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  1. ebert

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    No worries. Yes their shipping isn't cheap, i'm in Australia so its even worse. I ordered one of the last of Time Travel Conundrum LP's and it turned up after about 6 weeks in a cardboard package covered in polish postage stamps and a hand written address. But hey, their underground and it aint coming from amazon Great band!
  2. ebert

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Spaceslug - Mountains & Reminiscence LP is on bandcamp. https://spaceslug.bandcamp.com/album/mountains-reminiscence Coloured version has only 8 left already, the black version is shipping from 1 March. I ordered the black vinyl
  3. I have the RP1. I think its a good option for the money. Mine wobbles a bit and others have found the same but I honestly can't hear any effect from the wobble even when listening with Sennheiser Studio headphones. Rega says the wobble occurs as its an entry level product and the wobble is within the tone arm's tolerances. Make of that what you will. I think it sounds great. I flip records when it is spinning, just hold my fingers on either side and kind of grab and lift in one motion. Took me once or twice to get the hang of it but its not hard to do. Edit: As mentioned earlier, the RP3 would be a better turntable but its also more expensive. I didn't have the funds available so went with the RP1
  4. Good to hear others have also had success . For those that are looking to try it, just be careful to choose a product that is safe for plastic because it can be difficult not to get it on plastic parts and circuit boards. I used Deoxit D5 which said it was safe for plastic parts.
  5. Hi guys Been using my dads old amp that I grew up with in my setup. Its a late 70's Thorn Integrated amp with a new Rega P1 turntable, second hand Jensen Speakers and PS3 running through TV for CD's and digital music files. The pots and switches have been scratchy for years but the source selector switch had recently become so bad that when using the turntable on the Magnetic input it was loosing significant portions of the signal unless the switch was placed in exactly the right position in relation to the cycles of the moon and the position of my tongue against my cheek You would get it set just right, go sit down to listen and then it would drop half the signal again I was lent some records by a friend to listen to the other day and was getting very frustrated at the intermittent issues with signal quality. Finally did what i've been meaning to do for a while now. Bought myself a can of deoxit, opened the amp up, sprayed all the pots and switches, all the connectors and the solder joins and wow... Its like a new amp. The switches and pots are smooth, quiet, the amp seems to have a lower noise floor and I swear it sounds better, fuller. And it only took me about an hour all up. Highly recommend it if your using old gear.
  6. I got a nice surprise today. Amazon estimated delivery here in Australia around 8th January however I got a knock on the door today Pale ale and some local greens (not pictured) to celebrate Artwork included inside is nice! A note from Dexter talking about Ixnay is on the back of this. The timing couldn't have been better. Picked up a new Turntable yesterday post Christmas sale and it sounds fantastic. Absolutely Stoked! Anyone else got theirs yet?
  7. Cheers, I've made the plunge. First vinyl record I've bought since buying Master of Puppets from a second hand store for $5 about 15 years ago as it happens. Just getting back into the vinyl, good start to the collection I think. Ixnay was one of my favourite albums as a teenager
  8. Hey Guys, is the one up for pre-order on Amazon the legit anniversary version? Seems a bit strange with reviews for several years ago