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  1. What type of speakers/amp receiver do you have? I have a cheapo victrola that I mainly play punk and garage 7"es on, 45rpm 7"s are usually mixed louder and sound ok on it. If your were gonna listen to dark side of the moon the SQ would be unacceptable but for the noisey punky stuff it works fine, since most of them were not mixed for audiophile systems anyway. They have the old 60-70s style suitcases players, but they'll probably be way more than you would think, with people buying them as furniture now. Theres the AT-60 (99.00 us) full size that can be used with cheap 15 dollar computer speakers, it had a real stylus at least. Let us know what you find
  2. Are you sure this is a Sub pop comp, I cant find any info on it.
  3. have you looked into Audio Technica lp120. it has an easy stop/start top button, it doesn't have that modern audiophile look. but is a big heavy tank. Also it has easy switching between 33/45, some of these tables you have to move the belt with your hand, yuck
  4. I think the items I was trying to add the bands deliberately misspelled some words in the song titles. Something slang sounding, I entered it exactly like was on the record sleeve, and got tons of notices telling me to go back and change the spelling etc. It was a real PITA. In this case I think I would just list in under the American version and make a note in the sales notes, maybe double check with the buyer if it sells. Doesn't seem like there would be any money in bootlegging this, instead of say Miles Davis or Metallica so we can probably rule that out. I am in Lousiana and this seems like dollar bin fodder, I see somebody asking 99 for one, but if you look closer it says that version 'never sold' so that's just fishing for a sucker. The fact that the median sale price is 5-8 dollars on different versions and there are copies listed at 3 dollars is pretty telling that not a lot of people are on the lookout for this
  5. Be sure you are looking at 'completed sales' and not asking prices, people can ask anything. Most record stores are gonna offer you 10-75 cents a record as a bulk lot depending on condition, titles, and if they think you know what you have. It sounds crazy low, but much of what they buy has to be dollar binned, some will sell and some will have to be trashed, they have to store them, price them, clean and rebag some, and pay people to sell them.
  6. Are there any sites that review tapes(other than Maximum Rock and Roll)? Could be online, magazines, podcast whatever. I am aware of the Tabs Out podcast, but I find the host a little on the silly side. They talk and make goofy sounds about as much as they play music.
  7. 13.99 USA and then shipping on top is pushing it, I hope this doesn't become thing. I hope more folks will take a stand and not buy tapes for twenty dollars I do love some godflesh tho
  8. your right, this one relies on racist clichés. The new Nazi bands use the same arguement
  9. Last thing I got that was bad was My Bloody Valentine MBV preordered, it was shipped in a four inch thick box so the jacket was bouncing around and got ripped up. I don't know if that counts a distro, but it sucked
  10. Discogs is really pretty spotty on data on stuff older than 60s rock. It's a work in progress for sure. I think they want you to load in the info if anybody has something not in there already. I have tried to load a few things in there, but the mods are so petty about the spelling, I gave up
  11. I liked the first dwarves lp with drug store on it, but this repeated reliance on nudy covers gets kinda trite at some point
  12. I just recently picked up 4 Eddie Harris Lps from the bargain bin, and two of them Cool Sax, Warm heart and The Best of Eddie Harris are very good, mid sixties miles type stuff, Cool sax has some modal type tunes on it. Definitely worth it if you see for a few bucks