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  1. Interesting..there's now a 2nd repress of these represses, in production @ Pirate Press..all 3500 copies. The band certainly know how to milk this don't they? Wondering what those will be like..more of the same as the first lot, perhaps? Would make sense, as there's not a lot left of the existing stock. Float Along is down to just 38 copies remaining.
  2. Didn't cost that much to ship to the UK, for the bundle. My shipping costs came to $68AUD, approx. £35. Noticed a 7" Black Amyl & The Sniffers single up on Flightless now, don't think it's Flightless release, perhaps a prelude to their forthcoming album release soon.
  3. Same goes for Eyes Like The Sky, the original cover art is much better. It's unlikely anybody on here who was thinking of getting those represses, but just incase there are one or two still thinking it over, here's what's left...I dare say Float Along is going to sell out within the next day or two: WB - 1088 12BB - 749 Eyes - 473 FAFYL - 192 Odds - 639 I wonder why the EP is slower selling? The original release was more rarer than the others @ 350 copies, odd that. Can't be cos it's just an EP, it's not much shorter than Eyes! Eyes is only 27 mins long.
  4. There will be standard black issues to come too...i'm guessing that's what the 7500 variant on PP job status page are. Has anybody noticed the odd numbers now showing on Pirate's job status page, for all 5 of these albums? Plus..there now seems to another 3000 pressing of Oddments at the bottom of the page, with Croat wording, wondering what that is/will be?
  5. Can't see these hanging about for much longer: WB - 1585 12BB - 1369 Eyes - 1202 FAFYL - 1036 Odds - 1335
  6. I think we're all a bit tired now, well our index fingers anyway, from F5ing like madmen and hour ago, lol!
  7. I've only heard the two singles, the first one was good, but yeh, the latest one didn't quite hit the mark. Hopefully the rest of the album is better. Looks as if they've gone towards a more psyche angle with this latest album, and less of the stoner influence. Doesn't surprise me, given that Stu Macca produced it!
  8. Yeh, just did the maths for my bundle, just under £30 a record..that's cheaper than I've had from Flightless before..pretty chuffed with that. Got my ORBs, all three of them..last week!
  9. If memory serves correctly, early Oct, I think.
  10. Nice one mate. I thought the shipping costs was very reasonable this time, worked out around £34 for me...pretty good for 5 records!
  11. Originally the individual releases were 3000 copies, & bundle 1500, minus whatever sold last Friday. I guess Flightless are holding back 500 copies, for shows or damages.
  12. I hope @ZeroNowhere got his, I think he wanted a bundle.
  13. Older releases are now being returned to site.