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  1. Anybody have a copy they would be interested in selling?
  2. Looking to buy an original copy of Third Eye Blind's self titled album on vinyl. Does anyone have?
  3. Open to whatever is available. What would you let it go for?
  4. Who has an original copy of Cracked Rearview on vinyl that they would be willing to sell?
  5. I expected maybe a few responses, but certainly not this many. I appreciate any and all relevant feedback. Keep them coming if you do so please.
  6. Just so we can clear the air, yes, I did find a copy of FireHouse 3 on vinyl. Seller says it isn't in all that great of condition, but I wanted it and I probably overpaid for it. Likely the only chance I will ever get to buy it.
  7. Is there a story here or am I being made fun of? Haha
  8. I know this subject has been brought up before, but I was curious if there were others with input. Does anybody buy rare records in fair to poor condition? What record was it and how much did you pay? Personally, I buy to collect. If I find a rare record that I really want, even if it's in poor condition, I will buy it. Sometimes pay a lot. I am curious if others do this.
  9. Looking to buy a copy of FireHouse '3' on vinyl. Only pressed in Brazil. Would really appreciate help locating. TIA