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  1. Th3Gr8Whit3Dop3

    Po: Twenty One Pilots - Triplet EP

    On Discogs, between all pressings of Vessel (red trans. and clear trans. with two pressings each, standard black with one pressing), maybe 6000 people are listed as having the album. Not a definite figure of course, but nowhere near 40K. I have been to virtually no record store that sells new, sealed records that doesn't have at least one copy of the clear version that's been there forever. 2|1|p's core demographic tends toward streaming and radio, not vinyl records.
  2. Went to my local BAM and managed to snag the one copy they had. It wasn't on display, it was somewhere in the back of house in a sea of shipments they hadn't gotten around to putting in the store yet. Had to convince one of the employees to look back there for me. BAM is probably the least reliable, most headache-inducing retailer I've encountered when it comes to vinyl, but when they get some good shit pressed, it can be worth it.
  3. Th3Gr8Whit3Dop3

    The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Not numbered as far as I know, but a solid grab nonetheless. Really glad I waited to pull the trigger on buying the one copy for sale on Discogs, saved myself over $100 and getting an untouched copy out of it.
  4. Ordered mine through Shopify on 3/12, arrived today on 3/21. Seems I missed a lot of drama.
  5. 1. Look up the boxer Jack Johnson for the inspiration for the name. Just checked out that song and god damn, that's unfortunate. Song blows, band blows. 2. Not witty, necessary. Pretty much every other variation of the name was taken. 3. Present this pineapple and maybe we can get cracking.
  6. Impressive turn of phrase. With intelligence levels like that, it's clear your mom gives great brain. Or maybe your dad. Or both. I'm saying your parents suck dick, if you didn't catch my drift.
  7. Or, you know, you could've spent the same amount of time that you did replying to just give me a straight answer, dickhole.
  8. I just now ordered a copy of this album through this link <https://oesb-series-200.myshopify.com/products/macintosh-plus-floral-shoppe-lp>. What are the odds I'm actually going to snag a copy of this? I didn't realize the situation until stumbling across this thread. It didn't say "sold out" on the item page and allowed me to make the purchase. Are there still copies of this thing up for sale or what?
  9. Th3Gr8Whit3Dop3

    The Vinyl Bootleg Thread

    White Heat - The White Stripes Comprises a bunch of early recordings of otherwise unreleased material as well as a few demos of album songs. Found at one of my local record stores. https://www.discogs.com/White-Stripes-White-Heat/master/724945 My copy is on red wax. It sounds pitched upward slightly on a standard record player, but my turntable has pitch shift function. I just have to pitch it down a few cents and it sounds great for what it is. The "album art" is super bootleg though.
  10. Th3Gr8Whit3Dop3


    Mostly gimmick records, for sure. Those two Miles Davis records made me curious to dig deeper though, those are sweet pressings and the only colored copies of those records I know of.
  11. Over the course of the last couple of years, I've found a few B.A.M. exclusive pressings at various Books-A-Million locations that I could find no record of anywhere online, not even on their own website. I myself had to add the listings for these records to Discogs.com for there to be any hard record of these pressings existing anywhere online (Miles Smiles and On the Corner by Miles Davis, both pressed on blue wax, among others). I've tried contacting B.A.M. to attain a comprehensive list of all of the exclusive vinyl pressings they have released, but to no avail. Is there anyone on here who might know more about this, or where I might be able to find such a list? I'm very curious to see what they've had pressed that I might not know about.