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  1. Don't know, what email service do you use? Sometimes it does take a day or two for my download emails to show up, maybe just wait a bit & if it shows.
  2. I got both. Check in the other email inboxes, if you have them. I use Google email & I found my download link email, in one of the other inbox 'files' not the main one!
  3. Sold out! Only 50 copies of the green one left, but I don't think Flightless put the whole 1000 up of the green. Probably half, maybe the rest will go to retail or sell on gigs. I wonder when that 3rd variant will show up & what the pattern will be?
  4. Yes, I received my email, but haven't downloaded it yet.
  5. Cheese blob selling pretty fast, only 140 copies left. 150 of the Green remaining.
  6. The centre labels for Baked Beans releases, quite clearly show it to be FLT041 though! I had to really zoom up the page to see that though! Unless it's an error on their part, but I doubt it. Given that Baked Beans is fronted by the drummer from The Murlocs & that Gizz have been touring for most of the year so far, I'd be surprised if The Murlocs found time to make another album! I had hope that there might be another Gizz album possibly, maybe an live one, as they haven't released one of those yet.
  7. Anybody's game I guess, the Giants have been superb of late, but boy, have they racked up a hellava injury list or what?! It'll be a tight one, their last meeting, a few months ago, was very tight, Swans just pinched it by a couple of points, if I recall. As for FLT042, with only 2 500 copy variants on that one, can't see who else it could be. I thought FLT041 was gunna be Amyl et al. We shall see! What is curious, is that Pirate Press state that the completion date for FLT042 3 variants are on 20th Sept. currently, but Flightless are shipping on the 11th?
  8. Looks like it, as that's what it says on the page. I'm guessing the 3rd variant will be a retail version. I got one of each to be safe! So FLT042 will most likely be Amyl & The Sniffers then. I'm waiting for that new ORB album...that I do want! PS Spoon, I see you're from Sydney. Dunno if you follow the AFL footy at all, I do and love it, gonna be great match between the two Sydney teams this weekend! I'm rooting for Giants!
  9. Only I variant is 500, the other two are 1000. It's not FLT042.
  10. Baked Beans Babble preorders up, 2 variants: Kelly Green Wax (1000 copies?) & Sauce & Cheese (500 copies),ships Sept. 11th. As it's FLT041, looks like they'll be a 3rd variant to come.
  11. I have noticed that quite a few original pressings of Gizz's early records, have popped up of late, the asking prices for them do appear to be coming down, but not Eyes, oddly enough.
  12. New 2018 KEXP Video up, great live performances of Poly & Gumboot tracks & liking the guitar solo in Muddy Water, & The Wheel sounds epic too!
  13. Just had a look on PP job status sheet, looks like they've finished one variant of FLT042, so it does look like that'll be for Baked Beans & FLT041 is Amyl & The Sniffers, as the band has supported Gizz quite a lot this year, so they'll more likely to sell more copies. I don't think FLT036 is for Poly, I think that'll be ORB. FLT040 I still think will be a new Gizz album. I guess we'll all find out tomorrow what Baked Beans' is, in the morning, or if you're in Blighty, very very late!
  14. Ltd to 500 copies, 2nd edition 12" Muscle Red Marble 45rpm, ships 5th Sept. Greek stoner/psyche band. https://naxatras.bandcamp.com/album/ep
  15. Keep watching the flightless website & Fb pages, plus Pirate Press's job sheet, just type FLT in the box: http://orders.piratespress.com/orders/ext/index I doubt most of us will miss out on these, on account of the pressing numbers of those represses, the highest being 5000 & 2000 copies, by the looks of things. The band clearly intend to make sure the majority of fans get a copy. As for the other non Gizz releases, well the smaller numbers might sell out quickly, but generally from my experience, other band's releases tend to take a while to sell out. Leah Senior's latest album has been available for over a year now, still not sold out. Even The Babe Rainbow, hasn't sold out as quickly as Flightless seemed to think it would! Tried to find a suitable link for the newsletter, but can't find one atm. One other suggestion you could try, & dunno if you've bought from Flightless before, but I recall getting a prompt to sign up to the newsletter after placing my order for The Babe Rainbow's album. Maybe buy something from them and see if that 'get's you in! Don't blame me if doesn't though!
  16. Well, in my case, I got a subscription pop up on their Flightless site, which I sign up to. So check the site and see if you get a pop up, Otherwise you may be able to sign up via their FB page? These emails only started a few months ago, after the fallout of the FB scandal, presumably cos they intend to ditch their FB page? I recall the first email I got from Flightless....the opening line said: "Facebook is dead, Instagram is over, Zucker is done. This is where the news is gonna be." Quite a bold statement to make in one's debut news email!
  17. Flightless email, said next Friday, Spin.
  18. Same here..and the represses too, which I presume they'll be released sometime in Sept? The band is back in Europe touring for most of this month, so I'm hoping the PO for 12BB onwards, will start next month. I had assumed that it was initialled to begin with, perhaps they just forgot to add the dots! Mind you...the other Babe Rainbow band don't seemed to be too concerned that there's a similarly named Aussie band. I see this new Baked Beans band is fronted by the drummer from The Murlocs. I had wondered if they would have to do something else, whilst their front man was busy touring the world over with Gizz this year. I can't see a new Murlocs album coming out this year, unless FLT036 isn't a flightless release of Poly, that some are assuming. I'm guessing FLT 040 is O.R.B's new album, and 042 is Amyl and the Sniffers, presumably.
  19. I've got a sneaking suspicion that Resident Records may have got these in especially...cos I emailed them a week ago asking if they would get any in! Seems they listened to me!!!!! Bit of a embarrassing shame then, seeing as I've already got some now..opps! Oh Dukie...stop it now!
  20. Grabbed, snagged and bagged..whoohoo! Didn't think there'd be any left, as I've only just logged on. and it's now Monday morning. Thankfully, still 19 copies left...phew! Great price, £25 a copy, plus only a fiver postage, as it's Brit release for once, so no extortionate import fees to pay this time. I usually pay around £50+ all in for PPC purchases from their site, with import duties on top, for one copy! So..took advantage this time & a got a few. There's still 16 left folks, no purchasing limits, and I presume there's still another 400 copies to come in Sept.? Thanks for heads up Craig! Top Man!
  21. I'd give JB-HIFI a miss if you're not an Aussie...I've bought from them once before, and got stung with customs fees. My only order from them came to a tad over £50 all in, with the import fees on top, just for one LP! Amazon UK price isn't much better, but at least it's free P&P! Interesting reading comments elsewhere about how some folks feel that Flightless's releases are expensive compared to other labels...but I find that they aren't that bad if one purchases a multiple order with them. I bought 2 copies of the Aqua Blue variant & a Baby Blue Gumboot together. With postage included, total cost worked out about £33 a record. Not super cheap, but not bad for limited editions. And I've never had to pay import fees with Flightless items. So i'm gonna wait and see if some of these pink ones end up on Flightless' store, like the Blue Gumboots did!