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  1. https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/928649913 private parts
  2. Got some colored fat stuff up and a few others NOFX - First Ditch Effort Bone w/ Bronze Splatter LTD 1515 Fat Wreck Chords OOP Rancid - And Out Come the Wolves 180 Gram Black Vinyl LTD 1500 NOFX PUNK western addiction - Tremulous GREY/Black Swirl LTD 400 PUNK HxC NOFX FAT WRECK PEARS - Green Star LP Clear w/ Green Splatter LTD 320 OOP NOFX PUNK FAT WRECK The Falcon Gather Up The Chaps lp NOFX Lawrence Arms Rise Against PINK VINYL THE BRONX - V Orange w/ orange swirl Color LP Mariachi el Bronx NOFX PUNK HxC
  3. Its tough because you come out so strong like that with 2 releases, that are phenomenal, and now you need to replicate that or do better. Its hard to follow up. I think lp1 is very very good and i do like Lp2 but I would be lying if I said your 2nd to last sentence didnt ring very true . and yes they slay live
  4. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Social-Distortion-Limited-Blue-Silver-Swirl-Vinyl/60UU0000000 Looks like it will be available at the regular places but this is up and live now.
  5. Lagwagon - lets talk about feelings 10" repress on purple/white ltd 557 https://www.ebay.com/itm/283285809192 WELL below discogs minimum Good Riddance - Peace in our time (black) https://www.ebay.com/itm/283217690436
  6. Wish I wouldve waited instead of discog/ebay all the ones I wanted. Really only over paid for one so not that big of a deal I guess.
  7. Lagwagon feelings colored 10 " http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/578 None more black - file under black http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/659
  8. The red is VERY nice looking in person, makes me less annoyed that I missed the red/smoke version by a few minutes