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  1. I'd give JB-HIFI a miss if you're not an Aussie...I've bought from them once before, and got stung with customs fees. My only order from them came to a tad over £50 all in, with the import fees on top, just for one LP! Amazon UK price isn't much better, but at least it's free P&P! Interesting reading comments elsewhere about how some folks feel that Flightless's releases are expensive compared to other labels...but I find that they aren't that bad if one purchases a multiple order with them. I bought 2 copies of the Aqua Blue variant & a Baby Blue Gumboot together. With postage included, total cost worked out about £33 a record. Not super cheap, but not bad for limited editions. And I've never had to pay import fees with Flightless items. So i'm gonna wait and see if some of these pink ones end up on Flightless' store, like the Blue Gumboots did!
  2. Maybe FLT040 could be the Gizz live album....we'll find out in fullness of time!
  3. Eric Moore is working on setting up a Flightless USA store at some point...but nothing confirmed yet. As for resale values, with 5000 copies proposed, I doubt these will gain in value anything like as much as previous releases have. Flightless might even sell these represses at cheaper prices, due to large quantites this time...but we'll have to see.
  4. I have heard that the larger quantities are for Flightless and the 2000 quantities are for ATO, apparently this is typical of PP of how they've done Flightless/ATO releases in the past.. Either way..should be enough to go around! I wonder if Heavenly will get in on it too? I wonder what the other FLT 'jobs' are though...a new Gizz album(s), in the works maybe?
  5. Aw rollocks! Missed it again! Aw well..I've got all the others..mibbe i'll pick up a retail copy when they appear. Great band..but what an awful name! Mind you, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard ain't much better!
  6. For anybody that either missed it first time around, or interested in getting one, I had an email from Romanus Records - they're about to put up a PO for the larger batch of 150 copies of their Poly LED record, available from 3pm EST (6pm UK GMT) Sat June 23rd. These differ slightly from the Record Store Day batch of 25. I managed to get one the RSD copies, & only just received the battery for it yesterday! Which incidentally, for these new ones, any international buyers will have to source their own Li-on battery for it, as they cannot supply them this time around. Expected shipping time 12-16 weeks or so. The blurb from the FB page: Romanus Records is proud to present to you the King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard "Polygondwanaland LED RECORD" PRE ORDER. After making 25 units for Record Store Day which was well under demand we guaranteed to make a larger more accessible run to a world wide audience. Each of these beauties will be housed in a red & green splatter formation and are limited to 150 units. Each piece of wax is remote controlled with different LED lighting patterns of your choosing that you can slow down or speed up to match the speed of the music. They also come with a custom screen printed jacket. NOTE: International customers must purchase their own rechargeable battery pack. We will give needed specs on what you need. Its a simple power bank you can get at any department store worldwide. Shipping these batteries international isn't allowed to many countries from the US. Get them here (not up yet): https://romanusrecords.myshopify.com/
  7. Yes that's the one...been on the kickstarter page and read the comments left on it...seems that whilst the creator has had the records for about a month now..he's only part way shipping them out..cos it's just him doing it! But the comments from those who have received it have been very positive...sound quality is superb apparently! But then the creator has put a lot of work into getting it that good!
  8. Hi, has anybody in the UK had their Aural Pleasure variant yet? I'm still waiting for mine....the last one to come, but this one has been a long time coming.
  9. TheDuke

    ORB - Naturality (PRE-ORDER)

    Reckon this will be available to PO next Friday...Flightless have a tendency to release albums on a Friday of month...The Babe Rainbow sophomore album went up last Friday....so I'm gonna wait until this one is up, and nab both of them together. Really hoping those early Gizz represses won't be far off too....I've deliberately avoided buying those bootlegs of 12BB & Eyes...saving me cash for the official ones...whenever they turn up that is! The Gizz boys have been dropping enough hints of late, via their instagram page!
  10. TheDuke

    ORB - Naturality (PRE-ORDER)

    New album forthcoming this month - Space Between The Planets, the title single from it, released today: I can hear elements of King Crimson, Deep Purple, Hawkwind & more Black Sabbath in this track...sounds pretty good though.
  11. Nice one Ghost 1, 'bout time these guys got a thread!
  12. You need to Pm the vendor with an suitable offer for whichever album you're interested in, not ask for prices on here...strictly private bartering mate!
  13. LED vinyl from Romanus Records arrived today...can't play it yet, cos the battery is being sent separately. Looks cool though. Since there is no thread for The Babe Rainbow currently, I listened to their new album & I quite like it...so will be bagging that when I've some more Wonga. Edit: there is now a PO thread posted by Ghost 1.
  14. TheDuke

    Want to buy - King Gizzard rarities

    adj has a few you're looking for: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/129624-fs-even-more-updates-king-gizzard-rarities-baroness-bongripper-beck-white-fence-real-estate-dino-jr-husker-du-the-minutemen/?tab=comments#comment-2790153