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  1. Prayer For Cleansing - The Rain In Endless Fall repress Up on tolivealie Site is hammered. Black (220) Soul Doubt Blob (190) Soul Doubt
  2. This band and their prices. Kelli Scott must need some Christmas cash.
  3. The compact disc version of 10000 Days has stereoscopic goggles built in to the packaging. I can only imagine how far they will take the packaging on this severely overdue official vinyl issue...
  4. SANGUISUGABOGG - HOMICIDAL ECSTASY https://sanguisugabogg.com/products/homicidal-ecstacy-translucent-blue-vinyl-pre-order https://centurymedia.store/product/Y4CE716COMBO/sanguisugabogg-homicidal-ecstasy-coke-bottle-lp-digital-download?cp=102832_103115 https://centurymedia.store/product/Y4CE717COMBO/sanguisugabogg-homicidal-ecstasy-redmarble-lp-digital-download?cp=102832_103115 https://evilgreed.net/products/sanguisugabogg-homicidal-ecstasy-lp
  5. This is Popmarket's 'Daily Deal' today. https://popmarket.com/ Free shipping as well.
  6. Stoked for this reissue. Not stoked for three records in a single pocket sleeve.
  7. They sent me another 'pee tape'. I haven't gotten a chance to check it yet.
  8. Just posted this on their IG: HI everyone, so it appears there was a manufacturing defect on some of the Dead Cross II vinyl. There’s a skip on the second track, that has appeared on some of the variants. We’ve opened our copies, and there’s records that play totally fine (check out the videos), so we’re not sure where in the process this happened and how many records were affected. But it’s something we wouldn’t be aware of until the records were in your hands. We’re working things out with our manufacturer right now, so please be patient and send us an email at [email protected] if you ended up with a bad copy, and we’ll keep you updated on replacements. Thanks as always for your support, we unfortunately have just been struck with some bad luck here. Ipecac Recordings
  9. While I'm indeed STOKED on this new Chocolate Starfish reissue the exciting part was in the comments of their IG post where they say Three Dollar Bill Yall$ is in the works.
  10. My copy has the same issue. They are already sending a replacement - hopefully it's not on every one. Did they learn nothing from the (A) Senile Animal debacle?
  11. ROG / TON green versions are up: OG Green: https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/en/run-out-groove/the-origin-of-the-feces-not-live-at-brighton-beach-30th-anniversary-edition-original-green-edition/081227882396.html https://store.typeonegative.net/en/type-o-negative/the-origin-of-the-feces-not-live-at-brighton-beach-30th-anniversary-edition-original-green-edition/081227882396.html DARK Green: https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/en/run-out-groove/the-origin-of-the-feces-not-live-at-brighton-beach-30th-anniversary-edition-d2c-dark-green-edition/081227882402.html https://store.typeonegative.net/en/type-o-negative/the-origin-of-the-feces-not-live-at-brighton-beach-30th-anniversary-edition-d2c-dark-green-edition/081227882402.html
  12. In case anyone missed - it's back up on NB : https://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/products/sound/vinyl/3lp/type-o-negative-dead-again-green-in-bottle-green-wblack-splatter-.html
  13. Before the doors opened a Third Man employee was outside doing social media stuff and was answering a few questions. She would not reveal the pressing quantity. The records come in clear gatefold picture disc sleeves. We were advised NOT to play them "Especially not with your Ortofon Blue Diamond stylus." she kidded and went on to explain that when they were being pressed there was hash oil residue on the presses and they had to be wiped clean with isopropyl alcohol periodically - upon close inspection there is definitely oil residue on my copy. She also said some of the center labels have oil stains for that reason as well.
  14. I am in line. Got here about 8 and am about 75th apparently? It's gone around the corner down 2nd so I don't know how long the line is now.
  15. Definitely not there either. Transaction still shows on my PayPal account... Guess I have to roll the dice and shoot them an email.
  16. Anyone who grabbed this yesterday off NB get a email confirmation? All I received was the PayPal receipt.
  17. That's why all the regular flippers at TMR Cass bring mules...
  18. I'm expecting a repeat of this scenario. 40% chance of rain Friday by the way...