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  1. I like this record a lot, both the songs themselves and the way it sounds. The drums are incredible.
  2. Thanks for reading! And nope, wasn’t me at the Aaron West show. Must’ve been some other super-duper good-looking person.
  3. This is probably their most esoteric/least accessible release — everything before this was crazy but still very much rooted in guitars (they were basically At The Drive-In before ATDI existed). Check out this song and see if it turns you around on Brainiac:
  4. COI009 talks about the tragic circumstances around Cave In's excellent new album, Final Transmission: https://colorsofinsomnia.substack.com/p/coi009-i-no-longer-know-she-said
  5. All In was awesome last year. A buddy of mine got a suite and we all bought into it, and I had a rad time. Food and beer was suuuuuper-expensive and underwhelming, though, so pre-game beforehand.
  6. That Boys Night Out 10-inch is so good. And only $5!!!
  7. I'm driving to Chicago to catch them in July. Verrrrry stoked. The new J. Robbins solo record is great, too.
  8. SO INSANE. And it's STILL only $8 right now! Everyone reading this needs to scroll up and click on that Brainiac link, that band will fuck your mind up.
  9. So good! My copy of this just arrived today and I can't believe it was only eight bucks. What a goddamn steal. Have you heard about/seen the Brainiac documentary yet? It screened in Cleveland a few months ago and it was excellent:
  10. A few new editions for y'all: COI006, about NOFX's return and the impact of Tony Sly: https://colorsofinsomnia.substack.com/p/coi006-a-promise-of-pain COI007, about my history with Blink-182: https://colorsofinsomnia.substack.com/p/coi007-while-youre-counting-your COI008, about Motion City Soundtrack's reunion: https://colorsofinsomnia.substack.com/p/coi008-weve-only-got-one-choice
  11. More sub-$15 Prime deals, hip-hop edition: Eminem - The Eminem Show 2xLP for $13.97 Guru - Jazzmatazz Vol. 1 for $14.29 Khalid - American Teen for $15.00 Kids See Ghosts - S/T for $14.98 Nas - Nasir for $13.85 The Roots - How I Got Over for $12.98 Bryson Tiller - Trapsoul for $11.79 Kanye West - Ye for $11.49 V/A - The Roots Of Hip-Hop 2xLP for $11.98 V/A - Wanted Hip-Hop for $12.99
  12. More sub-$10 Prime deals, all new releases (and if you sleep on that Brainiac reissue, you're a dummy): Adult Mom - Sometimes Bad Happens for $7.81 Besta - Eterno Rancor for $8.65 The Beths - Warm Blood for $9.98 Blessing A Curse - Waste for $7.73 Brainiac - Electro-Shock For President for $8.30 Caracara - Better for $6.03 MDC/Riot Cop - split for $5.19 Musket Hawk/Coffin Dust - split for $5.76 Pony Poindexter - Pony's Express for $8.94 Poppy Ackroyd - Resolve for $9.47 Steve Adamyk Band - S/T for $6.99
  13. More sub-$14 Prime deals, including a bunch of Christmas records if you wanna stock up early: 311 - Universal Pulse for $14.08 Adolescents - S/T for $9.98 Arthur Buck - S/T for $9.60 Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman for $13.73 Common - Resurrection for $9.98 Rodney Crowell - Christmas Everywhere for $6.37 The Crystal Method - Divided By Night for $9.99 D.R.I. - Dealing With It for $11.18 Danger Mouse - Rome for $13.98 Daughter - If You leave for $9.98 Miles Davis - Porgy And Bess for $13.32 Earth - Pentastar for $9.98 En Vogue - Funky Divas for $11.25 Aretha Franklin - This Christmas for $6.84 Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage for $13.98 Heterotic - Weird Drift for $9.27 Eric Johnson - EJ for $9.98 Mike Love - Reason For The Season for $8.38 Bob Marley - The Best Of for $12.99 Maren Morris - Hero for $13.00 MS MR - How Does It Feel for $14.13 Nasum - Hevelte for $9.98 Nothing - Tired Of Tomorrow for $9.99 The Quill - S/T for $9.13 Scharpling And Wurster - Live At Third Man Records for $8.99 Sia - 1000 Forms Of Fear for $14.13 Slapshot - Sudden Death Overtime for $6.98 The Story So Far - Proper Dose for $9.99 Barbra Streisand - Walls for $6.98 Tennis - Young & Old for $9.90 They Might Be Giants - I Like Fun for $12.86 Chris Thile - Thanks For Listening for $9.71 Keith Urban - Fuse for $14.15
  14. I keep missing Lullabies. Damn! I've been hunting for this record for a while and almost dropped $200 for this pressing at Limited To One last weekend. If anyone grabbed an extra, please message me.
  15. Today’s Colors Of Insomnia spotlights three new releases worth your time from Frank Iero, Jawbox's J. Robbins and Kitty Kat Fan Club. Read and subscribe for free: https://colorsofinsomnia.substack.com/p/coi005-when-you-examined-the-wreck