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  1. Yes that's the one...been on the kickstarter page and read the comments left on it...seems that whilst the creator has had the records for about a month now..he's only part way shipping them out..cos it's just him doing it! But the comments from those who have received it have been very positive...sound quality is superb apparently! But then the creator has put a lot of work into getting it that good!
  2. Hi, has anybody in the UK had their Aural Pleasure variant yet? I'm still waiting for mine....the last one to come, but this one has been a long time coming.
  3. TheDuke

    ORB - Naturality (PRE-ORDER)

    Reckon this will be available to PO next Friday...Flightless have a tendency to release albums on a Friday of month...The Babe Rainbow sophomore album went up last Friday....so I'm gonna wait until this one is up, and nab both of them together. Really hoping those early Gizz represses won't be far off too....I've deliberately avoided buying those bootlegs of 12BB & Eyes...saving me cash for the official ones...whenever they turn up that is! The Gizz boys have been dropping enough hints of late, via their instagram page!
  4. TheDuke

    ORB - Naturality (PRE-ORDER)

    New album forthcoming this month - Space Between The Planets, the title single from it, released today: I can hear elements of King Crimson, Deep Purple, Hawkwind & more Black Sabbath in this track...sounds pretty good though.
  5. Nice one Ghost 1, 'bout time these guys got a thread!
  6. You need to Pm the vendor with an suitable offer for whichever album you're interested in, not ask for prices on here...strictly private bartering mate!
  7. LED vinyl from Romanus Records arrived today...can't play it yet, cos the battery is being sent separately. Looks cool though. Since there is no thread for The Babe Rainbow currently, I listened to their new album & I quite like it...so will be bagging that when I've some more Wonga. Edit: there is now a PO thread posted by Ghost 1.
  8. TheDuke

    Want to buy - King Gizzard rarities

    adj has a few you're looking for: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/129624-fs-even-more-updates-king-gizzard-rarities-baroness-bongripper-beck-white-fence-real-estate-dino-jr-husker-du-the-minutemen/?tab=comments#comment-2790153
  9. Same here...would love a genuine 12 bar and Eyes...but not at the prices being commanded for them..just ain't got it! Might try for one or two of the cheaper ones...when I've some more Wonga that is!
  10. The advantage of having an account then. So, a crafty subterfuge on their part then, cool. Cheers mate!
  11. I daren't think! Received a shipping notice from Romanus Records..that LED one is one it's way..looking forward to getting that one. PS still fighting with this stupid pop up..who the hell introduced that?
  12. Damn thatWoodstock looks lush..glad I got that coming then! BTW..what's going on at Vinyl Moon? Have they got the rights to press Gumboot or Polygondwanaland, cos the song in that clip is Muddy Waters off Gumboot? Oh and while I can...can somebody please do something about an annoying pop up I keep getting, telling me to turn off my adblock software..cos I won't....I shall not be dictated to, and I have managed to come on to this site perfectly fine for 6 months without a hitch. But now something has changed and i'm usually blocked from using this site, until I switch off adblock, which btw, I haven't the foggiest idea how to! Is there anybody that can do something about this please..or will have to go elsewhere! Thanks!
  13. Interesting..i wondered who pressed them? Not much info on discogs, other than '12barbruise', which didn't yield any results via google search.
  14. Anybody noticed the new Poly editions from Salty Dog yet? That's the label that did that gorgeous Lava Lamp amongst others. 5 new variants up for grabs; Black Jap OBI 150g Edition 25 copies (7 left), White Jap OBI 150g Edition - 25 copies (5 left), Woodstock Edition - 150g Orange and Bright Purple wax with some white splatter - 33 copies (8 left) - (almost as cool looking as the Lava Lamp), Nuclear Fusion Edition - 150g Bright Purple wax with some white splatter - 33 copies, & Theophany Edition - 150g Maroon wax, white splatter and a black blob imperceptible to the naked eye, until held to the light - 33 copies. All hand numbered as per before. The three multi coloured ones look really neat, especially the Theophany edition, which has a blob in it, that only be seen when held up to a light source. The label that produces only very small limited runs, I like what he's doing, so as I've have 5 of his earlier variants, I picked up another 4. OBI variants AUD 34.99, colour variants AUD 40. Shipping for 4 records came to AUD 44 dollars (about £24) - shipping to US probably cheaper, so, pretty good. If I recall, I didn't get stung with UK custom's fees with my other editions from SD, so works out about £25-28 a record shipped. Ships from Saturday 19th May , check 'em out. https://salty-dog.bandcamp.com/merch Woodstock Ed. Nuclear Fusion Ed. Theophany Ed.