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  1. lol! I'm not sure i need another copy of poly..i got enough already.....but i'll have a look. Wasn't there a gold pressing of this too? I recall it was listed on Pirates press's job sheet at the time.
  2. Mine arrived perfectly fine. It always seems to be US customers that get knackered mailers for some reason (or is it just New Yorkers that do?)....anyway I've already raised that issue some while back.
  3. I see somebody on Ebay UK is already trying to get silly money for one of those Flightless slipmats ..... good luck to him...he won't get it: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=flightless+slipmat&_sacat=0 Another one available for Australian bidders only, currently @ $42AUD https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/King-Gizzard-Flightless-Records-Slipmat/362478949899?pageci=d98d8b85-6989-4646-a566-e41578e346ac Anyway, got my bundle today...they all look fab...only played FAFYL & Eyes so far, both sound fantastic...real nice quality items, love the petal pattern of FAFYL.
  4. Oh..i have been on other non Gzzard threads, matety boy..ya just ain't been looking!
  5. I've got one bootleg copy of 12 bar..& I can't see why one should smash it up, just cos it's a bootleg & the genuine issues are now available. I also bought a bootleg copy of one of King Gizz's earliest singles, just cos it wasn't ever released on vinyl (& still isn't)..and the cd's versions are scarce. I bought the fake 12 bar before Flightless officially announced they were going to repress the early albums, so i weren't to know..and i really wanted a copy on vinyl..but wasn't prepared to pay stupid money for an original 2012 copy. And i don't feel guilty for it. I've bought plenty from Flightless, so they have done very well out of me! Seeing as i paid good money (it wasn't much) for my fake copy..and it actually sounds quite decent, so i'll keep it, even though i've got 3 bndles of the geniune represses now on their way to me, the latest being the CDs (yes i like CDs too..and tapes! ). ...the bootleg maybe worthless now..but that's not the point, i bought it for the music. Speaking of the Cds, Flightless bundles are now up folks....i thought the price was okay even with the pricey P&P cost. 50AUD for the set..but 35AUD for postage..yikes! Worked out all in just under a tenner Stirling for each disk...i haven't seen them cheaper anywhere else, yet. Oh...they do come 'Housed in a special edition baby Flightless mailer & CD box', but that's it....no little slipmats with it, alas! lol!
  6. CD bundles will be available on Flightless Friday 2nd Nov, if anybody is interested....no idea on price, but have noticed the spelling of Willoughby's Beach is incorrect on the CD....have a look on Flightless FB page.
  7. How and where does one buy a VMP products? Can't find it in the store section on here.
  8. Aye, got the email yesterday....like the GIF of Ambrose doing his little jiggle with a slipmat! There's nothing showing on Pirates Press job page..cos they've finished pressing those 2nd represses a few days ago...so they'll maybe we'll see those soon...perhaps when Flightless have cleared the first lot...not many copies of ORB, Sky & Oddments left. 12Bar & WB will be there for a while though..maybe Flightless will do another 20% off sale nearer xmas, like they did last year?
  9. Hardly surprising...being the prettiest design and a double LP...I bet it'll sneak up to 2000 copies soon!
  10. Hi, fair enough It's just that I've heard that the pressing company, United Record Pressings, can be a bit shoddy apparently, which the gold pressing of Phobos is pressed by. But i'll give it a whirl, found a decently price sealed copy on Ebay for £27...so i'll get that one.
  11. Had a look on there, seems Zon only ships to UK, if one is Prime member, which i'm not. Shipping fee would've be okay too @ $3.99 plus record @ $15.99..but I suspect there would've been a custom fee to pay as well on top. That said I always get stung with import fees with ATO too. Had a look on Zon UK..they don't have that one currently. Thanks for the heads up anyhoo….i'll pick one up someplace soon. Edit: Found a sealed copy on Ebay for a decent price..with free P&P too!
  12. Hi mucusoffmybrain. Yes, have now heard..sounds retty good, hope the rest of the album is just as good. Gotta wait until i'm piad next week..but defo will pick this one up..might go for that bundle ATO is doing...hopefully they'll have the designs for the T & poster up by then. Anybody had any issues with that gold edition of their debut album at all? Been reading comments elsewhere, seems to be mixed opinions regarding the quality of it. I've only the CD of that one..so since it's still available, thought i'd pick that one up too...if it's a good pressing.
  13. Anybody heard the album yet? I've got the debut, excellent album...but would like to hear this one, before I make a purchase.
  14. I'm not expecting my bundle to arrive for a few weeks yet..given it takes up to 3 weeks for anything to arrive from Oz land, so gawd knows why some folks are annoyed that they've not had theirs yet! The official release date is 2nd of Nov, that's another week away yet. So those that have had theirs early...are just lucky. As for the slipmat bundles..some folks can't remember what they ordered in the first palace it seems, so those that received the 5 records and no slipmat, probably didn't (or couldn't) order the bundle, and bought them individually in one order. Those slipmat bundles did sell out ridiculously quickly, 2 minutes if recall correctly. I'll think, i'll probably get the retail issues first before the flightless ones. I bought all 5 issues from Amazon for £18 each..pretty good price, I doubt anybody else will do them cheaper in the UK. Still wondering what those 2nd presses will look like, and when they'll show up.
  15. No, nor me..and yet the press are always dishing out the dirt on them. Maybe it's an anti capitalist thing?!