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  1. mga_kilo

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Not yet, I have a modern direct drive table so will either need to exchange the table or bring this album over to a friend’s place. I’m curious if there are jazz heads on this forum who are familiar with the art, it would be cool to have a collector’s item (have, not sell.)
  2. mga_kilo

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Greetings all, curious if anyone has seen this Count Basie album art anywhere before: https://imgur.com/gallery/0TxFw The four 78s inside are an album by Count Basie and his All-American Rhythm Section called Blues by Basie, released in the mid 1940s on Columbia Records (C-101.) However, I can’t find any representation of this album art anywhere. The cover I have, with a photograph of the Count on keys, is totally different from anything I can find online pertaining to C-101, or any other Basie release. Here is the traditional album art to C-101 for reference, it’s an illustration of a blue hand : https://www.discogs.com/Count-Basie-And-His-All-American-Rhythm-Section-Blues-By-Basie/release/6906195 Is mine (The Count on keys, real photo) alternative album art, a variation on the standard (blue hand illustration)? Did someone put the 78s from C-101 in a different Basie album Columbia was selling? Any clues very much appreciated!!! Pics of all 78s and the rest of the packaging here: https://imgur.com/gallery/uziXh. The other Columbia releases they are pushing in the packaging go up to C-110 (a great Cougat rhumba album) from 1945, so I don’t think this packaging was created after 1945. This would have come out the year WWII ended, pretty crazy. Many thanks for taking the time to read this, I’d be thrilled with any ideas, leads, or anything to help solve this mystery. Cheers, Miles