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  1. ATO will have their version up later today: TOXIC LANDFILL EDITION” - Transparent swamp green & opaque yellow vinyl mixed w/galaxy effect Custom inner-sleeve w/lyrics & Fold-out 24”x36” poster Sounds interesting: https://portofsoundrecords.com/products/fishing-for-fishies For those wondering what that galaxy effect might look like, check out this variant ATO did of Rodrigo Y Gabriela's Mettavolution album: https://atorecords.shop.musictoday.com/product/ATLP273/rodrigo-y-gabriela-mettavolution-galaxy-colored-vinyl?cp=null
  2. I wanna go to bed..bladdy crap australian shipping servers!
  3. the gobi fire one is cool, but the salmon polo takes the biscuit for me.
  4. Try this one, release date expected around 26th April, according to this site. https://genius.com/albums/King-gizzard-and-the-lizard-wizard/Fishing-for-fishies Note that both Cyboogie & Acarine singles on this album. And interesting to also see that the band name on that cover has been reduced to just King Gizzard.
  5. Anybody in the Uk still looking for a copy, as they're now sold out at Resident, Norman & Bear Tree records....but Banquet Records has some available: https://www.banquetrecords.com/king-gizzard-%26-the-lizard-wizard/cyboogie/FLT-047
  6. Hi Craigeduk..yes so i now gather. It wouldn't surprise me if Flightless puts up a coloured version later on, as they did with Amyl & The Sniffers though. Nice to see that Flightless are now going global as they had stated last year with the release of the reissues. Long may continue to do so....it's way cheaper! Liking the new direction the Gizz lads have taken with Cyboogie....it reminds me of this for some reason!
  7. Yes..i'm still alive thank you, nice of you to think of me. Got my copy from Bear Tree Records before they sold out, for a very reasonable £5.99. Anyway, just wondering, could someone from down under tell me if this Midnight version is any different from the standard black vinyl release, please, thanks.
  8. Good point....spin...hadn't thught of it that way. But if this was last year, then i would've snap every variant going, without thinking about it. It's not neccessary. Here's hoping they do that Looholes reissue then..eh?! PS...anybody into Dead Can Dance on here? Just discovered them recently..liking what they do..but don't know much about them yet.
  9. Were you buying from Flightless's inception then? I've a fair amount, but have a few gaps from the early releases. Not that i wish to collect every single issue they do..i've stop doing that! Not gunna bother with that 4th ORB variant..i got the other 3, that's enough. To be honest this reissue business is beginning to take the water. Granted, it's nice to now have had the early Gizz re issues, but a 4th ORB and another Baked Beans? I get the feeling Flightless are milking things now. But if keeps them afloat, then who am i to question their business practices. The last couple of years collecting vinyl, i got caught up in the whole 'buy every variant' madness, i guess the newbie's disease colloquially known as "Oooo look...a shiny thing" Syndrome! Yeh..enough of that bollocks, i'm so over that! My interests now lie on Flightless's future releases, & just the one (okay.... maybe [i say cautiously!}....seriously... MAYBE 2 variants) of new releases i'm interested in, and any reissues i haven't yet got..that's it! So...The Murlocs, Gizz...and maybe that new Senior, dunno if ORB &/or The Babe Rainbow are putting anything out this year, but i'll probably go for them too.
  10. Would've been nicer if they included a Loopholes reissue too, a bit odd that, that one is probably more desired than the other 2, which i've got, but not Loopholes.
  11. New single from The Murlocs to be released later today & a new one from Leah Senior - Graves Wasn't a fan of her 1st album, but quite like this track:
  12. I've got few of their earlier albums, Frond, Beards, & would love a copy of Corridors of Blisterday, if ever a vinyl option becomes available, plus some of the rare singles Eps. I love the title track from Space, rest of the album is okay. But The Weather really is awful.
  13. Available to preorder now. Not yet checked out the singles, but did enjoy 2015's Man It Feels Like Space Again, but not 2017's The Weather. For those interested: Black Lps, Cd, slipmat & posters from: https://marathon.kontrabandstor.es/pond/ Also limited white double LP variant available from Rough Trade: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/pond-tasmania