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  1. I love the new sound from CB! Her voice sounds a bit different in a good way & the music is fantastic as always! I have side A on repeat for right now ;P Edit: cannot wait to see her on Monday @ the Cultural Center in Chicago!
  2. This album is most definitely their best yet IMO! I cant get enough of it!!! What incredible songwriters they are... a modern day VU if you ask me :)))
  3. There is no LA pop up but I’m definitely seconding this if anyone can help out! Would also love a hardback book & scarf!
  4. I got a shipping notification on my silver about 2 days ago. Should be delivered today according to my usps tracking.
  5. Desperate for a copy or two myself! Please PM if anyone is going to one of these pop ups! Will pay handsomely
  6. e_pott

    Record Store Day 2018

    If you happen to see any 7” releases from The Voidz / Mac DeMarco / Awolnation / Parquet Courts I’m vwry interested in all! Thank you!
  7. e_pott

    Record Store Day 2018

    Anyone in the states ever ordered from SpinAgain before? At ~$10 USD shipping that’s insanely cheap
  8. Hey all just thought I’d share that I bought 3 copies w/ intent to flip & wanted post about cancelling cuz I love riling up the bullshit elitist vinyl gestapo that post here. It’s quite amusing for me to “hear them/you out”, so-to-speak
  9. A beautiful mind once said that but GD his face was ugly!
  10. Let the scalping begin... soo who has an extra they’re willing to sell at a REASONABLE price? Feel free to pm me fam Surely there is at least ONE decent member of the cult out there willing to help a brother out?
  11. LCD Soundsystem put out an album well close to half a year ago, to which pre orders for that album went up even further back from that time. I placed a order for the vinyl bundle including autographed postcards from the band. A few weeks go by, no biggie. I get an email saying it will be delayed but definitely arrive, for sure no sweat. A few months go by, I get a tracking number that is basically a label has been created, not shipped. Finally, but wtf... A few more months pass, along with several emails to DFA stating my problem, with no reply in at least a month if not longer since first inquiry. DFA put up another batch of same initial bundle sale with no update to my order let alone a notification it was restocked -> purchases LAST 2 bundles on cassette(vinyl sold out again at this point(thanks to a thankful anonymous tip of the sale even happening)) Literally 24 hours later, my new order has SHIPPED..... while 1st order still dormant.... I am literally furious at this company right now. At this point I feel my first order should be fulfilled & refunded.... this is absolutely outrageous!!! WTF am I gonna do with these tape cassettes?!?!?! I havent even heard the damn album yet because I want to experience it on vinyl FCOL!!! FUCK YOU DFA GIVE ME MY VINYL
  12. e_pott

    Record Store Day 2018

    Welp the good news isn’t I’m only $999.99 short of owning this box set Shouts to RTJ for being dope af & shouts to the RTJ resale community for making me rich & poor at the same time... oh & shouts to RSD too for getting me out of bed at 2am on a Saturday before I even went to sleep so I can roll the dice at literally 1 item I probably won’t get anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. The vinyl was signed by both Clemens & Philipp before the show in Chicago on 1/26/2018 Opened out of shrink to sign & placed back in. Vinyl is MINT. Considering the shrink was opened I grade the rest as NEAR MINT. May as well be M- Also managed to grab a setlist from the stagehands after the show. This was Philipps setlist. Pictures to follow - PM or comment if interested. ASKING $125 OBO Thank you!
  14. Asking $185 OBO. Feel free to PM any offers Fully signed by the entire band at Looney Tunes Records. Here is a photo of the actual cd as well as photos of the COA with a photo of the boys signing the cd at an in store promotion!
  15. SOOOOOOOOOOOO who knows where I can still purchase a colored variant of this awesome record? Otherwise someone hit me with their best offer. I am indifferent to color at this point.. just want to own a single copy