAR30RKkzEfXSvr0mu2pOeHar4ZAcZ5skegluzgBPzeFJv-498gZNdLvLKTQ
  6. Possibly pushed back to February 2019? https://en.imusic.dk/lp/0190295634094/blur-2019-blur-the-best-of-lp-vinyl?_ga=2.147266039.1954101497.1543267695-1907042731.1543267695
  7. Looks like SRC also has some leftovers. You can also save 20% if you spend $100 or more. https://mailchi.mp/srcvinyl/srcvinyl-weekend-warehouse-update-sale-edition-186673?e=865c3de128
  8. Amazon now lists a September 28th release date for my pre-order.
  9. Am I the only one who would be more interested if this had the US edition's tracklisting? This release doesn't have a lot of the singles that were popular in North America.