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  1. That's more or less my thinking... but it is alarming how much the machine jumps when it's getting up to speed. I should add that it is NOT an official Pro Ject (tm) belt. I couldn't find one in the US for a reasonable price. So I went with an off brand replacement while waiting for a real one to ship from the UK.
  2. The belt on my VT-E broke, which happens, but after putting on a replacement I'm noticing a massive wobble and shaking of the unit when it starts up. Once its going, it seems fine. So this may be nothing, but thought I would seek opinions as to if this is anything to worry about. What I THINK is happening, is that the belt is slipping on the palter until it gets going. Not sure if there's a good way to make the band or the plater more "grippy".
  3. So I'm finding more and more often that the sticker on my new LPs are off center... makes my OCD itch. What's the thinking on this in general? Is it better to leave the sticker alone, or peel it off and do without? Anyone know of a good printable sticker kit to make replacements?
  4. Looking for a good pressing of the three eps or just champions. Too many of them out there are represses from across the pond.
  5. If the room is really quiet, you should be able to hear the audio very faintly just from the needle movement and not through the amp & speakers (turn them off if you can). If you can hear that, then the turntable is probably OK and you should check all the wiring. If you CAN'T hear anything, then it may be the needle/cartridge, which if its an old unit wouldn't be shocking.
  6. My eBay-fu is strong! Everything was used other than the turntable, which was "new" but an open box and thus the most expensive at around 175$ (which for a new Pro Ject was too good to pass up). Looking at it all again, I think I was a bit over 400$ in the end. Wasn't counting the Sennheiser headphones in that number. But those were under 40$ (granted I needed to buy a new cable for them which pushed it to a bit over 50$). The HMS-100 amp and speakers even has the iPod dock, so I can run all my digital stuff through it!
  7. Just setting up a little system for my home office. Ended up with a Pro Ject VT-E turntable, Bellari VP129 tube phono stage, Sennheiser Momentum headphones and a HCT HMS-100 amp & speaker (Vuum VTI-B1 by any other name). More or less all purchased due to getting deals on eBay. All things considered, not a bad setup for under 400$.
  8. Finding first generation Sennheiser Momentums on eBay for under 40$... seems like a steal. Some of them are missing the cable, but you can find those on Amazon for a few bucks.
  9. Seems I ended up with a Pro Ject vertical turntable... wasn't my first choice due to the lack of a dust cover. Anyone out there know of a solution for this? Feels wrong leaving it open to the air all the time...