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  1. Including new artwork on Funk Turry Funk / SBÄM. CD: http://interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=246024& LP: http://shop.sbaemfest.com/?product=get-dead-st-bundle-preorder
  2. hadndrogs

    PO: Not On Tour - Limited Comp Release

    Interpunk Link: http://interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=246285&
  3. Vinyl is here!! Pre-order: http://shop.sbaemfest.com/?product=no-fun-at-all-lowrider-bundle-preorder
  4. hadndrogs

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Bombpops & Get Dead (re-)release cool limited stuff for SBÄM Fest in Austria this May. The Bombpops- Throw It Back CD: http://shop.sbaemfest.com/?product=the-bombpops-throw-it-back-cd-limited-edition-preorder Get Dead - s/t CD: http://shop.sbaemfest.com/?product=get-dead-st-cd-limited-edition-preorder
  5. Blink became more like a shitty version of Alk3
  6. Band announced a vinyl release. Hopefully they share more details soon.
  7. I disagree completely -- the big production fits them well
  8. Funk Turry Funk also put out new records from Get Dead and The Ataris. There is maybe already a connection.
  9. I think it is maybe only half of the new record? The rest are tracks from an EP and unreleased Demos. The first four songs sound pretty amazing though!
  10. Welcome the Night is amazing and so underrated.
  11. the link isn't working anymore. is this still available somewhere?