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  1. Aye same here.....Resident i find is usually a coupla more quids over other record stores for most of thier stock..so was nice to nab this one at that price.....signed as well!
  2. Yeah..i guess they gotta be shipped over from the states? I think they're pressed over there..not sure. Feels a bit daft having a copy shipped back again....i tells thee..these rsd items put some air miles on! 😉 I saw that us vendor.....well..if they've got the cash and they're THAT desperate...........! Glad you snagged one. Checked my links again, all gone now.
  3. Well if folks want to spend that much, thats their perogative...i'm jst glad i got mine when they first went up.
  4. Well...i was just about to turn in..thought i do one last sweep for those Dirty Three boxsets and came across this UK site. Now then, i thought £80 for it at some stores i found them at was taking the piss. This place however is just plain ripping the genitals out with it...fuck me sideways. Doesn't even make up for the free postage. A last resort kinda place? You decide......: https://www.strummerroom.com/products/dirty-three-ocean-songs-deluxe-editions-rsd2021?_pos=2&_psq=dirty&_ss=e&_v=1.0
  5. Ach..what a muppet am i! Hang on i'll see if i can find it again. Edit: Right found it..it's High Voltage records. Says PST time, so may still have some when they go up? https://hivoltagerecords.com/products/dirty-three-ocean-songs-deluxe-edition-4lp-new-rsd-drops-2021?variant=39361089994807
  6. I posted a link to a Pacific side store that appears to have some..but not yet avaiable..due to the time difference? Have a look at my previous post.
  7. Anybody else looking for that Dirty Three Boxset, found a few more stores mostly UK based that appears to still have some.... Edit all sold out now, bar Juno, if they materialise on the 19th. The US site didn't seem to put theirs up. https://phoenixsound.co.uk/products/dirty-three-ocean-songs-deluxe-boxset-boxset-4lp-rsd-drop-1 Available from 19th June (so it says on site): https://www.juno.co.uk/products/dirty-three-ocean-songs-deluxe-boxset/823693-01/ https://davids-music.co.uk/products/dirty-three-ocean-songs-deluxe-edition-box Found this US store that might have some when their RSD stocks go live at 7pm. Says PST, so i'm guessing it's middle of the afternoon over there currently? https://hivoltagerecords.com/products/dirty-three-ocean-songs-deluxe-edition-4lp-new-rsd-drops-2021?variant=39361089994807 And i think this is the last one...just one copy left at BeyondVinyl. https://beyondvinyl.co.uk/product/dirty-three-ocean-songs-deluxe-edition-album-lp-rsd21/ Some of these places are charging way more than what i paid for mine, but way better than one store i found them with ticket price of £140. The bastards.
  8. Well..that was easy. Got everything i wanted, no delays...all items still in stock atm......Feels less frantic than RSDs of past...maybe everybody is at the Euro footy? Wrong site to mention this, but terrible news re Christian Eriksen...I hope he makes it.
  9. Hello Craigduk...just wondering..did see any signed Dirty Three boxsets remaining there? That's the main item i'm after..signed or otherwise.
  10. There's 750 copies according to Rough Trade UK, but that might not correct. I've noticed that pressing figures listed aren't always true...that Tron Legacy OST UK edition last year, was purported to limited to 1000 copies total...turned out to be 4000 according to Walt Disney, so i would say there are far more of these Dirty Three boxsets available this year than what is being suggested by some records stores. I'm hoping to bag the Warren Ellis signed copy from Resident Records later today...same place where i got that Colin Newman signed Wire nine sevens boxset a few back.
  11. I hope to bag a copy or two....not many of them available though. Also, i noticed that Dirty Three's Ocean Songs 4xlp boxset that was cancelled last year is back..this time with larger pressing number.

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