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  1. Copper Feast Records UK will also have their variants out at some point. I recall their version of Poly was quite cool with alternative cover artwork by Jase Harper. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with.
  2. The others are all doubles. I've seen others that will all be triples like the Diggers pressings, which i dare say will probably sound a lot better, but at £12-14 a copy for the SB pressings, quite frankly i dunno how they're able to do it that cheaply. I've been reading online that there is some issue with the master WAVs for the Teenage Gizzard album, the sound quality for several of songs on the comp not being up to scratch.....something about the original masters are no longer available now? I hope that's not the case.
  3. Just read on Stolen Body's site, that the Live in Adelaide pressing will now be a triple LP in a triple gate-fold, but still only £14! There's a few copies left, if you haven't jumped on it yet
  4. I guess they don't have to pay the royalties, just like they didn't with their Poly releases, since the masters are free. Stolen Body is a great label, their stuff is usually very reasonably priced. That said i agree, £12-£14 for a double is very cheap! Beware though, if anybody bags the Eco box-set, they'll be different to deluxe boxset pressings, being random colour. The sold out deluxe edition have the same designs as shown on the individual albums designs, hence best go for the individual ones if you fancy the flag designs on those......although a couple have now sold out.
  5. Stolen Body UK are doing two different box-sets of all 7 albums (the ultra limited box-set is now sold), an Eco Wax random colour limited edition box-set - plus individual pressings of each album. Some cool wax designs and they're nice and cheap: Ecowax Boxset - Random colours, each one unique (ltd to 250)- £71 https://www.stolenbodyrecords.co.uk/shop/gmp7r41j7sa3t9lhqjtvo30mtp1f7t Teenage Gizzard - (Rasta Splatter - Ltd to 125) £12 Demos 1&2 - (2x LP Red & Yellow Splatter - Ltd to 125) £14 Live In London '19 - (2x LP Br
  6. Thanks for the nudge..i'd got the email at from the band on this......unlike the King Gizz's double drop that i completely missed, almost on the same day!
  7. For anybody still looking to get that Dirty Three Ocean Songs deluxe pressing, I have received an email from the vendor whom i ordered my copy from, this release has been delayed again...to an unspecified date. At least it's not been cancelled.
  8. Hmmm...that's worrying news. I preordered a copy via a major US music vendor on Ebay, who apparently had 27 copies of this one for sale, all now sold...i'll have to wait and see if it gets shipped or not. Vendors feedback is almost 100% on 2K+ responses and thousands of items listed..so doesn't look dodgy to me..but we'll see. EDIT: Just checked a couple of US vendors that had them listed for sale, one was Luna, now showing 'Out of Stock'..but Covert Vinyl still has copies up for sale: https://covertvinyl.com/products/dirty-three-ocean-songs-deluxe-edition-colored-vinyl
  9. Has anybody seen/heard anything more regarding that elusive Dirty Three 4xLP release yet. I've noticed that there is still not a Discogs listing showing for it yet. Had a look on eBay..none listed on there either...all very strange.
  10. Nice retro groove going on with those two tracks. Liking Brain Telephone.
  11. Yes, i also have a copy on order, via the one US vendor selling them on Ebay, who somehow managed to 'get' 27 copies several weeks before the release date! I just hope the vendor comes good.
  12. I'll check the album out on YT..see what they're like. Might pick up copy later if they're available. Anybody heard anything re that Dirty Three 4xLP release that was supposed to be dropped last month? Been looking around...not much info on this one.
  13. Not heard this band before, but psyche music is my thing. What do you think of them?

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