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  1. New tricolor variant up from Marathon Records: https://marathon.kontrabandstor.es/artists/psychedelic-porn-crumpets/and-now-for-the-whatchamacallit-new-variant-tricolour-splatter-12-vinyl?fbclid=IwAR3tK0Fh3UFJz0gy1ZTx7ev-ya28pwBJquWjwGBhmliBCvlEHsAnDyeGg00
  2. New The Babe Rainbow album up tonight on preorder from Flightless. 12 midnight UK time, 9am Aus....and er....7pm US..i think?
  3. Gee..finally! months of not being able to log in..due to some pop up stating "This site site looks suspicious" apparently! Er?! A vinyl forum...suspicious?! Anyway..whether you like it or not..i'm back peeps! 😜 And i'll start with a preorder for the The Babe Rainbow's latest album, up tonight on Flightless, 12 midnight UK, 9am down under..and not sure, but i think 7 or 8pm for the yanks across the pond. No info on colours yet.
  4. New Pipe Eye PO up, two variants available and a bunch of tees: https://flightlessrecords.com/
  5. Flightless variants up now: Ltd Baby Pink and a classic black edition. https://flightlessrecords.com/products/amyl-and-the-sniffers-s-t-starfire-limited-edition-pre-order ATO edition looks to be the nicest of all of them. Have noticed a few releases of late, where the UK varinats are somewhat...well... dull! European edition of King Gizz's, Fishing For Fishies, is just plain swamp green.....so i've manage to get a decently priced ATO toxic Landfill edition instead. And green seems to the colour of the month as far as UK editions are concerned... i've spotted a newly released UK edition of The Babe Rainbow's Double Rainbow, on.....solid green! The trafik island, this time Flightless's own..is also green, being as it is, the only coloured variant. At least the new Porn Crumpets album European variant isn't green...that one looks well tasty!
  6. Drift Records also has the UK/EU Indie variant available too - £17.99, also cd & standard Lp. That marathon exclusive is the same as the UK/EU/ROW edition, i think. Looking forward to seeing these guys on May 15th...& hopefully pick up copies of the tour editions of their first two albums in as well.
  7. ATO will have their version up later today: TOXIC LANDFILL EDITION” - Transparent swamp green & opaque yellow vinyl mixed w/galaxy effect Custom inner-sleeve w/lyrics & Fold-out 24”x36” poster Sounds interesting: https://portofsoundrecords.com/products/fishing-for-fishies For those wondering what that galaxy effect might look like, check out this variant ATO did of Rodrigo Y Gabriela's Mettavolution album: https://atorecords.shop.musictoday.com/product/ATLP273/rodrigo-y-gabriela-mettavolution-galaxy-colored-vinyl?cp=null
  8. I wanna go to bed..bladdy crap australian shipping servers!
  9. the gobi fire one is cool, but the salmon polo takes the biscuit for me.
  10. Try this one, release date expected around 26th April, according to this site. https://genius.com/albums/King-gizzard-and-the-lizard-wizard/Fishing-for-fishies Note that both Cyboogie & Acarine singles on this album. And interesting to also see that the band name on that cover has been reduced to just King Gizzard.
  11. Anybody in the Uk still looking for a copy, as they're now sold out at Resident, Norman & Bear Tree records....but Banquet Records has some available: https://www.banquetrecords.com/king-gizzard-%26-the-lizard-wizard/cyboogie/FLT-047
  12. Hi Craigeduk..yes so i now gather. It wouldn't surprise me if Flightless puts up a coloured version later on, as they did with Amyl & The Sniffers though. Nice to see that Flightless are now going global as they had stated last year with the release of the reissues. Long may continue to do so....it's way cheaper! Liking the new direction the Gizz lads have taken with Cyboogie....it reminds me of this for some reason!