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  1. Dude, awesome. We have a new version coming this summer as well, excited to get them finished up and ready for everyone.
  2. Him as an artist I could care less about. This album in particular, I could really care less about. The gimmicks is what I find so interesting. To me, they're pushing the medium. For a format that has been around longer than most of us on this forum, it's interesting to see the execution of new ideas on an old iconic format. I'm surprised someone like Bjork who is always experimenting with delivery hasn't created something outstanding.
  3. Very cool, I hadn't seen their site before
  4. Jack White release Lazaretto Ultra LP in 2014 which had a ton of interesting features within the Vinyl Record. Is anyone aware of similar LE releases that could be considered "Ultra" pressings or any expected releases upcoming? There have been posts about it on this forum but the Ultra edition LP included: - 2 vinyl-only hidden tracks hidden beneath the center labels - 1 hidden track plays at 78 RPM, one plays at 45 RPM, making this a 3-speed record - Side A plays from the inside out - Dual-groove technology: plays an electric or acoustic intro for “Just On
  5. Just added two LZ releases and one Quiet Riot to the link above – both of these, the vinyl is in good condition but the sleeves not so much: Quiet Riot - Quiet Riot (LP, Album, Unofficial) (Not On Label) Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (2xLP, Album, RP, SP ) (Swan Song) SS 2-200 1198 Led Zeppelin - Untitled (LP, Album, Club) (Atlantic, Atlantic)
  6. Link posted with a few early Metallica titles in here:
  7. These are all fairly good / near mint condition: https://www.discogs.com/seller/timmayd/profile --- Metallica - Jump In The Fire (7", Shape, Single, Pic, Cle) Label:Music For Nations Metallica - Creeping Death (12", Pic, Fir) Label:Music For Nations Metallica - Kill 'Em All (LP, Album, Ltd, Pic) Label:Megaforce Records Ozzy Osbourne - Live Mr. Crowley (12", Pic, EP) Label:Jet Records, Jet Records Venom - Live Official Bootleg (LP, Pic) Label:American Phonograph Triumph - Rock & Roll Machine (LP, Album, Ltd, Sil) Label:Attic AC/DC ‎– In
  8. There are so many I'd love to see pressed, many are smaller bands which I assume cost is an issue. Looks like No Name finally pressed on vinyl but now on backorder: http://www.nonamehiding.com/merchandise/telefone-vinyl
  9. https://www.instagram.com/recordprops/ - Vinyl related posts, primarily promoting the display device
  10. ha! @Tardcore Love the range of answers... I'm always curious how much a pre-amp will make a difference when a solid home stereo amp is in play already. I don't currently have one but looking forward to upgrading stylus and possibly adding pre-amp later this year.
  11. Not sure I want to camp overnight either but even if nothing extremely exciting, I still dig the vibe of hanging out at the shops on RSD just for the good energy and live music. Anyone from Houston going to Cactus this year?
  12. Hey guys, I think among the casual / non-audiophile listeners I talk to, they tend to commonly agree, if you're not after a super high end setup, certain components can be a waste of money. That said, I'd love to hear your personal preferences for which components are your highest priority and which ones you think can save money by either purchasing entry level equipment or not at all? For example, if you hypothetically had $1000 (ish) budget (and wanted to keep some leftover to buy records!) how would you rank the importance or priority of your setup? Turntable Selection - no need to
  13. Unfortunately the lot I was given came from a close friend whose neighbor passed away. Their mom did not want to see the vinyl go to waste. There are several classics (literally classic rock) from beatles to led zepplin and metallica. Some of these are not in condition to sell, but several are LE and appear to have never been played. It was surprising but these are also records I will personally never listen to (and have no attachment to). Those that are in good condition, I'll take a few photos and post soon. Thanks again for the feedback, gang, I appreciate it.
  14. Oh duh, how did I skip right over that. Thanks again!
  15. Awesome, thanks yall... Right here in the main message board is cool? I need to take some photos and get my act together.
  16. Hey gang, what are some online spots I can list records for sale? Have several old LP's some of which I inherited years ago that never get a listen. Also gotta clean house before Record Store Day!
  17. Hey what's up yall, been lurking for a while and finally joined up. Just a quick hello to everyone and happy Friday

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