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  1. Gvzr

    A few extras for sale

    Buy em all. Hurry up.
  2. Gvzr

    A few extras for sale

    Combo discounts.
  3. Exactly, HITM was overrated because it was their return, but this new one, in my opinion, is excellent. It was a grower though. I find myself listening to it a lot lately, and I look forward to listening to it live.
  4. Ok let's bring this puppy back to life. Shame the best thread in this joint doesn't get more love. I'm sure we've all heard this but just in case... https://blankenberge.bandcamp.com/album/right-now-single
  5. Gvzr

    PO: Cardigans Discography

    They are decent. Not MOFI, but better than anything released by Enjoy The Ride. I just picked up "...Moon" fyi.
  6. Gvzr

    A few extras for sale

    whatchu doin'
  7. Gvzr

    selling super rare batch of 7"s

    It puzzles me how the most basic and logical of thoughts and assumptions evades people and how they can be so angry when something that is to be expected is asked. Makes me understand why wars happen. I think he might be butthurt still from sending funds to his Nigerian princess girlfriend and wishes to pay it forward.
  8. He's been touring. Reach out to him via social media. Youll have a better chance. He's a super nice guy and its most likely an oversight.
  9. I have never been a fan of Conor tbh. I do enjoy Phoebe at times. But after a couple listens, not feeling it. Will give it another chance later. Will keep my preorder in the meantime.
  10. I have gotten so many "this one is so great" and "Much better than Colour" comments from my friends (we rarely look at P4K reviews), but besides the closing track, I was so underwhelmed, singing was so flat. I absolutely love 'Colour' and the S/T. Overgrown needs a revisit. Maybe I'll reach the same conclusion.
  11. Gvzr

    A few extras for sale

    offers welcome.
  12. Gvzr

    selling super rare batch of 7"s

    Call Limited to One In NYC, I'm sure they'll take em off your hands.
  13. I felt the same about familiars for the longest time until last year that It clicked and had me obsessed for the longest. But 'Burst Apart' is a gem for sure. But it's sad to think we'll never see The Antlers play full effect due to Pete's ear issues. His solo stuff got a lot of spins from me as well.